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August 2001

Barbara L Cox For Tracy and Alex

This goes out to Tracy and Alex!
Ya'll have been my girls for 2 years now.I want ya'll to know that I will always love ya'll no matter what.Ya'll are the sun and the rain that fills my day!I couldn't live without ya'll.Thank Ya'll for being such special,gifted,and loved friends!

 Barbara L Cox  for Tracy R,Alex P,Megan M,Lauren M,Cassie M,Kim H,And Megan J.

Lauren to Tracy R,Alex P,Megan M,Lauren M,Cassie M,Kim H,And Megan J.      Ya'll are my heart and soul!I wouldn't trade you for anything. For the past 3 to 5 years Ya'll have been like my shadow and I want it to stay that way!! Though we are so young only 12 though 14  we still love each other as sisters and except each other as family! I will ALWAYS keep ya'll in my hearts forever. Please remember that!!!! It would break my heart if i ever lost ya'll !!!
Friends till forever!!!!     CLASS OF 2007!!! love your Best Friend

Brannan Mason for Jenny

Jenny...even though we are leaving for college in 18 days, you will always be my best friend, i am sorry for hurting you this past year, with all the "new friends" drama, but through it all you remaind my best friend, and we have a friendship that i KNOW will withstand the distnce of college, i will always be here for you, no matter what, cuz thats what freinds are for..i got your back! are awesome...i luv u niffy! love bbfl bran~nan

Brittni VanDeman  for Shelby

Thank you Shelby for always standing beside even when I didn't realize how mean Rachel was being. I thought that Rachel was my best friend but now I know that you are not her!! U R always there throughout my boyfrineds and friends you've always been there. And I'm really glad to be able to say Shelby and Brittni Friends Forever!!!!

Gill Barnett III" 
for Emily

You've always been there for me.  Sometimes I felt so alone and you were there 2 lift my spirits.  Even though we only spent 1 month together and we live in 2 different cities, your still my best friend and always will be.  Forevermore, me

Michaelfor Ben and Max

I'm in a unique position. My two best friends in the whole world live nearly 100 miles away in a city I've not been to and at a school my parents wouldn't send me to. Ben and Max are probably the two coolest and most awesome buddies, or should I say bro's, that I know. I've never met either of them in
person, and I'm planning to this summer, but it seems like I already know them. None of my other buddies could even compare. I come to Ben and Max with my problems, questions, or anything I could ever need because they are always there. Although I'm sore at my parents for not letting me go to this school, I'm working hard to get there. I've got to move Mnt. Everest, but I will do it. Their funny, smart (especially in english) and athletic, despite the fact that my jokes are usually stop and that I'm a bad athlete. They said the would be my private coach. I don't know how to tell them how much I appreciate their friendship and how I can't wait to meet them because I know that once I do, I'll never want to leave and I never will. I'll always stand by you, and I'll seeya soon brothers.

Jonathan Hayes  for Misty, Cristy, Ma, and Dawn,

Ya'll have been the most caring and loving friends I have ever known in my
life. Even though we have had rough spots, that hasn't changed a thing in
our friend ship. I hope it will never get that way. I love you guys so much
you'll never know. I just wanted to say thank you for always being there
for me. I love you guys. Noone could ever possibly take your place. Thankyou.
Love always your sister, daughter, and best friend

Kell for Kimberley 

Your the best g/f I love ya with all my heart. Thank you for always being there for me! Miss gabbin wif ya so much :( boo hoo. Think your one of the
most thoughtful persons I have ever met in my life. Eric is a lucky man to have such a dedicated wife and friend in you. Much Love.

Laura for Kim
You are such a great freind and i will miss you while you are gone away to school.  I love ya girl!!!!!

Ann for Ellen
You are an AWESOME friend!!! I'm soooo happy to have YOU as a friend!

Ann for Ann

To all of my friends at OLSH: This is our last year we have made it!! Throgh all the hard times and all the great ones we have stayed close and true. Some friendships are gone others are still tight but no matter what we wil always be there for each other!!!

Sherry1 for Brittney

i would like 2 make a tribute 2 brittney!!brittney u mean so much 2 me and i could never repay u 4 all tha love u have spared me!!!but i can always love you and always care and i am willing 2 share my heart w/ you caz u do mean alot 2 me this is sheryl please remember me!!

SHEILA ONEILL for Becky Cass and Mel

by ciara
to my friends becky,cass and mel thanks for being there for me i know we've had our fights but whats a friendship without dissagreements ive always depended on you so now if you need me you can depend on me.

Suey for Adrienne

You are a friend like no other u brng me Joy when i am down! Ur not only my friend no sirry bob You are my cousin! U have made me smile so many times i cant thank you enough! U do so much for me! Next year as you g off to college I will just be entering 10th grade but I know we will still have our friendship always I love you as my cousin but even more as my friend

Sulynn: to Amy

Amy ever since we met we have been close friends! I remember in 7th and 8th grade You and I had every single class together. It was great! As we go on to high school and no longer have all our class togther I hope we can maintain our friends ship and become stronger friends! i am alwasy here for you1. You'll alwasy be one of my Bestfriends! I luv ya Amy

Sulynn: to Sarah

Sarah we have had many memories together. They've all been awesome! Over the past two years i have known You,you became one of my bestfriends! I am alwasy gonna be here for you even though we will not have any clas together this year I am always here for you my friend! I luv ya Sarah and always will!

Sulynn: to Buddy

Buddy! we met durring track season it was the same thing everyday! You asking me for a piece of gum and me telling you i didnt like you!LoL But in that time you became my bestestfriend in the world i told you everything and you listened! Now as we move on we slowy drift apart But I just want you to know I am always here for you and in my Heart You will always be my BESTFRIEND :-)
I love you Buddy

Sulynn: to Emma

Emma we use to be Bestfriends and now we're just friends! When i think back to the times we've shared all i can do is laugh and smile! You and i have been friend since the 2nd grade and i always want you as my friend! So emma this is for you! FRIENDS FOREVER I PROMISE!

Melanie For Stephanie Ann

I saw the best picture frame today...It was made of wood and said 'Best Friends'.  I instantly thought of you.  I can't tell you how much you've helped me though the years, but I can thank you and tell you that I love you and think about you everyday

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