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My one and only Hero
by Sunshine

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You are my hero...I look up to you just because you are are so neva let neone matta how upset you are you always care a smile on your face and carry on like it never neva gave up on me you were the one who told me I could make it, that I was good enough and that it just took time. U gave me so much advice u are the sun in my sky. You are the sweetest person in the world. I dont care what you say ur everything to made my 13th b~day the happiest one...and I'll try my best to do the same for you.

I wish you the best. I couldnt have made it with out you. I"m here if you ever need me like I needed you. I'll never give up on you. I know that you can make it through what ever it is that ur going through and ill be by your side every step of the the way. I'll never give up on you. I'll be the rock that will be strong for you, the one who will hold onto you. When you think that you can't make it, I will show you that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it strive for what you believe in, take pride and you will acheive in. I'll be your mountian when you want somewhere to hide and just wanna let everything out. If you ever just want to talk I'll stay for hours just to listen.

Smile...Marinda you are my hero. What would I do with out you. I mean you have helped me thru so much. If I ever hurt you I'm sorry, I never meant to. I'll be here no matta who or what the problem is...ur as close to perfect of a friend as they come and I could never let you go because you are so great, so sweet, so willing and so comforting to me. Don't think your ugly cause you are pretty both inside and out. I'll never let you fail at being my friend because I'll never tell you that you arent good enough because you over do all the rest. I love you with all my heart sweetie, I don't know where I would be with out you??

Don't ever be scared to come to me and cry...dont ever hesitate to look me in the matta what time it is if you are in trouble jus call and I'll be there. When you cry I cry, we cry together baby. I'll smile for you when all you need is to see someone smile...I'll laugh for you even if I want to cry, I'll make the best of the bad time...I'll try my best to make you laugh when you need jus a lil cheering have helped me thru the bad times and helped me enjoyi best times...the best times of my life were spent with you..."my 13th b~day"...was the greatest. I know you will never let me down like the rest. I know you will help me know when to be funny and you know when its time to be serious. Your so great your so sweet there is nuffin that I wouldnt do for you! Smile because you are my one and only Hero! IYU

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Friends and Family
by Nikki

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I know up in heaven there are many beautiful angels flying around! But one in particular was sent to me... My best friends name is Laura, and I love her with all my heart!!!!! I moved her about a year and a half ago, and didn't know anyone!!! But soon later I met her...and she's changed my life forever! She made me a better person, and made me wanna live life to the fullest. When we first met we found out we had so much in common. And little did we know that it would lead to what we have today.

I didn't know that a friend as great as her even existed in this world..Without her I would be lost. I was suppose to move away from her and back to my home in the summer of this year..My parents left the decision up to me..and as you can tell, that's a really important decision for a 14 year old. I really had to think about how my life would be in both places..In one, I thought of being with my family, being in my special places, and most importantly, being home..then in the other I thought of what I really have going for me here..and the only thing that really made sense in my life was her.. I've had to say good-bye so many times, and it really's the toughest thing I've ever had to do...

When you leave a person, a hole is dug in your heart, there was no room for any more holes. I couldn't take the pain of saying good-bye to was to much. It would tear me apart. And I physically would not be able to do it. If I left her, the hole would be to big, and it would never heal. I decided to stay here.. I picked her over my family, and my home.. even though i'm so depressed inside cause I left them, I'd be even more depressed if I left her. When I told my mom that I had made up my mind that I would like to stay here, she asked me " what made you change your mind" and a tear came to my eye as I whispered " I can't leave her " ! When she's around nothing else matters, she makes the world a better place.. she makes every bad situation good. She's always there to hug me and say "it'll be okay, I'm here for you"! I trust her with my life, and I know I can forever. I feel so happy to have her in my life, and hope she is forever! I can't imagine going threw life without her.....

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