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  • iPhones: Please download an app to browse the internet that allows Flash, such as Puffin. You can then get into the chatroom on your phone. Some more phone browsers that support Flash.

  • Firefox or Chrome: There are two options if the chatroom doesn't load in Firefox.
    1) Try another web browser, such as Explorer or
    2) Change your settings in to allow Flash. Here are some easy steps: How to Enable Flash in your Browser.

    Then Try out new test room again! :D If you have any further problems or questions, please ask a friendly admin.

  • Old Room: The Friendship Page Chat Room :)

    Joining - old room:
  • To use the room: wait until the chat box loads, enter a name and click "login". No need to enter a password.
  • If all you can see is a grey screen after waiting a minute or two, make sure your browser's cache is empty (instructions) and install the latest version of Java (instructions). If you still can't get access, email
  • Administrators:
  • Admins keep the room friendly and safe, by ensuring conduct rules are followed. Admin names appear in bold in the room name list- so feel free to ask them for assistance. To learn about their backgrounds, please visit our Admins page. Admin Managers are marked with a *. Our Admins are:
  • Conduct:
  • Please read our Conduct Rules. These outline the behaviours expected in the room to keep it safe and friendly for your benefit! :) If you're under 18, you must also agree to the Online Safety Rules before joining. Conduct summary:

    • No abusive or offensive behaviour - we're a friendly room!
    • All welcome: no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, sexuality, religion etc.
    • Keep safe: don't provide personal details (eg phone number or full name) or meet up in person.
    • Please ask in public before contacting someone in private.
    • We are friendship only: keep the chat clean with no sexual talk or advances.
    • Username: choose one that's appropriate and stick to it to limit confusion.
    • Age: unfortunatley we can only welcome chatters aged 13 and above for your own safety. Please speak with your parents and exercise caution.
    • Honesty: don't lie about your life circumstances.
    • Language: while we welcome chatters from all over the world, having multiple languages spoken at once can be confusing. Please have conversations only in English in our main room, or of course you can use private chat in any language. We also offer a translator feature contact chat help or speak with any Admin to learn more. .
    • Listen to admin advice - and have fun!! :)
  • Help:
  • For questions or problems, please read Chat Help or email
  • If you wish to question a room incident, contact Admin Manager Debs at Include your chat name and relevant date/time/country. Complaints will be investigated by Debs and treated confidentially by the Admins.
  • Please note that despite our best efforts at moderation, Global Friendship takes no responsibility for the contents of the Chat. By joining you agree to indemnify them from any liability arising from your use or viewing of this feature.

  • We support the Virtual Global Taskforce and will immediately report any inappropriate behaviour towards children to authorities.

    Our Community!

  • Admin Suggestions Open: Do you know a regular chatter who'd be a great Admin or helper for Friendship Chat? Do you chat in a timezone where more Admins are needed? Please let us know either by emailing - we value your ideas! We're preferably looking for people who would both be good Admins & chat at a time which lacks Admins. Please nominate chatters who you think would be a great addition to the team!
    Help support our chatroom! :) Being non-profit, we rely entirely on your donations.. so please help us raise enough money to keep going. We accept credit cards (in US dollars - convert currency), or snail-mailed cheques. (No shipping fees!)

    Alternate Chat Room Alternate chatroom, for emergency use when main room is malfunctioning... can't waste precious chat time waiting for technical fixes!! :)

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