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December 2001

Devon : for Amanda

You are my best friend and I don't want anything about that to change (you know...guys) LoL well...if you EVER need anything just tell me and I WILL help you but...if I am sleeping don't wake me up...LoL...just messing...I love you like a sis with all my are like the best sis I never had (ya know b/c Nicole is a loser!) LoL well just wanted to tell you that I love you like a sis!! Love Always, Devo

Susanna : for Virginia and Tamara

I would like to thank my two close friends Virginia and Tamara. They are the best people I have ever met! They are always there for me and I couldn't live with out them. You guys are awesome, I know we will be friends 4 ever!! Love you both!!!!!

Omar : for Nousheen

Noushi, I just wanna say thanx 2 you for being a really BIG support 2 me every time and 4 trusting n believing me every time. I love u n I promise that I will be with u all the time n will never leave u alone, no matter how worst things turn for me. I just wanna tell u that when it hurts 2 look back n u r scared 2 look ahead u can look beside urself n I will be there 4 u. Love u.

Hope : for Shelly

Shelly, you and I have been friends for years. Though we never were close. The past two years have been two of the best years of my life, because you were there. Through everything, you were there. The 'Tim' issue and the heartbreaks, you were there. And I love you for that. Never change, for anyone. Because I love you for you and they will too! Love, always, Hope.

eri-eri : for Kimmy

Kim I'd do anything for you. I LOVE YOU soo much! <3 lean on me and ill lean on you, we'll be ok Kimmy. We'll make it! xoxo ~your the silver lining on all my grey clouds and the sun that shines through, when I need you~ always till forever.. BEST FRIENDS**~The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've ever had.~

Hope : for Tim and Shelly

For all the crap I've put you both through, I don't know why you still put up with me. The past two years...Fighting, playing, loving, losing...And getting royally sick of each other. Spending Friday evenings in the fall poking fun at each other on band trips...Going to Districts..We were always together. We all love each other, though sometimes we hate to admit it. But, I love the both of you. Tim, I dunno what I'd do sometimes. You are sometimes so annoying then, other times, you're the best person in the world. You may think you make no difference to people. But that's a lie. You make a lot of difference, you've MADE a lot of difference...To me, at least. You are a good friend, no matter what you think. Thank you...For everything. I will always love you (As a friend.) and will never forget you...No matter where you go...Where we part...What roads we take. Shelly, what to say to someone who knows what I'm thinking before I say anything? What to say to make someone who already can read my heart know how much they mean to me? Nothing...Except I love you. And thank you. Thank you for always being there, even when I wanted you to leave me alone. Thank you for never allowing me to harm myself too bad. I will love you, always.I love you both...No matter what you believe. Love: Hope

Desiree : for Steph

Best Friendz are forever, we had so many fun times together, I would never trade it for anything in the world. We knew this day would come, and it has, I regret the little arguments that we had, but somehow we managed to work them out. I hope u have fun in Missouri and met new friendz, and don't forget the ones that u have here. I gotta go for now, But don't forget true friendship never dies Kel-C : for Whitney

Hey what's Crapanin!!!!!!???? I want to make a tribute to my best bud Whitney!! She's my fav. Homefry and definitely a cool fry!!!!

Kel-C : for Zana

I'm making a tribute to my best bud ever Zana!!! She's always funny, and sometimes nice. LOL!! Just want to say how much I love her and say I miss YOU!!!!!!

Katy : for Katy

Katy has brightened my life everyday I see her... I go to her house mostly everyday.. and today I am saddened because she is in Tennessee but just thinking about her puts a smile on my face so I know I can count n her during hard time because even if she is having trouble she still helps me.. and that is what my definition of a best friend is.. and Katy if you are reading this.. I love you with all of my heart and I hope we are Best Friends till' the end! I LOVE YOU

Mona : for Danial

I would like to thank my beloved friend Danial for being always there in my good and bad times a>well. You are my angel Danial, no matter we live near or far but you will be my best and loving friend forever.

Izzie : for Captain Hook

even in the quiet corners you are heard. Your respect for human privacy is unbounded your creativity warms my soft spot in this hard shell of mine. Comfort with you is the same as the space i rest in when i first wake up except it's perpetual becoming aware of you I learn how to laugh when i want to cry and play when i want to sleep the world away. You can have a rent free space in my heart. If it ever starts to get full we'll just kick all the loafers out.

Izzie : for D-ManCape

Every single time and every single incident i have been through with you you have always managed objectivity and extra sensitivity. Never telling me not to cry or divert me from holding onto my true self Always know that what a friend gives back you receive in turn since they are able to communicate their experience with you. Even though you hide how big your heart is for other adults it shines through in your talent, efforts and affections. You are enough.

Eric : for Tracey

To the most special greatest young lady in the entire world! Her name is Tracey and she is the most important thing in my life. Ill always be there for her through thick and thin and she knows it!To my sweet angel!!! With most sincerest love and caring! Eric

Aria : for Desi

I am at a loss for words. I just wanted to make it known that I love you and am so blessed that you are in my life. You are my very best friend and I cant imagine life without you. *the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return*. Remember that you are my sunshine! Love you honey, Aria.

Anonymous :for Shannon

For my past growing years I never understood what a best friend was. Until that one day..It was along during track season when I first saw her. I walked up to her and said hi...and from that very hi it came to a phone call and that phone call came to a camping trip of our life's and from that camping trip came a best friends. I can say I was truly blessed by God's workings. I always wonder how I was always blessed with this angel from up above. She will always be my angel, my sarcifed, my savor, from all bad and good things in life. But I will leave you with this quote that reminds me of her most:"It doesn't matter how many angels fit on the head of a pin , as long as there is a room for an angel in your heart! I <3 you Shannon!

Nixza Lee :for Natasha

I wanna just be able to say THANK YOU in a special way to a special friend. Through thick and thin and all that's in between you have been there. We've seriously had our ups and down but only true friendships can go get through them and laugh about them. I'll never meet anyone like you and I never want to because you meet your once in a lifetime friend once.. that's you ur my best friend in the whole world and ill always be here for you ...thank you so much Natasha!

Christina :for Shea

Dear Shea, you've taught me so much. And like you said, you solve problems and never expect anything in return. But I never even stopped to say thank you. So thank you, Shea. I've only known you a little over a year now, but to me, it seems like it's been forever. I love you, Shea, and I'll always remember you.

Krissy : for Meghan

MEG I MISS YOU! I just wanted to let you know that you are the best friend in the world! I also wanted to let you know that you helped be through rough times, your always going to be my inspiration, my friend, you make me feel like I have a third sister. Meg, I am writing this tribute to let you know that no matter how far in distance we are we can always be best friends until the end!

Anonymous : for Zana

I would like to say what's crapanin to my best bud Zana!! She's the best friend anyone can get and I miss her sooo much! I love you girl!!

Anonymous : for Wade

I would like to give a shoutout to Wade because he is like one of my best friends!! Love ya lot's!!!! Miss ya too!!

Anonymous : for Whitney

I would like to say what's crapanin to my best bud Whitney!! Miss ya and guess what!... I don't KNOW!!!!!!! Well I miss ya and love ya lot's!!

Anonymous : for Justin

I would like to say hey to my boyfriend Justin!! I love ya and you are the best friend/boyfriend a girl could have!! Laura : for Brianne

Brianne is the best person in the world.. and even though i do not see her all of the time SHE IS STILL MY BEST FRIEND... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BREEZY :-)

Donna : for Pam

Our friendship has stood the test of time. Through the years we have grown from single, HOT, young women ;) to married, NOT SO hot:), mature women with children and grandchildren. We have shared happiness, sadness, laughter, and tears. This new road that you have chosen has caused me to stop and let you special you are and how lucky I feel to have you as a friend :)

Nicole : for Justine, Tracey, Rachelle, & Becky

Hey, I just wanted you guys to know how much you really mean to me. Your the best friends anyone could ever have. You're always there for me and I want you to know I will be there for you too.

David : for Hunter

we had a friendship unlike I had ever known...even though so much has happened my heart will always smile when I think of the times we hung out and shared our feelings......i wish you great friendships in your life and all your dreams to come true

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