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March 2002

Anon: for Ms. Hendricks

I walked into the school grounds Monday like any other day but something struck me as odd, the school was dead quiet, the laughter was replaced with silence, tears instead gossiping, hugging instead of the usual running around. But as strange as it sounds I knew straight away what had happened. To get to were I sit I have to make my way past the drama block - including the staff room. My feet felt lead. I stood and stared in through the glass doors, all the teachers were standing there hugging all except for my drama teacher. I will never forget the first term of year 10. My life was completely messed up and I felt like there was no point of existing anymore. I was always a bubbly person, full of life the centre of attention, but as my life started to go down the drain so did my moods. And nobody picked up on it. Nobody except my drama teacher. It was her first year teaching and not to many people in the class liked her, but we got along really well. I poured my heart to her after school one day and she sat with me for an hour and a half as I cried and cried and told her I'd lost the will to live. She hugged me, told me to be strong, life gets better. And she sat and listened to me. No one has ever done that for me before. After we'd finished she offered to drop me home. When I got out of the car she handed me her phone number and told me to never hesitate to call her no matter what. I went inside feeling the best I had in ages, knowing that there was someone out there who cared whether I lived or died. My dad was late home that night; he said there'd be a traffic accident holding traffic back for miles. He said there'd been a fatality. I stood staring in through the glass doors, my legs suddenly went weak. I dropped to the ground and sobbed and sobbed. I felt like my whole world had come crashing down around me. Cursing over and over again that life wasn't fair. I still miss Ms Hendricks, more than words could possibly imagine. There's a small memorial garden at school in memory of her, it's my job to tend to it and to maintain it. I sit there all the time, talking to her and telling her everything. Although she's not there I like to think that she's listening to me somewhere. Thankyou Miss Nicole Hendricks, for listening to me when no one else would, for giving me the will to live.

Anon: for Anon

If someone is a true friend then they wont force you to do something you dont want to do

Kacy: for Lynn

~*~ Lynn ~*~ I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friend...more like my mom! I hope you know how much I truly deeply value you. Through the toughest time of my life when the whole world was against me no matter if I wsa right or wrong, you stood by me. You are an encouragement and inspiration. You've touched my heart in an undescribably beautiful way; words are an understatement. There was a time where I didnt believe angels ever exsisted until the moment I saw a neverending sparkle in your eyes....Thanks for being there! I hope that I can be a portion of what you have been to me! I love You....

Amian: for Rachel

My dearest friend is Rachel. Her parents got a divorce, and i comforted her. The next year my parents separated, she did much more than comfort me. She helped me discover who i was and helped me keep my sanity. To her i am forever greatful and in her debt.

Manuela: for Kathleen, Steff, Heiko, and Sebastian

By this way I want to thank my 4 angels Kathleen,Steff,Heiko and Sebastian.I love you more than my own life.You were my light in darkness,my smile in sadness and my hope when I lost it.Thanks for beeing there for me.You are very special to me so I hope we'll stay friends forever because without u my life isn't worth it. Yours Manu

Laura: for Becki

We've been through so much stuff together.. happy times, sad times, times when i thought i wouldn't make it through, when just having you by my side got me through but mostly times when we just couldn't have laughed any harder!I know people can't understand what we share, but we know and we appreciate it and thats what matters in my eyes.Thankyou for making me happier than i thought possible and no matter where we end up, we'll always have each other! I love you monkey-angel, more than life itself, Laura

Anon: for J

I have know J. for only about 7 months but he already has become one of the best friends I've ever had. He tried to come across as a smart alack and a person who doesn't care but I know other wise. When I was suicidal a couple of months ago he was the one who stopped me for committing suicide when I tried to attempt it one night. He held me while I cried and when I was scared to death that something bad was going to happen again- he reassured me it wouldn't. When I'm sad and depressed, he always somehow makes me smile and laugh and forget about all my problems. He is the one person in my life I know I can talk to no matter what. He is the definition of a true friend.

Anon: for Anon

The Last Letter to a Lost Friend Dear Friend- Well today is been nine years. Its hard to believe it been that long. Who would have known that in our innocence we wouldn't realize what was really happening. I look back on that day and I always wonder what I could have changed. It hurts me to think that we really never had the chance to say good-bye. I wonder what would have happened if neither of us had went to the Rolladium that day. I would have never known what happened to you and where you went. Sometimes I think it would have been better that way, then I wouldn't be left in this pain, I would only be left to wonder what happened, I would have just accepted it was out of my hands. But I can't accept that its out of my hands because somehow I feel like there is something I could have done, and in some ways can still do to say good-bye.and get closure. I wrote you a letter almost 4 years ago after I found out that your dad still lived in your old house. In a lot of ways I thought it would be the key that would reopen the door that had been locked for so long and we would be friends again. Looking back, it was a juvenile thought, yet in some ways I still harbor the thought that maybe someday along the way you and I will become friends again, or at least meet again and say good-bye. I've often wondered if I have seen you in a shopping mall, walking down the street or at the movies but just never realized it was you because it has been so long. For a long time I felt as if it was my fault that you and I were no longer in contact, like somehow I could have stopped what happened that caused us to lose contact. After I wrote you and you wrote back and then the letters back and forth subsided, once again I felt as if I had failed you and our friendship somehow. For a long time I blamed myself. Finally I realized, it wasn't my fault and it wasn't yours either. It was something neither of us had control of. Today I decided it was time to say good-bye and let go, although it's really hard. Its something I have had to think over and over again. Its so hard, and it hurts because in a lot ways I am still that little girl who wants to play with her best friend, yet I am the young women who realizes that its not feasible and realistically that day roller-skating was probably the last time I will ever see you. In a lot of ways it hurts to think that I am actually letting go of a hope I have held so dear for so long, yet I am comforted by my memories. So for now in case we never meet again, thank you for all you have taught me, the memories and for being a friend to me. Love Always, Me

Shelby: for Brittni and Brianne

~*MY BEST FRIENDS*~ I guess that you could say that I have a lot of best friends. Some guys, some girls. But there is one or two, that I feel like I'll know for the rest of my life! Their names are Brittni and Brianne. Of course I have a lot, but I feel that they will always be there for me. So, if any of my friends are out there reading this, i just want to say, I LOVE YA!!

Anon: for Drew

my friend drew has saved my life as well as my best friend's. he is the most selfless person i know. if i was able to proclaim a saint, he would be one. he's always there even when i ignore him because i have a boyfriend. he has no idea how amazing he is. thank you for being you, drew.

Blondie: for Jean Jean

You helped me believe that there is love at first sight, and that it happens in friendships. We may have a large age difference between us, we may also be half a world away from each other, but in friendship there's no such thing as age discrimination, neither are there physical or social barriers. You ought to know how much I respect and admire you, my friend. I cherish all the moments we are together and, really, you are the only one crazy enough to scribble messages with me on a beach. There has never been anyone like you, nor will there ever be. We will be friends for as long as God allows us to be together. Thank you for being the best thing about me.

Lindsey: for Amy

Hey I just wanted to dedicate this to my best friend Amy. My best friend Amy is like one of a kind. She's always there for me, and she doesn't care what other people think about our friendship. We laugh so hard sometimes we have tears in our eyes. I love her to death for listening to all my worries and problems. I love her for just being there and being my best friend. We haven't been best friends for very long but we've grown close, and I hope we stay that way. GOMER! - Love, Lindsey

Megan: for Jill

Well Jill i've known you for about six years now and those have been the best of my life! I never thought I would have someone to call my best friend but I do and i'm so happy that i have you! I couldn't ask for a better friend :) I don't know what i would do without you, ti! *A life lived without you could never be right..* We've had so many good times and I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything! I'll never forget any of our lil chats on IM or at 2 in the morning! ;) Those are just the best! I just can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me! You always have a way of cheering me up when no one else can. You're always there when i need ya and that means a lot to me. *Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call, and I'll be there, you've got a friend* You mean so much to me and I don't know what i'd do if i ever lost ya! Sometimes we are so alike it's crazy but hey I guess that's why we're twins! :D You're my other half, you complete me, without ya i'd be lost babe! You're just like the sister I never had and i'll always be here if ya need me! It scares me to think of the day we're gonna graduate and head out to college and be on our own but I always want to be in contact with ya! I'll just be calling you all the time or be talkin on the computer;) I'll never forget any of the inside jokes and memories we've had :p SU game, soon to be Quebec & Disney trip;), Dinner outings....We always have a great time! :) Jillia, YOU ARE the best friend I have ever had and i'll always be here for ya hun! I love you very much sweetie!!

Kimberly: for Teryn

My name is Kimberly and I would like to write a tribute to my best friend Teryn. She has always been there for me through thick and thin. She understands me very well and I know I can count on her for anything. Teryn- thank you for being a part of my life. I love you.

Britney: for Stephanie

for Stephanie- My cousin, I want you to know that you are my better half. You make my life worth living. Whenever I talk to you, I'm instantly uplifted and inspired. You're always there for me, and you're always willing to help me through my problems. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you this summer. i love you! ~Britney

Don: for Jenny

Jenny is my cousin who i had forgotten about until very recently and over the past few months we have become very good friends. She has a smile that lights up my world , is great company and so sweet and we enjoy meeting up when we can. Now she is off to Mallorca for awhile and i'm going to miss her. I think the world of her and i want us to be the very best of friends forever.

Britney: for Shelley

Shelley- Oh, Shell, we've been through so much. There were those horrible fights in 8th grade when we both backstabbed each other... and we didn't speak for 3 months. You can't imagine how glad I am to have you back in my life now. You truly are the ideal best friend to me. We have so much in common, and we think the same things are funny when everyone else thinks they're stupid. Thank you so much for just being a part of my life and being there for me. -Britney

Rohidah: for my friends

I write this tribute for my good friends Azizah , Syazana , Janna and Hafeezah for always be there for me when I'm in trouble and need help.They make me happy when I'm sad . They always support and encourage me .I really appreciate it juys . Well thanx for everything you have done for me.Thats all and may we be good friends forever . May Allah bless you guys and take care ! I Love You Guys

Anon: for Anon

My speical friend may not be the same as me, nor normal in most ways, but yet for a reason I do not know she can cause me to laugh or to cry at the slightest remark. There have been those days I wanted to strangle her or pound it into her brain that SOMEONE DOES CARE ABOUT HER, but most of the time I find no reason to even care who she is, or even what she's done. I can't quite put it into words exactly what her freindship means to me. So I'll just stop ratttling on.

Lisette: for Bianca and Casey

best friends!!!! best friends for me are that u could like them for who they are.also have trust in your friendship.(my best friends are bianca and casey.)lylas if ur reading this i luv u bianca and casey 4 sho. oh rock on!!!

Anon: for Ashley

To my best friend.... ash~ive know ya foreva! we have been through soo much and you have been the only one i could depend on! i dont know what i could have done without you! you have always been a shoulder to lean on through my guy problems.. youve always understood.. weve cryed, laughed , smiled, and screamed at each other and which each other your the best fried that neone could ever want! ill always be here for you if you need me

Dan: for Elnora

This is going out to my best frriend Elnora who I love with all my heart and to tell her that I will alwayz be there for her and forgive her for whatever she does as long as she knows all this then I know she will be there for me too. So to all you out there hope your friendships will be as >strong as ours is. Also never let a guy get in the way of both of you being happy cause will us we never will Love ya like a sister Elnora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan: for Elnora

Well here is a story on how me and my friend Elnora become Best friends and what a guy can do to a friendship. Well here it goes........... Elnora was with this guys Salvador and I liked him but she didn't know it yet. Well I told her that I liked him and she started laughing but the fact is she didn't know what i was about to do. I saw salvador one day after a school feild trip and we talked for hours about nothing well he didn't know it but I liked him but he was about to find out. I decided to write him a letter stating that I liked him and that I had liked him since the beginning of the school year. Well he had figured that I would have never liked him. Well soon after that rumors were going around the school about me and him doing things like kissing at a park and messing around while my friend was still with him. And none of them were true yet all my friend decided to believe everything people were saying and not believe me which was messed up. Well soon after that none of my frineds were talking to me anymore and Salvador was tha only one who knew the true besides me. After dealing with that for a while Elnora and Salvador ended up breaking up and then i ended up getting with Salvador a day or two later. Elnora got over the whole thing after a month in 1/2 and we slowing starting talking again and I thought that we were ever going to be that close again but to my surprise we got even closer and once my best friend Monca betraded me i asked Elnora to be my Best Friend and she said yes so that was hella cool. Now we are closer than ever and we both tell eachother things that no one else knows about but us. Well there is a lesson in all this never chose a guuy over a friend no matter how close you guys are in the end if they are you true friends they will get over it and understand what you were thinking. But guys will come and go no matter how much you love them you need your friends to give you advise when they piss you off and you need you friends when your boyfriend isn't talking to you and you don't know why. So basically frineds over guys this is just a law of friendship. also never get with your friends ex it will tear you guys apart and if the guy wasn't good enough for your friend then why would him be good enough for you. thanx Elnora for alwayz being there for me when I needed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nat: for Joann

Hey chick! I have known you for seven years & hopefully years to come, I LOVE YOU like a sister! Girl, if it weren't for you these past 7 years I don't think I would have ever had as much fun as I did...I am always here for you & I know you will be there for me. Thanx for not leaving me we have been down a long rode & the long rode has had a lot of bumps on it, new friends have gotten in the way sometimes, there are only a couple friends that you could say "I will know you for the rest of my life" & you are definitely one of those people. There are people you grow up with & people you meet as you grow...& even though you are best friends with the people you meet along the way doesn't mean you forget about those who have always been there for you. You Joann, are like a sister to me & I hope I know you the rest f my life...I'll never forget all the CRAZY things we have done growing up I'm sure a lot you can think of yourself...YOU are always in my heart & will never leave you will ALWAYS be one of my best friends no matter how many I may have. I hope you feel the same way as me! As I said at the beginning it has been a good 7 years, I hope I know you for MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY years to come!!!!!!!! love ya like I have for 7 years, Natali

Ashley: for Amanda

I don't know what I would do without you, your always there for me when I need someone,when I am blocked out of the world. Your truely the best friend that I've always dreamed for and you always will be. I will always be there for you, without you I would be lost, I don't know what I'd do without you :)

Anon: for Anon

You were a stranger at first. Someone I didn't know, never saw, or even thought of caring about. Then it happened. I met you, you met me. You were you and I was me. Crazy to say but we were a lot alike. We became good friends and "had" great times together. You showed me everything in such little time. Like from simple fundamentals to loving me like your little sister. You gave me all the positives, not a single negative. Yout old me you loved me. You weren't that stranger anymore. You were that someone I knew, I saw, and that I cared about. As we spent more time together, the more I gained from you and the stronger I became. I wished that day would never come when I would have to leave. And I never said "goodbye", and then I realized I wouldn't see you that next day. It was hard, but I still had a way to talk to you. After the first few times I heard from you, they stopped. Then days, weeks, and even months passes until we would be renewed. And now again, at this present time, you're back to that stranger I don't know, never see, or sometimes think about. I know you, but I don't. Times have passes, yes I know but I'm still that same kid looking back on those past memories. Thinking that maybe you feel the same. But i don't know anymore. I sometimes wonder if you have even looked back and reflected on the times we've shared together. To me you're a somebody. And I don't know if it's the same for you. You're my hero, inspirator, friend and you're always in my heart. I'll never forget the times we had together or that wonderful smile you have. Maybe you will, I don't know. And that's your choice, you'e free will. but I'll always know that you played a major role in my life. That you're a special someone in my heart. And I'll never forget you. I love you.

Megan: for Jill

Waking up every morning knowing that i have a friend like Jill makes life so worth living! Jill, we've had so many good times and so many to look forward to! I'm so happy i met ya in 5th grade, if it wasn't for that we wouldn't have been such good friends! We've been friends for 6 years and they have been the best of my life! I never thought I would have a friend as good as you! You've cheered me up, made me smile, and just have always been here for me and i can't thank you enough for that. There is nobody like you and nobody could ever take you place! You'll always be my best friend, even when we're old and scootin' around in our hover rounds! We'll always be close! You ARE just like the sister i never had and have always wanted! I don't know what i'd do without you! You're my other half and you mean so much to me. *But a life lived without you could never be right* I just want to thank you for everything and you know i will always be here for ya til the day i die! I love ya hun!!

Lee: for Ali and Leega

I belive in angels. I believe that everyone in this world has a guardian angel who cares for them, loves them, cherishes them and protects them. I consider myself extremely lucky because I have to guardian angels. They are my two best friends. They are my everything and mean the world to me, like sisters I never had, only even closer. My two best friends, Ali and Leega are two of the few people who understand how I feel and who I am. They understand what's in my heart and know what's on my mind without my even saying it. In the past there may have been times where I have made mistakes or wrong decisions, but even if they could'nt convince me otherwise, they would never say 'I told you so.' They would only concentrate on how to help me make things right. They have always been there for me. In my times of joy, pain, confusion, happiness and grief.I can't remember a single time when they were'nt with me in my time of need either offering advice or sympathy or sharing in on my grief. Whatever affected one of us, affected all of us. However different our choices an decisions are, we are almost like three people sharing the same heart. But sometimes I worry. I worry that I'm not being as good a friend to them as they deserve. I worry that I might not be there for them when they need me most. I worry that the distance between us and our time apart will change me, change us, change this special bond of ours. But all I have to do is take a moment to think about the three of us, how it used to be and every single doubt about our friendship vanishes from my mind. heard a saying-'Best friendsnbsp like angals with only one wing, that can only fly by embracing each othnbsp It could'nt be more true. Hardly a single day ever gocouldn'ten I do'nt miss them so much it hurts, miss them so much it brings tears to my eyes. I am only learning how to live without them with me. But they are always with me in my heart. They are my gaurdian angels that I will cherish and love them forever. I love you guys and miss you alot.

Ryan: for Kathy

My Name is Ryan, and this is for Kathy: In High School, I had many friends, but none as close or important to me as you. And I will never forget the little things you have done for me in the past or will do for me in the future, such as on Valentines Day '02. Well, I've gotta save some stuff for next time... Ryan

Babs: for Laura

Just wanted to tell laura, she means the world to me and has made me realise that there are angels, the kind that heaven sends and that I am always with an angel I just call her my best friend! love u shirley, love babs x

Coco: for Cheeko

You are the best friend I could ever have! I know we sometimes get in fights, but we will always be best friends FOREVER! You are like my twin! We do everything together, and I never want that to change! You are my best friend forever! Never forget that!!

Karen: for Kristy

My name is Karen....I've been best friends with Kristy ever since 1996. She's always been there for me, whenever i needed a friend. We live 800 miles apart now, but she's in my thoughts daily. I love and miss her so very much :) Thanks for being my very best friend ! :)

Sondra: for Becky

hi my name is sondra and this is about my best friend becky. She is the best friend I have ever had. She is always there and always knows what to say to make me feel better. I couldnt ask for a better friend than her. I hope we stay friends forever. Thanks becky for being there for me

Caitlin: for Dana

You are the best there is in this world and no one can tell me any different. i am grateful for everyday we spend together. There are no words to express the real way I feel about days are brighter by the very thought of you. You are my BEST friend. I love you

Shellie: for Dominique

Hey, girl! You define my happiness! I love you now and I'll love you forever. You have supported me through so much. I owe who I am today to you. Thank you for your hugs, prayers, and love. You are my angel and my light. I was lucky because God gave me my guardian angel and my best friend in one - you. I will always be here for you. My heart is yours and my love too. Nothing can separate best friends brought together by God. For better and for worst, you will always come first. I love you! 1432!!!

Zoe: for Coran

Coran is the bestest mate in the world. By Zoe (10yrs)

Zoe: for Coran

Friends. Friends are the world to me and I hope they all know it. I have >quite a lot of friends but I also have a close circle of friends. My closest friend ever has to be Coran. She is everyones friend and know's how to have a good time. She has always been there for me and cheered me up whenever I am feeling down. She is my sole friend. Coran has long brown hair and a smile I would die for. She is pretty and always has boys asking her out. I hope she realises how much she means to me. I am going to a boarding school in September and I am really going to miss her. I will write to her every day but she will probably forget me but I will never forget her.She is the closest friend that I have ever had and I will never break this friendship >with her. We like the same things and we have never fell out. We sleep over each others houses and stay up all night chatting away about school and boys. We stick by each other and never slag each other off. I just want her to know that she is my bestest friend ever and that I will never forget her. By Zoe Age 10.

Louise: for Pam

I'd just like everyone to know that my best mate pam means so much to me and I love her to bits.......... I'd be incomplete without her. louise kempson (from luton)

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