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True Friends on the Net
by Angel

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My name is Angel. l am known in the friendship chat room as sara 25 and Lasrina. I don't know that my story is all that great but it means alot to me.

I got my first computer about 2 mos. ago. I am a very lonely person. As my husband is a sailor and gone ten months a year and my children go to school in another city with thier biological father. I am without many friends and a family. I go through alot of depression at times.

But one day I decided to go to a chat room.I was looking for info on how to start an internet business. What I found was the friendship page. I was accepted immediately. I was treated so nice and all of a sudden had more friends that I ever thought possible. Since then I am in the room almost daily. And I feel that all the ppl there that I love the most are truely a part of my life. In facti'm not quite sure what I'd do without them all.

So if it is ok,I'd like to tell each one that I love them all and how they have affected me the most. I hope that somehow someway you might be able to let them know for me what I have said.

to CRASH: you have been a beacon to everyone in the room. Your poetry is moving and I'm not sure what would have happened to me if not for ur advise and guidance at times. Thank You my Friend.

MELISSA: You are a sweetheart girl and I hope that we stay close. You have helped me feel so welcome in the roo.

HONEY: For all the long hello's and all the endless laughs. I hope that we are always friends. Good Luck in life my friend.

SHORTY & TAY: You guys are like neice and nephew to me I never had one of either now I have one of both.

STRANGEMAN: I care for you most of all. You named me in the room that first day. You talked to me first. You have been the only reason I came back at times. I love you always.

OUTCAST: I only just met you but I wish you well.

CYBERGIRL: What can I say you're my girl. Thanx for all the talks laughs and cyber drinks. I love you hon.

CHATTERBUG: I enjoy all our talks and our new way of greeting.I hope that you will always do well and be well in life. And I will always be your rock if ya ever need me.

And to all the rest: Red, Grooverider, CaveMan, Holly,Candy, Sandie, Wile E. Coyote, White Knight, Gary, Kim, Healing, Debbie, Denise, and anyone who I accidently forgot, I thank you from the very bootom of my heart. Life is always so much nicer and bright when you have your friends.

I know that this my be a very long email, but you said that it was for friendship. And these people in thier own little special ways have made my life a happier one to live in. I hope that there is a way to post it or send it to the people that I have grown to care so much about. It may seem like a very small thing, but it is the only way that I know how to thank them for all that they have done and become for me.

And Lastly before I close I would like to thank the creators of the Friendship room and page.


- Angel

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