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    April 2001

    Natacha C. : forValerie

    Valérie- you are so funny,nice, intelligent and generous. When I go to your house ,you give me many things. When we go to the candy store, you buy me candy. We laugh a lot together and have lots of fun. You're my best friend. Thank you!

    Sarah. : for Emma

    Thanks for beening a friend. You are my sholder too cry on, a person too be silly with and to top it all off you are their to share my joys, hopes and dreams. I love you.

    Anon : for Cheree

    A friend isn't someone that is popular, someone that all the boys craze over, a friend is someone that will listen to your dumbest things to say, and cry when you need to shead a tear, and to talk on the phone with you until 4 am when your grand-mom dies, and years after that. Thats why Cheree is my best friend. I love you....

    Jessie : for Joey


    Kathy : for Venssa

    Cathy is the best friend I ever had. She is generous and she likes to help others when they are in trouble. She likes to tell jokes. She is a very nice friend. When I have homework, she helps me.She gives me many things. I love her .Love, Vanessa

    Geneviève : for Valérie

    You are my best friend because you are always there for me. Valérie, you are always at my skating competitions. You are my best friend and I promise to always be there for you like you are for me. You are the most generous girl and you are a real friend 4 ever.

    Michael : for Carl

    To Carl.You will always be my friend.I know that we won't go to the same school next year but what I know is that I will never forget you.You are a good friend for me.I hope we will meet again when we will be adults. Your friend Michael!

    Alex : for Guillaume

    Guillaume, you're my best friend and you will always be my best friend. You are nice when you come to my house and when i go to your house. At school you're smart and funny. You're cool and you are a special friend .We have a lot of fun together. Your friend Alex

    Tommy L : for Tommy P.

    Tommy Legault is very cool.We laugh a lot together at the school and we have lots of fun together.When I was in the hospital,and I lost consciousness,he was worried.We had lots of fun when we were at the movies and we threw skittles.Tommy is nice with me and he is my best friend.

    Sophie : for Joanie

    My best friend is Joanie You are always happy. You come to school with a big smile. You work hard and you have 100% at school.Y ou`re so good! You listen to me all the time when I have a problem. And you help me. You`re my real friend for ever and more. Your best friend Sophie

    Sophie : for Joanie

    Stephanie, you are a real friend, because when we do the news with Sophie, you have a good idea. You are nice with every body. When I have a problem you are always there for me. You have a beautiful hair and you are my best friend 4ever Joanie -xxx- (friendly)

    Tommy L. : for Tommy P.

    Tommy Plante I like when you listen to me and when you are nice withn me. I like when we laugh together. When we went to the movies I liked throwing skittles with you and when you were in the hospital I was worried for you and I will never forget you. Your friend Tommy L.

    Francis : for Tommy

    Tommy you are a real friend. You are very funny. I like to play with you. You are a very good friend. When I need to talk to someone, I like to talk to you.

    Guillaume : for Alexandre

    He is cool and funny.Sometimes he laughs a lot and it can be annoying. Alex is a helpful boy.Sometimes when I have a problem he wants to help me. Sometimes he is intelligent.I like when he plays with me at my house and when we play basketball.

    Jasmine : for Chelsea

    chelsea: You have always been there for me when I was down .You make me feel better when I am in a bad mood.And I hope our friendship will last forever and ever .Love Jasmine. xox

    Catherine : for Mylène

    I like when we play together because we have a lot of fun . I like you when you listen to me and when you help me when I hurt myself . I will never forget you !

    Stéphanie : for Andréanne

    Andréanne you are my best friend because you help me when I'm in trouble , you help me when I'm hurt and I trust you because I tell you all of my secrets. You're funny and generous. This is why you're my best friend.

    Andréanne : for Stéphanie

    You are very special and we laugh a lot together. You help me when I am in trouble. We do lots of things together and you like the same things as me. You are very funny. When we are working, we are always together. We tell each other lots of secrets. The two are true and we have trust in the other. It's for this that you are my best friend and you will stay my best friend. I love you as a friend!

    JaN : for Mylene

    I want to thank you for all the things you do for me...You are very gentle , nice and you always respect other people...When I have a problem you are always there for me.I have trust in you. I will never forget you...thank you again for all the things you do for me! I LOVE YOU AS A FRIEND!! Your friend forever and more JaN -xxx- friend

    Charles : for M.P.C.

    I want to say to you and Toulouse:You are my 2 best friends.Because you are nice,funny,smart and generous.I like to play with you because we have a lot of fun together. xxx (friendly)

    Anon : for M.P.C.

    To M.P.C because he is nice, good, funny, generous, silly e.t.c. * Its for that is my best friend

    Faiza : for Nazia

    I would just like to say thanks to my friend Nazia who supported me in thick & thin.You are my really good friend&i will remmember you always.

    Rei : for Mahek

    I would like to make a tribute to my bff Mahek for being there every time I was in need. Rei and Ami! 4eva. Much Love, ~*Smeeha*~

    BRITA : for Angela

    Angela Robinson nothing can explain what I feel for you! I think about you night and day! You make me, every day, want to be a better person. I love you more than any person in the entire world! I would live and die for you, you were the GARDENER when I was a simple garden, my garden was full of weeds before I met you, weeds than no one dared come close to, afraid they would get the task of picking them! but you Angela came close and slowly as if by magic the weeds disappeared! I love you and thanks for being the greatest! LOVE BRITA CHRISTENSEN

    Nazia : for Faiza

    I would like to say thanks to my really sweet friend for being my honest friend.

    Jessica : for Brad Miller and Crystal Darden

    I would like to say that Brad Miller and Crystal Darden are two of the best friends that anyone could have in the whole world..they have been by my side for 10 years now, and wehave been through hell and back matter what, they can always bring me up when I am down and always have faith in me and support me..YOu guys are the best and I love you! Jessica

    Laura : for Lauren

    Lauren you are a great friend and I love yah!!! Do me a fav and never ever change!!!

    D'Lynn Craig : for Alyssa

    Alyssa you mean so much to me no matter who says we cant see each other oh trust me I will walk from Washington to your house so I can see you. When we see eachother I will never let you go again I cant lose you again once was to much for me and I hope you feal the same. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ALYSSA you will never leave my mind.

    Anon : for Eternal Flame of Friendship

    For my friends at:Eternal Flame of Friendship Dear friends, seems one of the happiest day of my life, was joining Eternal flame of Friendship. You have all become an important part of my life and each one of you have made an impression in my heart. Anne my friend you have given us all a place to go to & be ourselves. Thank you for giving us each-other.

    Anon : for Eternal Flame of Friendship

    Beak: for Erin and Liz

    Erin and Liz you guys are the best and I thank you everyday for helping me through life. Janelle, you helped me at one time. I wish you luck in the future and will always hope deep down we will be friends like before.

    R WINGEN : for Linsay

    This is to my best Friend Lindsay. The one that is always there for me when I need here. Lindsay and I were the closest of friends and still are. Until one day when we thought the day would never come we had to say good-bye. She moved and i really miss here so i wanted to tell here that i miss here allot and that she is always in my heart and i think of here always. Thanks for always being there for me Lindsay your the best.

    Brandy : for Sarah

    Sarah, you are the wings in my life. You have made me the butterfly I am today. You have watched me in my cacoon time after time waiting, wondering when I will get the strength to fly. Although able to fly on my own now, my need for you remains strong. You are the wings that give me direction. I love you...not only for who you are but for who you've made me. happy birthday . with all my love...brandy

    Ash : for Laur

    Laur, You mean absolutely the world to me. Without a doubt, you are the sweetest person I have ever met and you make me a better person each and every day. I will keep all the wonderful times we have shared in my heart. I love ya hun, forever and always. Luv, Ash

    Chris: for Carrie

    This tribute is for a good friend of mine, Chris, who died in September of 2000. I often sit and wonder why you chose to do what you did, but no matter how long I think about it, I can't bring you back even though I wish I could. You were a good friend to me for 8 long years, and we have been through many things together. I only wish I could have been there for you in your darkest time of need. I hope now you are at peace and are happy wherever you may be, and I hope you will come back at times to check up on me and see how I'm doing. I miss you very much and even though it's been 6months since you passed, it's no easier, not yet. I miss you and will always hold you dear to my heart. Love Carrie

    Nichole: for Keri

    Nichole, when I first meet you I didn't know what to think. I thought you were very weird. but as the years went on we grew close. you make me smile and you just brighten up my day when I am feeling down. you are the nicest friend a girl could have. you just could not ask for more. you are like a sister to me and I even consider you one. you know I will always love ya. ~Keri~

    Kimmy: forTravie

    My dearset Travie!!!!Ii just wanted to sa that I love you sooo much and ur my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love you with all of my heart and always will! Thanx for always being there for me when times r tuff, and I will always be here for you whenever you need me. Well I just wanted to say ur the bestest friend I could ever ask for.... ever! Love your Kimmy!

    Tracee: forLueAnn

    I would like to make a tribute for my friend LueAnn. She goes to my school and she is a great friend. We tell each other things about our lives. I enjoy spending time with her. Tracee

    Tracee: for Betty

    My name is Tracee I would like to make a tribute for Betty. I prayed a friend and Got brought her in my life. I am so glad he did. We tell each other everything from our fears, dreams at night and our childhood memories. We love talking to each other.

    Diana: for Steph

    For a long time I felt very a lone in this world, like I belonged no where. Oneday I met Stef and my whole life turned around. She helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and never ceased to amaze me with her genorosity and kindness. She truly is my big sister and an angel sent from above. I don't know where I'd be with out her in my life, where ever it is I'd be would be lonely for I wouldn;t have her as a part of my life.

    Cindy: for All my friends

    My name is Cindy and I call my friends: "friends with faith". I am seventeen and working hard to become a published writer. These friends have performed in plays I have written for school, want to read any new poems I have written, and say that they want to be one of the first people to have their copy of my book autographed. They have so much faith in me that this is what is keeping me from quitting when obstacles get in the way and I want to give up. That's why they are my friends with faith.

    Kryss: for James

    Here's to my best friend James; the band we co-front together is headed by love and he truly is a wonder. He's the Lion in our school's play Wizard of Oz and he's SO good at it! He deserves all the love the world gives him and he will always be my best friend. ~Kryss (Glitta Babes-forever)

    ~*Mahek*~ : for smeeha

    hey i'd like to send this to my best friend in the whole world...smeeha thanx for being there...i sware one day im going to make it up to you i miss ya...serena and rei forever

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