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    February 2001


    Carly, I love you so much, its not the same without you here everyday. I know you are with me everyday and make sure that all of us are safe. We had so many memories together, I'm so lucky to have had a friend as good as you were. No one can ever replace you. I love you. Love, Alyssa


    I would just like the whole world to know how much my best friend means to me, Christine your the best friend anyone could ever ask for, i am greatful for everyday that your my friend, you've given me some wonderful memories and i can never thank you enough for that. JUST REMEMBOUR THAT YOU ARE SPECIAL AND I LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE **********NEVER CHANGE****** ALL MY LOVE MANDIE


    I want to thank all my best buds (from way back to 1st grade): Megan, MaryKate, Katie C & K, Emily, Sonia, Lisa & Kriti. I want to thank all my new buds from Baker: Carolin, Lea, Natasha, Maggie, Alhan, Loveleen, Sunny and oh so many more. You guys are the best and I love you all!! :0


    I would just like to say that I have the GREATEST friend in the world!!!!!!!!! My best friend, Len, is just like a big sister to me. I just met her this year, but we're so close that I feel like I've known her my whole life!! She is always there for me if I have ANY type of problem, she looks out for me and sticks up for me if someone's bothering me, she always helps me with ANY problems I might have, She's loyal, caring, REALLY FUNNY, she makes me smile no matter how upset I might be, she's great to talk to just for fun, she always has a shoulder for me to cry on if I need to, she has also taught me to always believe in myself no matter what other kids say to me and to never ever give up!!!! Len, I just want to let you know that I will ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU IF PEOPLE ARE NOT TREATING YOU FAIRLY!!!!! I LOVE YA BIG SIS!!! Love Always


    This is a short tribute to my very best friend Connie. She is a wonderful person. I don't think I could happily make through one day without talking to her either on the phone or on here. She always has a way to make me laugh. She is truly an amazing person! Her smile lights up the room and her generosity, caring, and loving make her the best friend in the whole world!


    My name is Tracee. I would like to make a tribute to my friend in Colorado. Her name is Audrey. I am glad I got to meet her and become friends with her. I hope we can see each other realy soon. We used to talk alot and I enjoyed it!



    Kelly, Your the best friend i have ever had and I never wanna lose u! I luv u sis!


    To: Ang, Ash, Becca, Kass, Sare & Simon.. I just wanted to say thanks and I love you to all of you guys. No matter what happens or which path we take in life, I want you to know that I will cherish all the memories we have made. I love each one of you for all you have done for me. Each one of you has had an impact on me and has helped to mold me into the person I am today. I don't know where I would be without you. <3, Rach


    To my #1 best friend, Sandy. Things are shaky right now, but I know at the end, we'll still be best friends. Our kind of friendship lasts forever, and that's how long we'll be best friends, till forever. I never believed in the word "forever" until you became my best friend. You truly changed my life for the better, and there arent enough gifts in the world for me to show you my gratitude. You're the one who gives meaning to my life, and without you, I would be nothing but a fool in a body. I'll never leave you, maybe in distance, but never in heart. I love you with all my heart, and dont ever forget that. So ill be here by your side, forever.


    casey and graham ur the most amazing people i have ever met i can't believe its true i would give anything 4 both of u anyday anytime we will always be together and now everything is kewl with all of us we r gonna have the best time in high school together! i luv u's both more then i can say and if i ever turn aginst u pls punch me, no matter wat guys i will always be on ur side, ur my angels and someday i will find a way to repay u.... c.b, g.d and j.l friends foreva 2001


    I have a lot of friends...but there's only one that stands out from the rest of them...her name would be Kala. She's been so much a part of my life and I could never say "thank you" to her enough. When my dad passed away five months ago I didn't think I could go on...but she will sit there with me at night and listen to my troubles and try to make me feel better. She always has a shoulder if I need to cry and an ear to listen if I need to talk. She's always there for me no matter what. And like any other friendship...we do have our squabbles now and again but our friendship is to strong for squabbles to last long. We always talk if there is something that needs to be said. And she's became like a sister to me. She's been like another daughter to my mom and another sister to my brother. We share everything from clothes to make up to advise to everything. And you don't find friendship's like this that are so strong often. She is ableto make me smile when I'm blue and she knows how to brighten my day. She's been my strength when I was weak. So what I am trying to say is "thank you" to her. she's had such an impact on my life! and I love her like a sister! so again...thank you Kala! thank you for everything! Love Always...Amy Best Friends until death do us part!


    To Dimples and Murpy: You guys have been my true friends for the last 3-4 years. I want to thank for for everything you've done for me. You guys are always there for me and I'll never forget it! Dimples, you will be my best friend for life and nothing will ever change that. We've had our problems, but I'm glad we worked them out early in the friendship. I can tell you anything and can always depend on you. Murpy, what can I say about you? We've really had our ups and downs, but in the end, we've developed a friendship that can and will never be broken. You've always been a true friend to me and I have to thank you for that! You and Dimples will always be important in my life and I want you both to always remember that!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!


    Dear Rosanna- You are the best friend that anyone could ever have. I am so blessed to have met you and have you in my life. Our friendship means so much to me. Never let it end.

    For My Best Friend Gillian- We have been friends forever and will continue to be friends, best friend for as long as we live. Akways keep our memories close. I and anyone else that has you as a friend is not only luck but blessed.


    I would like to send a special friendship tribute to my very best friend Tiffani, with out her I would be lost.


    Debbie M- U mean the world to me because I can always count on u to be honest with me, and because, well someday I will tell u it all. There r so many reasons y I consider u a true friend. Thanks for all u do for me... from hugs to talks to helping me with my h/w. Thanks:)


    Nobody could ever understand the love and friendship between the nine of us, better known as The crew. Sarah,Tiffany,Jason,Andrew,Allen,Josh,Jameson,Mark,Steve,and myself,Angie. we have been their for each other through thick and thin though good and bad. We are a family. Trough lifes ups and downs we stay as one.True friends are hard to find and nobody could ever find better friends then the nine of us.

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