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Real Friends vs Best Friends
by Mandy

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"She is a total failure." My heart ached when my best friend said that. How could she? My best friend,Cathy. The one I cared, loved and trusted. I sped off down the hall,not wanting to look back. I want to forget everything.

Crash! I looked up and saw Cindy. That fat girl whom I thought was a loser. She looked at me, with concerned eyes. I felt a warm spot in my heart. " Are you okay? You like you have been crying," she asked quietly. I mumbled a quick yes and ran off.

The next day,I confronted my best friend. "Why did you say that yesterday?" She looked at me innocently,feigning ignorance.
"What are you talking? If it was about yeaterday,I was just humouring them!" she replied back. I believed in what she said.

A few days after that,I fell ill. I caught the flu bug that was going round the school. I lay on the bed,staring intensly at the phone. Ring! Yes! She finally called! "Hello? Cathy?" I shouted into the phone.
A soft voice called out."Ermm... No. It is me,Cindy." I pang of disappointment ran through me. We talked a few minutes and hung up.

The next day, I was well again. I went round the whole school looking for Cathy. " Can you believe it? She actually thought that I would really be her friend," Cathy's voice rose louder with each word. My heart gazed longingly, hoping she would burst out laughing, saying she was joking. She did. But she was not joking. She was laughing at me being a fool. I was unable to face her. Am I really a failure? Am I hopeless? Am I stupid? Every question kept flashing in my mind.

I felt worthless. Like a dress that had been left on the rack for many days. Not even a single person would buy me. " Are you okay?" That familiar soft voice was comforting. I looked up. Cindy's eyes only spelt concern. Not scorn nor disgust. I nodded my head and waved my hand, calling her to leave. I rushed to the restroom.
There Cathy stood,like an ice madien. Beautiful yet cold.
I mumbled a vauge excuse and left hurriedly. I rushed to the nearest restroom. Splashing water onto my face, I looked at my reflection. I stared at myself. Staring back was a girl with puffy red eyes and expressionless. I recalled those times when I had went all the way to be cool. I thought I had made it. No. I haven't. I was just another fool. Selfish pig. That was me.

A month passed by. Standing outside my locker, many people crowded around me. Every single one showering praises, just like what I had done. A year ago. I smiled and walked towards a locker that I passed by once too often. " Ready to go to the mall?" I asked "Sure!" The voice that matched this was not Cathy's but Cindy's. Together, we walked down the hallway and out of the door.

I have woken up from a dream. I fell. I stood up and learnt how to stand up again. Choose friends for what they are, not how they look or thier populartity. Friendship afterall is the rainbow that brings warmth to the heart of many...........

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