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Angel Gabriel
by Niki Sanders

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On a Monday morning, 4 days before Thanksgiving, an announcement came over the loudspeaker, Mr Franza, our school principal began speaking, and didn't draw my attention until I heard Gabe's name. The only thing I really heard was 'Students needing grief counseling can report to the commons all day today.' I blew it off. It wasn't my Gabe. In my next period class everyone was talking about the annoucement, and I found out that my friend Gabe was in the hopsital, on life support, not because they thought he had a chance at life, but because they were waiting to find organ donor matches. Even in death he was generous and giving. It was surreal to me, I had talked to Gabe only 3 days before, and he had been ecstatic about going parasailing. The event that ended both his and the life of his father. I went through half the day not thinkin or feeling anything, but when I began driving to college broke down sobbing, and went to the hospital with the dozens of other grieving students. A double funeral was held for Gabe and his father one week later, and groups of students throughout the church were huddled together with red rimmed eyes telling stories of Gabe's kindness and unique love of life and God. Gabe was a special person and will forever be remebered in my heart and the hearts of the many people Gabe went out of his way to be kind to. I know he's looking down on me smiling, my very own Angel Gabriel.

-Niki Sanders
Hasta Luego mi amigo! :)

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My Friend: You were never alone
by Janice

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I remember the day I moved back here. I saw Heather looking so pretty. I hadn't talked to her for about two years. I was gone in Florida. 8th grade year was the best. Heather was the brightest part of the day. She always was in a good mood. We became good friends again. We hung out after school, on the weekends, the usual. Over that summer I didn't talk to Heather that much. I can remember walking down the street she lived on and my friends and I couldn't find this kids house. We finally found it with her help. When we started 9th grade we started talking. Here and there. She was the star basketball player. She wasn't one of the best but she was the one with the most team spirit. She was CO-caption of the freshmen girls basketball team. Everything in her life was perfect. She finally found the one guy she loved. They were always together. Well, Oct 14, 2000. It was our homecoming. We finally made it to the big dance. The first one we have ever been to. Heather's sister came down from college to see her little sister go to her first homecoming. They got pictures done, eat dinner and off to the dance they went. I remember seeing her in that beautiful dress. It was the same one my friend had just in red. Her favorite color. She looked so happy as she danced. We said good-bye to everyone as we left. But all of us not knowing that was the last time we would ever see Heather with a smile on her face.

I had fun that night. I was at a friends house. We were sitting in her basement, and I heard police and ambulances. They were everywhere. Well, being the person I am I wanted to go follow them. I went home that night happy as can be. When I woke up at 10:00 Oct 15, 2000 I called my friends. See how their nights went. I get a phone call, "Janice your friend Heather is dead, she died last night in a car wreck, her sister died too. He was drunk!" I sat there, not knowing what to do. I cried, and I cried. My best friend was just killed, those noises I heard last night were from my best friends wreck! When we went to school Monday nothing was the same. Everyone was hurt, people that didn't even know her. At her funeral her aunt quoted from one of Heather's portfolio's she did in 8th grade was that "Heather's worst fear was that when she died, no one would care." Well, lets just say we got school off to go to the funeral because so many people went. It was said to be one of the biggest one in Saginaw. Heather was not let down. She died with her best friend, her "big" sister. Heather I love you, and I can't wait till I get to see you and your sister again. I miss you!!!


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