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May 2002

Jitin: for Sweet_Petal (Rose)

A small tribute to the revival that our friendship got two days back: I want to take this opportunity to tell you that i have a genuine feeling for you & u share a very special place in my heart.After a years friendship with you I have started to believe that ..friendship is a special kind of love ...without love there is no true friendship & with love for each other u dont need to "act" friends ...u say it all without speaking a word. I still do like you a lot .I have often thought rationally as to what makes u so special to me & everytime I end up getting the same answer from myself I dont knowmaybe its that feeling of sharing moments with you which makes the time we spend together just so special.

Catherine Rondeau: for Vanessa

Vanessa, i just wanted to make sure that youknow how much i care for you and how much i will neve let you down whatever happens. Despite all our differences, i feel this connection when i'm with you that just makes me want to laugh and joke about and just have fun. When i'm feeling down, i always know i have a friend. When i think that this is the worst day of my existence, you somehow crack a joke and in a split second, it's the best day of my life. Without friends life would be a long, boring journey until death and because i have such great friends, life is currently the most enjoyable journey a girl like me could do. I hope that nothing ever happens to our friendship and that through arguements we find a challenge and a better way to accept each other. I value our friendship more than anything. I know that we have a long friendship ahead of us. I believe in you, i believe that i value noone more than my friends. Sometimes when i see it in your face that something's wrong and i ask you 'is somethign wrong' and you tell me what's wrong, i am glad you do tell me. So that like that everytime one of us makes a mistake, we can fix it and let our friendship grow a little more, grow stronger, grow deeper, grow towards being the best friendship in the world. And to you my friend, i want to say thanks for making me feel safe and accepted everyday. You're my guardian angel. Love and light. Stay safe. Catherine

rschmidt: for Carl Evans

This is a tribute to my friend Carl Evans of England. He came in to my life and i will never be the same. He taught me compassion, love, hope, desire, willingness, joy, pure happiness, true sadness, and i will never forget him. He lives 6,000 miles away from me. I am so lost and so thankful for him. most precious gift ever given to me. "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to carry on with dignity in spite of it."

Nicole Basham: for Tracey,Justine, Rachelle and Brooke

I just wanted to tell u guyz that you're the best friends anyone could ever have and that u guyz mean the world to me. I also want you to know that I'll always be here for you no matter what, I love u guyz, and you're more than friends, you're like my sisters. From Nicole

teriiniitoa@hot for Talitha

TeRiini-Talitha you are the only friend that I look up to you are da bomb Talitha thanx for all you done

Kate: for Megan

Hey Megan, there are no words to express how much you mean to me. we have gone through so much. we almost lost eachother but you found me. you are the most beautiful, kind, strong person that i will ever know. you sing my song for me when i forget the words, you are my eyes when I'm too scared to open mine, you are my wings to help me fly, you are everything i have ever asked for. you deserve so much better than i can give to you. the only thing i can promise is that i will never leave, i will fly with you, hand in hand. i will always believe in you, i always have. you have helped me to be who i am and to help me find myself. none of my other friends have been there through the rain, only for the sunshine, execpt you. you have no idea how much i love you for that. please don't forget me, i know you will prolly find someone else to confide in, but please never forget me. no matter what we are together through it all for now and ever, i carry you with me always. i will watch from above, forever. keep flying, i love you.

Ameet Karoti: for Vivek

Friendship is something whose worth is more than ones life. In todays it is very difficult to get a good friend and to get a great friend lies on ones faith. Today I consider myself to be the luckiest boy to have got a frienda brother..everythinglike VIVEK. Vivek is something special ,kind of person who rarely visit this planet. In my days of difficulties he gave up studies ,sat with meit was so selfish on my part to have asked him to sit with me even when he didnt want. But what can I do, I love him more than myself. So I want my own self to be with me . He helped me in many difficult situations ,for which I will be indebt for a long time. But its not his help that attracted me towards the friendship but it was his ability to know a stubborn ,hard hearted bad etc boy who always craved for love. From Vivek I got the love I have been looking for years .finally got it ,but I m on the verge of losing it. . You are the world to me. You mean a lot to me and I love you to bits..I would be incomplete without uI will be always there waiting for you you are the closest friend I ever had.i will never break this u

thanking you ameet

Louise Tipple: for Mark

mark- love louise. I have only known you a few years and we dont see much of each other, but you lite up my life. every moment we spend together is precious. you make me smile. i can phone you anytime in times of need and i know you are there. i will always be here for you, every day, anytime. thank you for enriching my believe in me and love me as i am and that is so special. i love your sentimental side. you share so much with me and let me share.i will always love you and cherish your friendship. thank you for helping me believe and trust again. FWBF RTTE. Always and Forever.

Donna Milford: for Hunter

hunter, you've been one of my bestfriends, and now you're leaving. i'll miss you sooo much! thanx for always being there. i love you like a bro!

Kathy: for Kristin

Kli, i dont know where i would be without you. I love you so much and am so glad that we met. October was good month for us! Remember that whatever you do whatever trials you may face I'll ALWAYS be there to back you up cause your the best. Keep smiling and know you have a friend in me! Kathy:)

Missy: for Jamie and K-la

Hi My name is Missy, Jamie and K-la you guys are really my best friends and i love you. Thanks for always being there for me and helping me get through my tough times. With out you guys it would have been hard. We have a had a lot of tough times and I didnt think that we were going to get through them and we did and that is what you call best friends. i love you guys and thanks again...

Brittany Ruth: for Sami

Brittany: Sami I meet Sami when we started to cheer in 3rd grade. She's become a part of my life and we'll be best friends 4-life. We don't fit much but when we do it's very hard. I just want to say I'm really proud of her for her successes in life and I hope she keeps it up! I love you lots Sami!

Gianinna: for Linsday

Hey Linz just thought I'd say a couple of things about you. Always remember that I'll be here for you no matter what. I love you like you were my baby sister. Thanks for helping me and listening to me when I needed someone to talk to.

Janet: for Isaac

my name is Janet i wanted to write a special thing to a special person, my best friend, he is a person that makes me feel so find and really supports me and know everything about myself but since some days he havent talk to me becuase of his girlfriend, and i just want him tp know how much i care about him tqm isaac i hope you talk to me again.

Chai Yan: for Jasmine

My Best Friend, Jasmine who is pretty and alot of guys likes her. N i am ugly but she don't mind to have a ugly girl as her friend, i'm glad to have a friend like her. Everytime , i wanted to go out, i will call her along and she will willing to accompany me. But nowadays, we not as close as in the past. We used to have alot of things to chat about but now it is getting lesser things to talk about and when i alone, she will call me up. I hope that we will be BEST FRIEND FOREVER !!! Luv Chai Yan

Gianinna: for Stacey

Hey girl wsup. Thank you so much for being there for me through the very beggining. We don't have to be blood to be sisters. Thanks for all that you have done for me . I'm glad I have a friend like you in my life. I don't know what I would do without you at times. You have never given up on me and I truely appreciate that. Always remember that I'm here for you no matter what.

Calina Hatfield: for Joshua "Swamp" Thompson

To a very popular guy in heaven that so many of us miss here . You sadly taught me how to change my life that tragic Nov. night . I still have a time thinking of you..... the memories WILL go on.....................

Brandi : for Shannon

Hey, this tribute is to my best friend Shannon. She has always been there for me when i needed her, and i love her for that. We have only known each other for a couple of years, but it feels like a lifetime. Love ya Shan Brandi

Nyssa : for Ryan

I am writing this in hopes it will be on this webpage as a part of the birthday gift I am giving him. I just wanted to say this: Ryan, you are the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. You have always been there for me, and I regret all of the fights that we have ever had before because they were not worth it. Words can't even describe how great of a friend you are to me, and how great of a friend I want to be for you. I want to thank you for being who you are and I hope that we stay best friends forever. Happy 15th birthday!!!! Love Nyssa

Nicole Beaumont : for Anon

...Best Friends... Best friends are special Best friends are rare. They'll always be there to show you they care. They stay up to talk to you, sometimes till night, And are always first to say Sorry everytime you have a fight. So when you have a trouble, worry or care. Remember they'll always be there. Courtney - When I first saw you I didn't know what to think cause you were the new girl at my school and I wasn't sure what you were like. You met my friend Sara and at recess you met me and I actually said " If she likes Britany Spears, etc. She is not in our group, but then the next day when I actually got to talk to you, you seemed rather nice and well you and I didn't hit it off at the very beginning but you did hit it off with my other best friend - Jessianne- and then I got cranky cause I thought you were trying to take her away from me, but you weren't, I was just paranoid. But then Jesse left and I had a falling out with Sara and then you and I became Bestest Friends and for months now we still are and I am thankful for that because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and if you ever left or if we ever had a fight I wouldn't be able to forgive myself cause I love you with all my heart. Now we got out on the town and party and we have more friends like Holly, Joanne, Boyd, Alicia, Emma, Emer, Hayley, etc I can't name them all but they are all wicked friends. Courtney and Nicole = Best Friends 4eva and I hope that it stays that way forever and ever and ever. Thank you so much for everything Kibble I hope I can return the favor one day. I love you Heaps.....

Ashley : for Keri

Keri and I have just started this past year being friends but we are already so close. I have never had a friend like her and I love her w/ all my heart! She is always there for me whenever I need her and I would never change anything about her! We always have so much fun together but yet we always have our lil' talks about anything and everything! She's the best friend in the entire world!

Janie Lace Toledo : for Anon

I wrote this one bout a year and a half ago. for a bestfriend I cherished more than anyone.... but sad to say, I still lost her... There are about six billion people in this world, so many to be friends with yet so little are true. Few have succeeded yet still many are in search. Blessed are those with true friends because they have one of the greatest treasures in this world. Many still wonder how hey would find even just one true friend- probably one true best friend. I have a story on how I found one friend who still managed to slip away. I met her in mid September. We didn't know each other then, although we did see each other around. She was the kind of person whom everybody feared. Well, not exactly feared, she wasn't just the type of girl you would be kidding around every now and then. She was a tough one. Though she may seem tough, inside her was a big heart for people-specially for those in need. She had great advices to offer. Stories to laugh at. You would enjoy being around her. I did. We became close friends because of similar likes and dislikes and especially because of the feeling of being myself. I didn't need to pretend when I am around her. We shared a wonderful friendship that we thought no one could ever destroy. Not even if one of us fell in love-you know the guy stuff specially if u fall for the same guy kind of thing. We became best friends in early April. We talked every night that sometimes we ran out of topic to talk about. Most of it would be about boys, friends, acquaintances…in much simpler words, a little bit of everybody. Our laughters would still be heard even as the clock strikes midnight. But as we go on, we never got away without having what every friendship has, or any relationship in general-misunderstandings, side by side with the trials life has to offer us. We held on as strong as we could and kept our friendship alive. It went on, but as the trials get harder, the chances of seeing this wonderful friendship last forever was staring to fade away. We had the reasons to give up and have separate lives but there was still something inside of us that was keeping us from doing so. We gave our friendship another try to see if we were really meant to prove that there was such thing as forever-in love, friendship, loyalty and trust. We did well, however as the reason for us to hang on slowly diminished, we had no choice, it was certain, we had to let go. We still have the spirit of love, friendship, loyalty and trust burning within our hearts. But that was it. It was hard at first-of course it would be hard, you're saying goodbye to someone who knew you as you are, but we soon realized that the friendship we shared and all the trials that had come with it, was to be a lesson, a teacher for our future. We learned to hang on to problems whatever it may be and never give up because there was something to be gained in it-although we did give up, but it was worth the experience it was providing us. It was al We always know that no matter how strong we are to stand our ground, in our side, we still need a friend. We may be as tough as one could possibly be, but somehow there are certain things that we cannot do alone. That's why we have friends. That's what they are there for, to help us, comfort us, make us feel loved and cared, give us strength when we're down and correct us when we do wrong as well as appreciate us when we do good. Now , we see how important a friend could be. It's easy to have friends but its hard to find someone true. So if you want one, be one, because what you give is what you receive even bigger… take good care of them, love them and make them feel loved. Accept them for who they are. And to my dear friend whom I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with, Thanks. God bless and keep smiling…

Nicole Beaumont : for Courtney

I just want you to know that you are my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I love you with all my heart and if anything ever happened to you I don't know what I would do with myself. Courtney you are so fun to be with, you come out and party with me, etc and I thank you for that and you also help me through bad times, such as guys, deaths, etc. I also wanted you to know that I hope we are best friends for ever until the end and lets never fight cause I love you too much to hurt you. Courtney and Nicole = Bestfriends 4eva

Anon : for Anon

I have an angel that means the world to me. She would do anything for me even if it meant she would fall in the process. She is everything to me and everything anyone should be. I love you Megan and your wings, lets fly through the sky and past the stars.

Anon : for Bisty

You have always been my best friend you always will be my best friend. No matter what you're my girl and I love you for being you.

Nicole Beaumont : for Pud

Pud was the most loved person in our small town, he was the nicest, friendliest, kindest person you would of ever met. He was a clown, man he was funny. He liked to drink and his favorite drink was Rum... We all drink Rum now in remembrance of Pud. His parents never knew that he smoked cigarettes everyone in town knew but them. Pud knew almost everyone in town cause he use to work at the mill with all our boys and they use to get up to mischief everyday. Pud would drive his Nissan Ute around town after work and of a weekend he would leave it at home cause it was his tradition to go out and drink at the pub with his mates. They were that funny when they were intoxicated, they would have you in stitches rolling around on the ground. Pud would come to our Motorbike races and parties and he would have a good time every event. When I first met Pud we were flooded in and he was down our road and my brother and I ran into him and I thought he was the nicest person ever, he came to one of our parties once and we had the best time ever, I was ragging him about liking on of my friends and he was denying it everytime, but I knew that he did and when he went home that night their was 3 of them and they went 10km/h all the way home and we all thought that was alright. But on the dreadful morning of September 1st 2001 the town was in shock, everyone in tears because that morning at about 1:30am Pud got in a car with 2 of my friends and they were all intoxicated to the max and the driver was going really fast and they lost control and they cartwheeled into a paddock ( about 40km from town) and Pud hit his head that hard that he died instantly and when the car cartwheeled it chopped one of his legs off and the driver hurt himself badly and he is still alive and the other guy who is like my brother "Lachlan" was also thrown from the car and he had to go to intensive care for months and he did'nt know that Pud was dead till about 1 or so months later after it happened. He didn't even make it to the funeral. At the funeral it was packed with the whole town and more everyone was in tears and everyone wished that it hadden't happened, everyone blames the driver and they all hate him but we all wish that Pud was here now to this very day because this town is dead now and we all miss him very much. When I seen that coffin go in the ground I bawled my eyes out cause I realized that he can never come back. He drew this whole town closer to each other and we are thankful for that and another one of my close friends was Pud's best friend and he is still in shock and he looks at his picture everynight and when ever we get on the Rum we sit on his bed and we open up the album and we have a drink for Puddy and we dedicate the night to him, that's how much we love and miss him. It hasn't even been a year yet but it feel's like a lifetime has gone by without Pud around and if anyone in town could bring him back I'm sure they would cause they know how much we miss him. In loving memory of Shannon Douglas Campbell "Puddy" 18-4-82 till 1-9-2001

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