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To My Best Friend
by Jamie

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I was thinking about our friendship and what a gift it has been for me. And as I sat there, contemplating my strong love for our companionship, it crossed my mind that I have never fully expressed the love I feel. Oh, the occasional, " my best friend" and "I.m so glad I have you next to my side" exclamations, but I don.t feel expressed my full happiness of the mountain of friendship we have created.

Remember that time when a few of my friends were severely mad at me and they would say things to me that hurt my feelings almost too much for me to bare? Through that, you were always the one to hold me when I was crying. You would always listen to me when I needed to talk to somebody. I remember you even made your Mom drive you over to my house just to comfort me with a beautiful flower you had picked from your garden. Through the unhappiest time, you kept me going. I don't know what I would have done without you to help and guide me to happiness.

The worst of those troubles then passed and our friendship was smooth and comfortable. I never felt shamed to express my true feelings to you, tell you about my newest love obsession or whisper to you my deepest secrets.

But then I remember us slowly getting into more and more fights. I know I blamed you a lot of the times for the arguments but I refused to see it as my problem. I never realized how serious our small fights were until it got worse and worse and instead of a mountain, there was a volcano that took it.s place, and the explosions of fights were constant. It was bound to erupt our friendship until there was nothing left but the cold embers of lava.

As our fights were getting hotter than ever, I began to realize what a mistake I was making. Not only was I slowly destroying a friendship, I was wasting the dream-come-true friendship. The one children read about and dream it was what they had. I was disolving the friendship of the one person who I knew would stick by me through anything. And true to my realization, you did stick with me through it all; forgiving my unforgiving ways and my ease to blame the one closest to me; you.

When I realized what I was doing, I took a step back and looked at what I was doing and what I needed to do to make it right. With this new idea in mind, we managed to kill the eruption before it killed us.

Now, we have created what once stood tall; our mountain of friendship. And there's not a volcano in sight.

Your Best Friend,

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Friendship and Love
by Anon

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I don't know if people will take time out from their everyday lives to come into mine and read this or even if people will care but in this story it doesn't matter is just that I need too let thhe world know my story of true friendship.

I met graham at the start of this year when we found out we were in each others classes. We have always been friends, laughed around with each other, told each other secrets. But a little while ago it all changed. I broke up with my long term boyfriend because I had a fight with him. I remember the day it was halloween 2000 and well to my surprise Graham risked the guys for me, and he asked me out. Of course the guys said he was tight because me and Jamie were ment to be and that no one should come between us and that leave it Grahham they will get back together. I said no to Graham because I still luved Jamie and it would be wrong to say yes. Me and Jamie did get back together and straight away it brought me and Graham closer. We talked more, rang each other more and we luved each other more everything was sick it was excellent we became BFFS. Then one day over the phone Graham confessed that he still liked me and told me that that day was not an un-planned(asking me out) he had liked me for several months before. I felt shocked! I told two of my closest girlfriends. They said oh my god your so lucky and all this but no I'm not.

It is not fun when your boyfriend and best friend get in a fight. Who do you speak to, whose side do u take? And as I thought one day it happened, Graham turned against Jamie. Jamie thought Graham liked me which he did and Graham thought Jamie was an up himself preety boy! It all turned I had to figure what was going on when one day I found out the real reason Graham didn't like Jamie because he didn't treat me right! And I found out all this stuff that Jamie had been saying about how hot other gals are and stuff behind my back! I luved Jamie and was so shocked and upset but when it came too it I couldn't cry, I just couldn't!

Now the truth was Jamie is a gals guy and I knew he would say stuff but when u luv someone that much u can't face the facts. I knew he would say it its just I didn't want to lay it down in concrete and have someone tell me but the truth is I didn't know what too do!

This happened all today yep thats right 11 of December 2000 and I don't know what is going to happen. I haven't been talk'in too my friends who are worried about me. I havn't been answering the phone but the truth is tomorrow I don't know what is gonna happen, and for the first time EVER today someone asked me what do you think is gonna happen and I said "who cares". But I have realised u cant hide from the truth, it is there and you cant ignore it! And sometimes to get too have to go through hell to get there and that is what I am doing right now!

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