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Memories of Melissa
by Anon

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I was in 10th grade, new to the school and to the area, when I first met Melissa. I have always loved to draw and paint, you know, different art things. I remember first meeting her in my gym class. I was working on a drawing that was very amateur, considering I had never taken any kind of art classes or anything. Melissa saw what I was doing and showed me several different ways to improve upon my work.

That was my first of many memories of Melissa. After that day we began talking a lot and becoming friends. She got me into the art class at the school and we were always in the same class. She was very kind, funny, and always the first to point out when I was doing something stupid or dumb. She was there for me for the longest time when I didn't really have that many friends.

This year, our senior year, was just like the others. Melissa was in my art class again. She was always better than me. She has always been a very good at that. She did some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. But, one day in art class she was telling me about her boyfriend and how she was going to see him that night. (He didn't live in this town.) That was on a Friday. On Saturday, I received a call telling me that Melissa had died. Friday night on the way back from her boyfriend's house she had a wreck. Her sister and friend were also in the car, but Melissa was the only one killed.

I didn't return to school on Monday, the day of her funeral. The majority of the school attended the funeral. It was a very hard and sad time. It still doesn't seem real. Just like maybe she is on a long vacation or something. I still have a lot of memories of her. I'm sure I always will. Good-bye, Melissa. I'll never forget you.

- Anon

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