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October 2001

Christina: for Josh

My best friends name is Josh. He is unlike any other friend that I have ever known. My best friend...there are more then 1,000,000 word that I could use to describe him. He is kind, gentle, sweet, smart, loving, patient, and a great listener. He has overcome me with happiness in my darkest days. He is like a brother to me... I love him with every beat of my heart and I will continue to love him until the day I die! He doesnt know this, but he saved my life, a couple weeks before I met him, I was planning suicide. Thanks Josh, I LOVE YOU!

Liz:for Susan

This is a short tribute to my best friend, Susan Price, who died of cancer on Saturday, 27th October 2001, aged 34.Not gonna cry when I say good bye to you at your funeral next week, because we'll meet again and, until then, you will live in my heart. I love you.

Jessica:for Amber

My best friend amber has shown me what true loyalty is and I love her like a sister. She is the best friend anyone could have and I thank God that she is my friend. I hope that we stay friends forever. -jessica-

Nanette:for Brian

To : Brian Smith My Friend, My Love, My Life.... Love you for always, Nanette

Zhang: for YL, SH, ZY, CS

Ur the most awesome friends ne one could ask for, thanx for all the happy memories.

Seleeka : for Farrah, Ketra, Kim and Kristy

i almost don't know where to start...imagine that me @ a loss for words :).....i don't think any of us would have thought that our meeting in '95 would change us all for the rest of our lives.....knowing, living (with everyone except kristy), and loving all of you lets me know that i must have done something right in order for God to bless me to having each of you in my life........we have been though SO much TOGETHER break ups, make ups, birth, death, sugar, and "trick o treats"......its comforting to know that there will always be someone there with a smile, hug, phone call, pint of ice cream, or on rare occasions a getaway car :) when we need them to be and even when we DO need them and think we don't.....a lot of times just knowing that one of us will be there is enough to make what ever you're going though a little more tolerable or your accomplishment mean a little bit more.....i think its safe to say that our relationships have graduated beyond the bonds of friendship....we're extended family who disagrees, but always thinks of you on your birthday...who tells you want they REALLY think about you, your boyfriend, and your outfit guess what this all boils down to is..........i luv ya and i wouldn't trade any of u for the world.......cuz we are MORE than a few we're a few plus TWO ;o).......woo-woo.....

Holly: for Kathryn

Hey girlie! I thought this would be a fun idea on tellling you how much I appreciate you! Even though you are at UGA and we don't talk as much as we used, I still think of you as a close friend and my big sis! It has been so fun sending letters back and forth between each other, I'm always so excited to see a letter in the mail from you. I know that you can make it through this year! Your hard work is always a motivation to me! So....if you are ever feeling overwhelmed with tons of homework at 2 am.....remember 2 Chornicles 15:7..."Be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded". I suppost I have taken up more lines that I'm is my final thought....I love ya and continue to pray for you everyday!

Steve: for Ryan

There's this guy called Ryan that I know. He drives too fast; and often has a quite inappropriate sense of humour. He won't leave me alone, and he whinges to me all the time and when I whinge back he'll often tell me that I'm stupid. Ryan has made some very unwholesome claims about people dear to me. He won't hesitate to shatter my dreams, nor will he think twice about calling me when I'm asleep. Ryan will make fun of me given at opportunity. For all these reasons and more he's one of my most favourite people in the world and I'll be quite upset if he even thinks about stopping any of it. Thanks for being an excellent friend, Ryan, you're the best. :)

Kendra: for Jenn

My friend Jenn was the greatest gift I ever could have imagined receiving! I met her in my first year of college when it seemed like my life had turned into a mess and I was on an emotional rollercoaster. My boyfriend of 4 years and I just couldn't see eye to eye anymore and every day turned into one battle after another just trying to hold what we had left of us together. Jenn was my roommate and got to experience my emotions first hand, and through it all she listened to me cry, helped me make the right decision with my situation, and pushed me back on my feet again when I just couldn't see the light anymore. Today we like to look back at our lives then and laugh at how we were back then, but in the end I know that she helped me to get where I am today.......which I can say is the happiest place I have ever been! She was right, there was someone better out there for me, and I am thankful every day that I took her advice and didn't hold onto the past like I wanted to for so long! She is my best friend and I thank her for being in my life!

Star: for Coca

My sun & rain in all my days. Your footprints are engraved in my heart forever. Here's a quote for you: "I always thought you were the best - I guess I always will - I always felt that we were blessed - And I feel that way still - Sometimes we took the hard road - But we always saw it through - If I had only one friend left - I'd want it to be you" This is for you ~ my one in a million ~ love always - star ***

Kelly: for Anna

Close to my heart, you'll always be, Friends forever, you and me.

*sHiKeEn*: for Jen,Godash,Jess and Hup Lim

U guyz mean soo much to me i cant even describe how much!! Thanx fer alwiz sticking by me..picking me up when i fall...trusting me... 4 making me feel as though i belong with u all although i am way far...and most of all for accepting me for the person i am and making me feel special..u guyz roCk...Cant imagine life without u 4 =) and dun even wanna try!
*the best gift of all is to love and to be loved* u guyz are definitely the siblings god forgot 2 give me!! i lurve u 4 lots!!!!!

Johanne: for Jonathan

Hi everybody, My best-friend is Jonathan. I have known him since eleven years. He is a beautiful boy. He is very generous and couragous. I like talk with Jonathan on the phone becaus he is the boy of trust. He is boy for the friendship tributs because he have the good worlds for you in everything. Jo, you is my best-friend forever

Steyn: for Kim

My best friend's name is Kim Sanssoucie. she is there for me in good times and bad. She is the Best. We have a fun yet intelectual friendship. We can sit and laugh about boys and other teenage stuff but still have intelligent, controversial conversations ranging from racial issues to current news. I'm white and she's colored so we have a diverse friendship and learn a lot from each other. (South African).

Anon : for Ashley

As i sit here and think of all my friends that i lost your the one i really miss,we did everything together: we told each other everything and u always keep it a scert.we said we would be friends till the end and now its all gone i stoped coming around b/c i thought i had better friends to kick it with but i wrong!!now u want nothing to do with me and i feel like killing my self for what i have done.I see u every now and than we still talk alittle but its just not the same.Without you in my life i have nothing at all.I hope one day u will 4-give me for what i have done b/c ALL I WANT IS MY BEST FRIEND BACK!!

Dina: for Dana Duncan

One day, someone like no one else came along and made life into something that would never be the same. That's why your birthday means so much to me. It is hard for me to say the things I'm feeling in my heart. My days are brighter by the very thought of you for all the fantasies you bring me by things you say and do.Whenever I think of what to say I start to second-guess myself, and decide that I will sound fake, so I end up not saying anything at all. Still, I am quite certain that in your loving way, you understand the things I feel but find so hard to say. It's your birthday, and you should know how much I admire, respect, and love you. Dana, your love gives me that special kind of feeling that makes me feel important, beautiful, happy, breathless and magical ~ all at the same time. You caught me with my defenses down and captured my heart before I knew what was happening~Ever since that moment, my days have been filled with thoughts of you and happiness that keeps me walking on air. I would love to fill your birthday with perfect moments, and make every one of your dreams come true! I have so many things I want to do for you, so much I want to give to you, a lifetime of dreams I want to share with you. Because you have given me a gift that is beyond anything I could ever have hoped for ~ the gift of the wonderful love we share. I Love You for the caring friend in you who knows just how to be a comfort and a source of real encouragement, the way you paint the world in colors that are so wonderful and new, and the way you make all my hopes come true. Each day we are together, I find more and more reasons why you are my Best Friend.
Happy Birthday, I Love You!!!

Anon: for Anon

thank you so much for being a wonderful best friend. your always therefor me. i enjoy spending time with you. i love you!

Chantal: for Tom

I have a amazing friend named tom i love him withall my heart he has been there for me through everything Thank you tom i Love you!!! Chantal

Laura McGuigan: for Simone Gardner

For my princess, Simone Gardner. Sim, words can not describe what u mean 2 me.. u r my angel and I will love u 4eva.. u can always depend on me, u have never turned ur back on me and i will never turn mine on u.. I will try, even if it takes forever, 2 be 2 u what u r 2 me honey.. u r beautiful and i don't know what I would do without u. I would not be half the person i am today without u... u bring the best out of me, and i am thanking u 4 that.. I'm so glad i found u... Luv u Angel.. Mwa Mwa Mwa.. Luv Always, Laura McGuigan. xoxox.

April : for all her best friends

Thanks for all u done for me i never forget what u guys have done for me for memories for a life time with me. you been there for me when i need u the most :) i love u guys from the bottom of my <3 thanks april 2001

Sheena : for Lindsey

You are the most awesome friend anyone could ever ask for! I miss you soooo much and think about you everyday. There is not a day gone by, that i don't think about some goofy memory of ours, and just laugh to myself, and there never will be. I love you and we will be together again soon, laughing and joking like the old days! You are my angel w/out wings, and I luv you for it...~Sheena

Crystal : for Alisia

Alisia is actually Josie, and I am actually Laura but we know da bumb and bizzerkch woman and embarrass our selves together and she is my mostest bestest friend ever in the whole world universe.

Ash Meg : for Erica

I've known her 12 yrs & she's like a sister..she knows everything about me and i can tell her anything..when my boyfriend hurt me she was there to make me smile and when i went thru struggles she gave me strength..we've had some great times ..laughed so hard my sides hurt and i thank GOD "Erica DIA" --ash meg

Katie : for Meagan, Adrienne, Sasha

Even though i just met u guyz not to long ago about 2-3 years it seems like u always been there i can't think of nuttin i wouldn't change in our friendship most of u Meagan when it came to Ryan u were always right and i should have listened. Sasha u because we share secrets and i wont ever tell one soul. Adrienne cuz ur always there for me though wrong or right through happiness to badness ur always there to make me smile thank u. and for as long i hope to know u, u will always be my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous : for Anonymous

I really got to know my friend when I started to watch her two children. Evntually, she and I talked more and more and I loved how she never talked down to me. Since I graduated, I've realized how shallow most of my high school friends are. Thats why my best friend is also my employer, love ya to pieces girl...

Yvonne : for Tam

Despite the fact that we have led different lives, God knew that we were meant to be best friends. I thank Him for bringing us together, for I have ached for a true friend for many years. Ours is a friendship that WILL last a lifetime, and I am thankful that I get to share it with you. I only have one regret, and that is the fact that you no longer live close by...but we shall see, perhaps it is in His plan for me to follow you! I love you Tam, you are a godsend!

Holly: for Andrea, Jessie, Juli

Girls....I just really want to thank you for your friendship. This tribute is only supposed to be five lines, and I don't think that I properly express my thanks and appreciation for ya'll. I always have fun with ya'll, yet you are always there for me when I really need you! I would really have to say that you are all a blessing and that God brought ya'll into my life when I needed to the most. I'm on my fifth line so I better rap it up, is my last and final though, i think you of girls as the sisters i never had!

Nichole : for Alicia

My best friend Alicia is great. Even though were two hours away I know she is always there for me. Through thick and thin she has stuck by me. She has always been my shoulder to cry on and my ear to listen. I love her for everything that she is and hope that we never grow apart.

Ann : for ms_betty

I would like to send a tribute to a dear lady I met from the internet. Her nick is ms_betty she is from georgia. She is the good on the internet. An a angel to our family. Love ann

Csaba : for Petra

Drága Petrám, Gyöngyvirágom! Csak ezt a világháló adta lehetőséget is szeretném kihasználni arra, hogy nagyon-nagyon boldog névnapot és születésnapot kívánjak Neked! Mást nem is igazán írnék, csak még ezúton is szeretném elmondani, hogy Téged szeretlek a legeslegjobban a világon, és Te vagy a legeslegjobb barátom! (Hungarian)

In English: My dear Petra, my Lily of the valley! I just would like to make use of this occasion to wish You a very very happy nameday and birthday! I don't want to write anything else, but I want to tell you this way as well that I love you the utmost in the world, and you are my very best friend!

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