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About Karen...
by Jill

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Two years ago, when I was sixteen, I began working at a daycare. One of the employees, by the name of Karen, worked in a seperate part of the daycare and we rarely got to talk. She was one of those people that you could tell would make a good friend, if only the two of you had a chance to talk. We never did too much of that though and she moved away with her new husband after I had worked there for a year. We joked around every so often but never really became that good of friends. She moved and with her, I sent my E-mail address incase she ever had access to an internet account. About a month later, I recieved an E-mail from her. We started to keep in touch, eventually being able to talk live with Instant Messages. We would set up a time to meet online every so often. We soon began opening up and learning so much about each other. We talked about a lot of things we never would have thought we would, and shared our regrets of not talking with each other sooner. Karen and I also started calling each other on the phone when we needed that little feeling of joy in our day. Karen and I became such good friends, that a friend of mine (that also worked at the daycare and knew Karen) and I flew out to see her and spend a week with her.

I can honestly say that I have never had that much fun in my life. I just felt so at home with her because of how she was so open and so care free. We had so many jokes from talking with each other, so many things to talk about. It was nice to see everything that she had told me about and just get to hear her laugh in person and not "lol". After a fun week, we had to say our sad good-bye and come home. Within that week, we agreed that we became closer to each other and realized just how great our friendship is. I have never in my life had someone talk to me with such trust, such openness and I really appriciate it. Karen gives me so much sunshine in the midst of a cloudy day and makes me laugh so much, even online just typing to each other. I have many special friends here in my city, and they all mean so much to me but never have I had a friend like warm, so comfortable, so funny.

I believe that God has put her in my life to give me faith in myself and life when sometimes I didn't think I could count on anyone. Karen has all my trust. I trust her with my very deepest secrets. I know I can tell her anything and she will be loyal and always be there for me, as I will always be there for her. Karen and I may live two days apart but I take her friendship with me through out the day and when I feel alone, I just look in my heart where I keep her friendship close, and realize that I have a special true friend. We love to have deep conversations and discuss things. I just want to thank her for everything that she has done for me and for being herself because who she is brings so much happiness to the world around her.

God bless you Karen, I wish you the best in everything and know you will have it. You are one unique and beautiful Sugabooga and I love you. Oh, and you are one fantastic L.L. (ahahah). Miss you bunches!


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