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Flow with the Current
by Jessica Mason

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A river is a large, natural stream of water, usually fed by converging tributaries along its course and discharging into an ocean. But in my eyes a river is now a symbol of life and an everlasting friendship. On one school day in late September, I experienced something that will always stay in my heart and in my head.

On that beautiful and sunny day for most people, I was feeling down, ready to get out of life. I did not want to deal with anything or anyone at the time. So just like a friend should do, my friend Vienna, got involved. I wrote her a letter saying that I wanted out of life, of everything. When I handed it to her, she did not read it right away. She took it somewhere (where I will never know) and read it. Not even five minutes later she came back and ask me to join her on the river campus. Not meanly, or upset she said "Jess, come sit with me." Vienna and I took a walk out to the river campus where like most days we took a seat at our so-called picnic table(the one where we always sat). The river was very calm and peaceful just like all the other days. But this time it was different, I sat but Vienna did not. She stood up on the picnic table above me, thinking of what to say, and when Vienna thinks, you are in for it. During this time she was taking a long deep breath preparing me for one of her long life lectures. It was what I needed so I could not say much.

Not even a minute later she started, she said "Jess lets try something different this time." She asked me what I saw in the river right in front of my eyes. If you knew me well enough you would know my exact reply. I told her that I did not know. She did not like that answer very much but she accepted it. Vienna went on to tell me what she saw in that river. The river meant life to her. The animals in that river were not going to just let the current take advantage of them. They were going to flow with it instead of against it. She told me about her crew days when she felt as if she could become the river with every stroke of the oar. Vienna always has a way with words but on this day they just seemed even more soothing and peaceful. She did not want anything to happen to me and that is why I was sitting there for forty- five minutes listening to her speak on what I thought was a stupid body of water. Wow, was I wrong! It turns out that bod

On that day, I learned a few things. One, I learned that I have a caring friend in Vienna. Secondly, I learned that a river means more than just a large body of water that empties into an ocean. Vienna and I now have a saying about our fun filled day. "That damn river keeps on flowing." It may be a weird way to remember such a letter and thought, but I guess you could say it keeps us in high spirits. It shows us that our friendship can get through anything and anytime and we have proven that one.

Everyone should have a river that leads them to their aspirations. I was lucky enough to find the river and a great friend in the same year. Having the combination of the two, has helped me to maintain my goals and love for the things around me.

- Jessica

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