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June 2002

Cara : for Jenna, Christine, Shannon, KT, Denise, Olivia, Gen, Mare and Maria

To all my gurlies~Jenna Christine Shannon KT Denise Olivia Gen Mare Maria and everyone else I love ya like sisters!! Remember the "GOOD TIMES"!! LYLAS!! CARA

Danika : for Shellaine

My name is Danika Richard (, I would to submit something for my very best friend ever, Shellaine Tchir. Shellaine, you and I have been best friends ever since our moms were pregnant, gosh I mean we were even breast fed together. I just want to let you know how you have always been there for me. You were there the first time I drove alone, put me and Amy to bed when we were so drunk that we could barely walk, you have always been there to talk to and I hope you always will. I LOVE YOU. Best Friends Forever

Lisa :for Danielle

To Danielle- the best friend anyone could ask for. You always keep things in perspective, and don't let me complain too much... Yet you always know exactly what to say to make me feel better. Thank you so much for all you do! I love you!! With Love Always - Lisa Rae

Gianinna : for Stacie

What can I say about you other then thank you for always being with me from the very beggining. You've never left my side and I thank you for that. Your more then a friend to me. I consider you my sister. Always remember I'm here for you no matter how apart we may be from each other. xoxoxo's bff gianinna

Harmony : for Lauren, Nicole and Kathy

To my dearest friends Lauren, Nicole, and Kathy. Through thick and thin we've always been together. Never in a thousand years could I find better friends than the ones I already got! I love you so much, and though with college, we may see less and less of each other--in my heart of hearts I know that no amount of time or space could lessen our bond! You three truely are my SOULMATES! Love, Harmony

Anonymous : for Sophia

My Friend Sophia is moving in a few days and I am going to miss her so much. She has helped me more than anyone else ever will, and I am so blessed to have her as a friend. She is caring and she loves all. No matter what happens to us, our friendship will always survive.

Anonymous : for Jennifer

to jennifer i smile because you are best friend, i laugh because you are stuck with me. you are my heart and my soul, i love you more then words can describe. things are rough right now, but i trust my love for you and your love for me. just know, you are all i think about. when will i see you again?

Elizabeth : for Laura

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Allen and I'd like to write a tribute to my best friend and roomate Laura Graham. Well Laura, when we met 3 years ago I knew we had something special. You have always been there for me, like when I need a movie quote or someone to recite lines with. Thank you for being you. People might not understand the bond (mo ha ha, mo ha ha, mo ha ha) but I will never forget it. I just have one question: Is someone frying bologna? I will miss you next year but we will be together again soon. Peace out sister. That's right...I said peace out sister.

Rachel : for Ashley

I would like to tribute this to my best friend Ashley Harris. During these last few months she has been there for me through everything. I can talk to her about anything and she won't make fun of me. And she knows everything about me, like everything I have done and she doesn't look down on me. I love her to death and I dont know what I would do without her. ~Rachael~

Ariel : for Gracen and Divya

Dear Tributes: I'd like to make a tribute to my two best friends Gracen and Divya. Whenever the three of us are together all my troubles seem to go away as we laugh and let loose our chatter boxes. We've had our ups and downs, and though the miles seperate us we still find the time to email and call eachother. Our friendship is something I will cherish forever, it is a force that cannot be broken. When I am at my all time low I know I will always be able to count on them to help me out! Thank you so much you guys! The gratitude I feel from our friendship cannot be expressed in words. Pardon my cliche, but its true. We will always be, best friends, forever. Lylas! *Ariel*

Anonymous : for Micheal

Get Well soon You may have cancer Micheal but you dont care, i Hope that you shall be OK, your strong, but loving your not my friend, your like my brother. Why did god give you cancer? You was good, you wouldn't hurt a fly, You did many charity work for cancer research and raised a tremendous 673.46, Get better micheal. Please get better. Please

Nicola : forLeanne

This is for my best friend Leanne we have been best mates for just over a year but it feels like a life time because she is so great, when we became friends i felt at that time i had no good friends Leanne changed that and now i feel i have the bestest mate i could ever have, she makes me luagh, listens when i need her the most and is just nuts like me, my world wouldn't be complete without her, i wanted to write this and hope it is shown so she could see it and see just how much she means to me, she truely is the greatest mate and person i know and i'll say this to her now: babe we will be sitting in our houses in 10-20 years laughing and joking and still the bestest mates we are now thank you for everything you have done, your wicked! Love you always your best mate Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Erica : for Jenn

Jenn-We've had some good times huh? Guapo (mines january 8th!), pop (happy birthday POP), sally, kemah, the train, ect. You are a beautiful person-inside and out. Dont let anyone tell you differently. You will find a guy (hey maybe you already did!) someday and so will i (hopefully!). Its better to stay single than have our hearts broken dont ya think? Good luck with *stars*. Dance your heart out-dance like no ones watching :o). Keep the letters and pictures coming and I'll do the same. I want to hear all about the boys, the dancing, the everything. Stay you (why would you want to be anyone else?) and stick with your values and beliefs. Be a leader, not a follower! Remember-"Its important people know what you stand for, its more important they know what you wont stand for." The older you get, the easier it is to be wrapped up in junk that you know is wrong, so show everyone what Jennifer stands for. BE YOU forever because I like you the way you awesome friend, smart girl, kind to animals (except when we pretended taff was in labor-im sure she didnt appreciate that too much), guy intimidater (yeah boys are just intimidated by your stunning beauty), and great christian. Trust in God always and good things will come. I love you JennKay! Youre the best!!!!!! ~Love always~Lil Eric/EricDia/Erica

Lauren : for Shandale

I had a beloved best friend named Shandale. I told Shandale goodbye on a Monday afternoon when school was over and told him i would see him tomorrow and gave him a hug like always. For some strange reason i held him longer than usual. So when i got home i got on the internet. I don't have two phone lines so when i am signed on then line is busy. Well I had no idea of knowing that my friend Megan was trying to call. I got off and about an hour later she called and got through. She asked me was i sitting down and i told her yes. She started crying and i said megan whats wrong. Then she told me Shandale had just gotten shot. I bursted out in tears as i fell to the floor. I got back on the phone about 2 minutes later and Megan told me the story: Shandale's stepdad always kept a gun in a file cabinet in the hallway. Shandale was 14 so he was mature enough to handle a gun so he knew the combination for emergencies.(The gun was rarely ever already loaded)He got it out and was playi! ng with it then his little brother(Cameron is 10)walked in and was playing around in Shandale's room. Shandale sat the gun down and went to the bathroom. When he came back in Cameron had the gun pointing it at him. Shandale thought that it wasn't loaded and said shoot me boy shoot me! Cameron pulled the trigger and shot Shandale right in the chest. Shandale died that night.Febuary 21,2002. I went to school the next morning thinking he would be there, but he wasn't. Just the thought of him not being there made me cry so bad. I love Shandale. I went to his funeral and i sat in the front row with his mom and step dad. I couldn't handle it so i ran out for a sec and then came back in. We went to the cemetary and when he was put in the ground i threw allof the notes he had ever written me in with him. I love Shandale more than anything. R.I.P. Shandale we love you!! Shandale Jones November 16,1987-Febuary 21,2002. I love you so much! Lauren

Abby : for Jared

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." You are this person to me. I cannot imagine any part of my life right now without you in it. You are the pinnacle of what friendship is to me.. you are the music that sings to my heart.

Amanda : for Colette

this is a tribute to my friend colette.. can u email me back if it shows up on the site? colette you are my sunshine! you make me look forward to every day and everything that i do with you! i cant remember a time when i didnt ever need your advice or help. i hope that even if we get "separated" throughout the years, we will still be best friends. you have done more than enough for me, and now heres a tribute that you definitely deserve. never let our hands be broken from each other... -amanda

Chelsea : for Fallon

Hi, I'm Chelsea, and I wanted to add a tribute to your website about my best friend, Fallon!
Fallon is the sweetest person I know. She has the spirit of an angel - up-lifting ahd heavenly. She'll never put someone down. Her heart is so full of love that sometimes she uses it too much. She's smart, funny and beautiful inside as well as out. I could swear and bet my life on that she's an angel in disguise. If she read this she'd probably cry her eyes out - I know she would. Sometimes i wish we could switch places for a day so that she could see how good of a friend she is to me as well as others. She's my anti-drug, my inspiration, my heart, my soul - my everything. There isn't a an amount of words to say and/or show how much i love her. She's my sister through and through.

Dani : for Jean

The most beautiful person I know! TO: Jean B LOVE: Dani K When I think of a person who has made a tremendous impression in my life, I think of somebody who is 15 years older then me, and Ironically I met just a short time ago. Her name is Jean, This remarkable woman is unusually unselfish, and is somebody whom you can confide your trust and deepest darkest secrets in. Her glowing and bubbly personality has always been able to mend my heart when it is broken, and ease my fears and angers. She follows the old sang..."A friend is one who knows the song to your heart, and can sing it back when you forget the words." She is constantly giving me and others positive emotional support, and her presence forces me to change my negative outlook on life. She is neverjudgemental, and oproves to me that relief, and happiness can be found by everybody no matter the circumstances. I know for a fact that Jean is in no way a stranger in the challanges of everyday life, I am jsut so glad that she shares her life and love with me, if only she could know just how important and how special she is to me...She dramatically changes my heart and soul everyday. ~*~Jean-I love you so much, more then you will ever know. You are a wonderful person, please, please do not ever change for anyone~*~I love you, Dani

Kris : for Annie

hey Annie! I love you to death. YOu are my guardian angel, and i dont know what i would do without you. You are the bestest friend anyone could have and im lucky to have you in my life. thanks for everything. ~kris

Freya : for Grace

Grace, you are truley the best friend i could ever wish for, you've helped me with everything i know we will always be best friends for ever. I can say nothing to express how i feel about you i think the absalute world of you! I'll never let you hurt! I love you

Crystal : for Tammy

my name is crystal and this is for my friend,Tammy, that passed away and I made this poem for her. don't cry don,t cry my friend,im hear for you forever and always,I will never leave you or hurt you 'cause your like a sister to me and my love is with you forever and always.

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