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July 2002

Haley : Courtney

Hi! My name is Haley Brock. I wanted to pay a tribute to my best friend Courtney Call. I love her more than anyone and would never hurt her. She is the best thing thats ever happened to me and I'm so glad I found her!

Kirby : for Lou Lou

This is a tribute to my best friend. She is a good friend. She is always there for me. And i'm also sorry. Sometimes i don't help when someone say's something mean to you. Or laugh when they make a joke about you.And i've thought a lot about that lately. Hope you can forgive me as i PROMISE to make an even bigger effort from now on. Please accept this as an apology. I reckon we'll be friends for a long time, mate! Don't change. I love ya just the way you are!

Anonymous :for Jessica

these tributes r all beatiful u should all b proud of ur best friends this tribute is u my best friend jessica we were an un brake able pair or so0 i thought i no she is never goin 2 read this but every1 keep ur friends close and never loss and friendship 4 they hurt really bad 2 jessi 4 being the best friend i ever had and u were the best and on my book u still r thanxs 4 all the memories and laughs and cry and nites on the fonei luv u now and 4eva momo g

Amanda : for Kati

This is a tribute to my best friend in the world, Kati. She is my angel and I don't know where I'd be without her. She's the only one who's ever seen me cry and the only one who knows all my battle scars. We can talk about anything and everything and we never run out of things to talk about. When she leaves I feel all empty inside but when I hear her voice the hole in me fills. We know we couldn't live without each other. I need Kati there with every breath I take because she's the one I breathe for. Kati, I love you girl, you're my world. Thank you for everything.

Antonella : for Nathan, Andrew, Robert, Trevor,Ashley, and Kolia

I am making a tribute to 6 friends that I lost due to a car crash. Nathan was a friend I've known for 3 years who died in the car crash August 20th, 2001 its hard to believe I saw him a week before he went on this camping trip, and who would have know that the camping trip before our final year of high school would turn out tragic. It was his car but not him driving our friend Andrew was driving and fell asleep behind the wheel next thing we all knew was that Nathans car was totalled by a head on collison witha Big Rig tow truck. I lost Nathan, Andrew, Robert, Trevor,Ashley, and Kolia. When hearing the news that very same day I felt that apart of me was missing, so me and his family went in his mom's car and drove to the site where all our friends were there putting crosses on the high way and we all lit candles and tried to remember the good times, even though it was really hard. I remember going to the hospital where Trevor and Ashley were and our other friend Jared (whom survived) were fighting for there life. Now Trevor and Jared were in the trunk of the car holding it down with there hands do to it being so full becuase of the camping gear, when the car struck Jared went flying out and Trevor got the trunk door slammed on his head, Trevor later was in a coma and Jared survied but barley made it himself. Ashley went under surgery that same evening and died 3 days later waiting for to go was Trevor. I remember Trevors grandmother saying that Trevor was waiting to go to the gets of heaven with his friend Ashley as the others waited for them inside. Trevor died and an hour later so did Ashley. I miss them dearly and it hurts considering that I graduated this year knowing that they were watching over me the whole time. I just want to say may they rest in peace and God be with them, cause they are always in my heart, and I am always thinking of them. Antonella Verardi Calgary, Alberta

Sarah "Sahlou" : for Dane

I would like to thank one of my best friends Dane Noble. He is the best guy! I have never met anyone before so polite and well mannered. He opens doors pulls out chair says please thankyou and excuse me. He even escorted me to my year 12 formal and brought a suit just for the occasion. Now I wish I had the guts to tell him that I love him a little bit more than a friend! SarLou

Kevin : for Justin C, Austin, Ed and Brian

Kevin M for Justin C, Austin, Ed and Brian( Real Life Twin Brother) thanks for always being there you guys you mean a lot to me and i never want us to to loose this great friendship Austin and Ed and Brian remember France , 98. Justin thanks for being there for me when i'm down i love you Bro . besides having Brian as my Twin Brother Justin Austin and Ed you are more then great friends we're more like Bros i love you guys and always will no matter what . Brian i'll always love you . when i'm not having have i come to my twin Brother Austin Ed and Justin with my problems you guys are the best . I Love You Guys

Kate : for Megan

Dear Megan, There are no words in this world to tell you how much you mean to me. I have never had someone who is so beautiful in everyway think so much of me. When i think i can't do something, you are the very first person that is pushing me to and telling me i can do anything i want to. You put me before everyone, before you. I want to say that you are my inspiration to be whatever it is i choose to be. Because of you i know i can do it. i will shine, and so will you. I wish you knew how much i love the wind beneath my wings song, because you are my hero..just incase you did't already know. You have so many wonderful gifts to offer this world. You are so beautiful, you have so much confidence that it makes people blindly jealous, you are so smart, so undbelievably smart, use these gifts. Do everything that you can, because you can. I know you can, you will shock this world with the amazing things you can do. And when you do it, oh i will tell the world. I will shout from the mountain tops, so the whole world will hear. I believe in you, i always have, and always will. You will shine brighter than the star you are to me. You are my hero, my angel, and you feel like my big sister, actually i am almost positive that you are...thats how much you mean to me. In all this world, i would graciously give up all i have and all i will have just so i know you go on, i don't need to give it up so you can shine. No i dont' need to do that cause you can shine all on your own, yes you can. I love you my big sister a.k.a. Dimples! Love forever and always, Kate

Anonymous : for Stu

stu, we will miss you more then u will know u have touched our hearts so much and we miss you we all love you RIP

Lisa : for my big sister and special friend

My name is Lisa and l would like to say to a very special friend/big sister out there that l really value our friendship and l like having you like a big sister. You are my hero because you saved my life and l will never forget you and l hope we are always friends and sisters. You made me strong and confident, thanks you, lov ya, Lise

Serena : for Ray

This is to my best friend...she helped me in the hard times and in the good times even though she has moved far far away she will always be my BEST FRIEND

Rach : for Carl

We each have special places in each others hearts and know that no matter what tomorrow may bring or today throw at us, friends forever we will be, yesterday, today and tomorrow, the bond and feelings never dying.


One day, when i was in like the 8th grade i met this gurl that was the total opposite of me. I thought she was really strange and i didnt want to be seen with her ever, but someway along the year i grew closer to her and she became one of my best friends in the world. We now have this formed cirlce that is really tight and they make my life worth living. Latley, we all have been going through that time in high school where it is just soo tuff. We have been crying, laughing, getting broken hearts, but we keep smiling. We have been put to the test, streching our limits to what we can deal with and what we can't. It is so hard to keep smiling but we support each other and we are always here for each other which makes it worth while. I am so happy i found friends like i have cuz without them the world would b flat, no one would walk everyone would run past me fast, life would be glad i am where i am now with them. I am glad I met the gurl i never wanted to talk to and I am glad I met her friends I would have never would have talked to cuz, wat would life be without them????

Anonymous : for Amy

Hey, I wanna give a shoutout to my best friend Amy. Amy and I were insepratable during our 7th grade year. We would do everything together. Sit by each other at lunch, be partners in gym and other school activities, play basketball, we just had so much fun. This summer we have been getting together like twice a week. We haven't been apart for more than five days and that was just because of vacation. I have been having a blast. But then the bad news hit me. We received letters in the mail telling us who our 8th grade teachers were. We called each other and told each other who we got, and we weren't in the same class. I was devastated. I have to admit I did cry. Amy and I are such good friends and that's why in writing this. I am a little scared for our friendship. I don't know wuts gonna happen this 8th grade year, but I know that her and I are going to keep our friendship going. We are going to have to try very hard but I think we can do it. And I wanna keep this friendship going because Amy is a beautiful person inside and out. She is so sweet, and generous all the time. I get hurt and she is always there to help me up and tell me everything is gonna be OK. She is friendly to everyone even though they might sometimes be mean to her. She is elegant and how she can light up a room just by walking into it is beyond me. If anything ever happened to her I don't know wut I would do. I will never have a friend like her ever again, and I hope that she feels the same way about me. I love u so much homes. And don't worry bout this year our friendship will make it. Its just another one of Gods little tests.

Kristin : for Anna

Have you ever been told that everyone has a twin? I had, but i never believed it until i met Anna. Me and Anna are just alike, it's just like one person in two bodies. We do everything the same and love the same things. The only bad thing is that we live in different cities. At the end of the summer it will be hard to say good bye, so that is why we are saying C YA LATA:)I know our friendship is strong enough to make it through and she does to so we have nothing to worry about. I am writing this tribute to tell her how much i love her, and how much she means to me. Thanks for being my bestfriend I LOVE YOU, Kristin

Bonnie :for Tara

Bonnie and Tara-Friend Forever*********************************

Keri : for Jamie

Jamie is one of my best friends. She has always been there for me. Jamie is my sister. And I love her as my friend and my sister. Thank you for staying beside me.

Taz : for Sarah, Bel, Trish

A Tribute to Sarah, Bel, Trish... I LOVE U ALL! LV taz

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