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~The Friendship Page~ My Story
by Skittzi

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I came to a site one day, trying to make new friends. You see, I wasnt making any in the real world, so I decided to try in the cyber world, and I found ~The Friendship Page~. It was great. I went into ~The Friendship Page~ chat and the amount of friends I found there was great!. I realy enjoy the friendship page and I visit it nearly every day now. I think that these people should be recognized for their outstanding friendly nature.

Lasirina- for always being their for me. and ending those goodbyes with xxx's.
Crash- For being an outstandin chatroom host, and also for being so friendly
Honey- For being my first friend I ever met at the Friendship page chat
Outcast-For being so helpful by being on MY side when Las and Honey or some one like them play games.
Kasi- For always pinching me ( hey.....what the heck am I putting Kasi up for pinching me for?) and for always making me laugh
Well gee I could go on forever with these recognitions so i'll say now....
THANX TO EVERYONE!!!!!! from your 9 yr old friend....skittzi xxoo : )

Some more tributes...

Hello. I write this tribute to Bronwyn Polson, because if she hadn't have made this sit I would not have found Las, Sabrina Outcast, Honey, Shorty, and all of my other cyber friends out there. Thanx Bronwyn.

This 1 is for Kasi, who always makes me laugh. I like her lots for this......Thanx Kasi

Outcast, a dear friend of mine. He helps me at understanding, and I like him lots. He is one of my good friends that I have in the friendship page chat, and I would like to express how I feel about him to all. My friend, Outcast

Las is my friend. She brightens up the room when she comes in. She makes my life easier, and I would just like her to know.....that I luv her. She makes me laugh, and is very nice, and thats what I like about her. This is to my dear friend, Lasirina, "big sis"

This is to my friend, Sabrina. I dont know her very well yet, but she is definetly VERY nice. I hope that we will be friends for a long, long, time. I luv u Sabrina.

skittzi "lil bro". This one is for shorty, for being a nice, funny, good-natured person. She is mature, and if she hadnt have told me that she was 11, I would think she was a 30 year old (no offence : ) I luv ya shorty.

Honey was the very first person that said "hi" to me in the friendship page chat. She helped me fit in, and never ever swore. Thats what I like about my friend, Honey

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