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To my Bestest Friend Shan,
by Liting

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I remember the times when we were in junior college and how you helped me get through my grandmother's death. We were not close then but you helped me like what a close friend would. I remember the times at the university charity show when you were the compere and at that time, I knew that we will be the best of friends forever.

15 July 1998 is the most unforgettable and memorable day of my 23 years of life - I found you as my best friend, someone who is always there for me when I was down to cheer and encourage me, someone who cares for my health more than my family do by supplying me with stocks of vitamin pills and milk and someone who loves and forgives me for all the wrongs and hurts I have given you. We have celebrated 2 anniversaries and I hope last year will not be the last year we are celebrating this day.

From last year, we started to have more quarrels. It started off as something trivial but it got worse as the days passed. I do not know what actually happen between the two of us to cause such a change nor do I know how to solve this problem of ours. When you told me today that you wanted a time-off before you lose all feelings in this friendship, I was crushed. I wanted very much for us to work things out but I feel that no matter how hard we try, we still fall short of each other's expectations. I am at a loss of what to do and that is the reason why I am emailing to this friendship page. I am dedicating this tribute to you, my best friend. I wish to reaffirm our friendship. You mean the world to me, very very important. There may be times when I sounded harsh to you and in the process, hurt you with my words but I never meant to hurt you. I love you more than anything in the world and I know that you care deeply for me too.

I really want to make this friendship of ours work. If we are to give up, give up because we no longer care and not because we still care but too tired to try again.

If you are reading this, I wish to tell you that you complete my life in a way nobody can and no one can ever replace you in my heart. Regards, Liting

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The bonds of four friends
by Jenny

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They say that in life, if you have one super-close best friend whom you would share anything with, you are lucky. If you have two, you are very lucky. However, if you have three, you're a fool. Go ahead and call me stupid all you want when I say that there are three people in my life who I would live and die for a thousand times over--my three best friends, Megan, Kim, and Elizabeth. I just want to take this moment to show how much I love each of them, and why.

I've known Megan almost my whole life. Our moms have been as close as we are now since junior high. However, we didn't become really close until about two years ago, on April 12, 1999. We visited them and something between us just clicked--I don't know what. The following summer was a hard one for me, and even though she lived nine hours away, whenever we saw each other, my problems would seem so far away. We always have so much fun together, and she puts up with everything that most people in the past have not. We call ourselves sisters, and since we're practically related to her family (our moms being so close), I just can't think of a better title. This is for you, sis, for two years in a week and a half. Stay sweet.

The next super-special friend to enter my life was Kim. I remember the day I met her like it was yesterday. It was September 16th, 1999. We'd both been hurt a lot in the past, and though I was bored, lonely, and felt I could trust her, it took a little while for her to really open up to me. When she did finally start to trust me, our friendship took off. She graduated only nine months after we'd met and is now away at college, but we still keep in touch and are closer than ever. She's like an older sister to me in some ways, and I look up to her a lot. In other ways, she's like my equal, having so much in common with me it's unbelievable. With her living an hour and a half away, I miss her severely, but I always know that when we see each other again, things will have not changed. She'll always be my "big sister" and one of the best friends I've ever had. Here's to you, Kim. I love ya.

Finally, two and a half months later, I met my third and eventually closest special friend, Elizabeth. Kim actually referred me to her, 'cause they'd been friends since middle school. This was how I found my spot in my "group". I met Elizabeth on December 2nd, 1999, after summoning up more courage than I normally have to sit with her at lunch. Both of us had been through a whole lot in the past year, and we found comfort in talking to each other. I soon became amazed at how much she was helping me. As the months went by, I learned to trust her more and more, and by spring, I kept nothing from her. Our talks became longer and longer until finally they could not be contained in one lunch hour. She, too graduated that spring, but was staying home for a year. That helped a lot. By the end of the summer, we were unbelievably close. There were times when we would get together just to talk--one of our "anywhere-from-two-to-three-hour" megatalks. She's more than likely going away to college in Europe next year, and when she goes, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I know we'll always remain close, no matter what happens and no matter how far away she ends up. I could never say this out loud, Elizabeth, but just so you know--I love you more than you'll ever believe.

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