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    December 2000


    I just wanna mention all my great friends...Sam, Morgan, Missy, Nicole, Brandon, Laura...I love you all so much. Sam, I need you desperately. Morgan, you always make me happy...I want you to be happy too--really happy. Missy, I'm always here. Nicole, sorry about everything and I hope we can work through it. Brandon, someday I'll call you up crying! Laura, I'm on your side. thanks so much to all of're the greatest friends in the world. :)


    To Enid: Heartfelt thanks for every nice think you've ever done for me. The countless nights we spent online together, so many emails we exchange, all that is part of this special friendship and everything is to remain in my heart always. Even though we are to part, I hope this friendship will last a lifetime. Keep in contact. I love you. =)


    Graham I don't know what I done to deserve him but I got him. He is always there to support me he is like my angel no matter what we can trust each other to tell and he and I have gonna through everything at school to be best friends with each other and we both agree we would do it all over again if we had to. I luv him so much and well as they say sometimes to get to heaven u have too go through hell too get there. luv jessie


    I just want to say that I met this guy just at the beginning of this year. He is such a great friend to me, even though he is a guy. It doesn't matter. To me, he is one of my best friends. He has taught me so much, with out really saying it at all. He's taught me not to judge people by their reputation and by how they look, which I think is very important. I am so openminded now about, well, everything. And I don't think he knows how much he means to me. The thing is though I love him. As a friend, and more! But he'll never know that, never. But we are such good friends, it doesn't matter. I am happy the way we are!! I love you so much! Thanks for all that youve done for me! Everything!!!!


    To my best friends Traci, Steve, and Erin. I met you three only this year but you have been so great to me. I got lucky and didn't just get one gaurdian angel I got three. Thank you for everything guys. FRIENDS FOREVER. ErinandTraci sisters are forever and Steve love ya like a brother


    I have the most wonderful friend in the world, David. He is everything to me. He is a great person , and I love him very much. He taught me so much in life. I wish I could thank him in a million ways , but unfortunatly , no matter what I say , it would never equal up to everything he has done for me. There will never be a day when I let him go , I couldn't he means the world to me. I never want to lose him. I hope he realizes just how much I care. He is such a great friend that he even saved my life. So I guess you could say I will never find another friend like him. I know that we may change over times , actually I guarentee we will , and I can guarantee we will have problems , but no matter what I will never stop caring or loving you. I am going to do everything in my power to be a better friend for you.


    Taylor and I are the BEST OF FRIENDS! We do almost everything with each other. Its very essentail to have someone you can trust. And Taylor is not only someone I can trust, she is also someone that can relate to different situations with me. I truely admire her self-control, and funny sence of humar! She also has a storng sence of compasion for people. We have sooo much fun together at the mall, shopping!!! We always hang there, its our little spot to get away from out parents on the weekends. I I had one wish, it would be to travel to New York, and shop shop shop with Taylor, Melissa, Kim, and Michelle! I have MANY friends...but Taylor is the one I seem to connect with most! I love u alwayz and foreva GIRRRL!!!!!!!! Deticated to Taylor, from Stacey


    My friend's name is Dewaynia. She has been my friend for 3 years now. Throughout our friend, I have often been referred to has a second mother, because I love her so much, and try and look out for her. I think I recently upset her, and I just want her to know that I am sorry. I would never intentionally hurt someone that is so special to me. Bizz, I love you girl.


    Ashlee is the angel that I asked for when I was little and who I finally received in high school. We've been through some of the roughest moments, from hospital stays to the 'circus', we've always come out on top... I just want you to know Ash that I'm never ever leaving... I love you with all I am, was, and ever will be...

    Jennifer Keith

    Clarissa,Kelly, and Kristen are my best friends I would like to thank them I would be nothing without them.


    To my most special friend Bobbie, who is like a sister to me. Just wanted you to know how much you mean to me, then couldn't find the words. But you know:)


    I met this guy who is the most caring, sweetest, considerate person I've ever met. He has helped me through a very difficult marriage breakup and is always around when I need him. I could never repay what he has done for me. He is a brilliant listener and always gives good sound advice. Thank you ND. I could never thank you enough. - Mooncat.


    I am not sure if I can ever express exactly what my best friend Autumn means to me! She has been in my life for a short time but it feels like forever. Everyday that passes with you in my life is another eternity that I live with you in my soul and love for you in my heart.. When we meet I was sure that it was for me to help you and I have learned that it was all so 50/50 we keep saving each other from that ledge and I can never tell you just how much you mean to me you are a blessing sent from above.. You are my everything my sweet friend you are my sun, my moon and my stars.. always my star beam sent to make my life brighter.. I can never picture a moment in my life where I do not want you by my side.. Thank You For Loving Me!! Your angel and sister Carrie.. Always and Forever!!!


    My split-apart, with you my soul is unearthed and naked. There are other things in life that are important to me, but my thoughts always drift to you and I cannot picture a complete authentic life without you as a touchstone in the sea of my soul. Miss You.

    Joni Avery

    I would like to give a shout to my bestest friend Sierra she is a one of a kind friend!!!!! I Love you Girl!


    I have met the most wonderful, kindest human being I have met in a long time, online while playing a game of Slingo. I now refer to this person as my Ma. She is and has been the Mother I never had but so desperately wanted and needed in my life for 33 yrs. Thank You For Everything Ma. I love you! Jacquie (((((HUGS)))))


    To my best friends...hey!! Kristiana,Dana,Christine,Megan R.Patiricia,Megan D.,Katie!!!! You guys know that I'm ur bestest friends, u know that right?? Even though I didn't know you guys for long time, it's been only 1-2 years but the day that I came to St. Joseph school, ypou guys were so nice,and this year too. I can't live without u ppl!!! you guys always helped me to speak English, and more and more!!!I'm sorry when I was being so mean to u guy.(wich i can't really rememeber-hehehe) Well, I wish we could be together forever and ever, we have only 2 years, we might get seperate then but we'll be friends forever. We all had different type of times together, and all helped each other, and my other wish is that we could be like that forever no matter what happens!!! I love u guys!


    Allie (Al Pal) Thanks for always being there for me. I know you probaby don't think I appreciate it, but I do. You're great to talk to. And from now on your secrets are safe with me! I am lucky to have you as my friend!. Thank you so much! Love ~*Ree*~


    Jen has been my best friend in this entire world since I was in the 4th grade. I met her at summer camp & our friendship grew from there. Jen means the world to me & I don't often tell her how much I love her but I do...Jen, you are the best friend I've ever were always there for me when I needed you & I love you for that!! Carissa & Jen - Best Friends Forever


    Whadup my BFF* is Heather shes soo sweet n i jus wanted to give her a shout out ..luv u sis!!!!~ bff aaf ((callico))


    T o Sarah. Remember this is "our" poem no matter who else writes it to other friends. It's "Ours" forever. Luv ya honey. Written with a pen and sealed with a kiss. If you are my friend please answer me this. Are we friends or are we not. You told me once but i forgot. So tell me now and tell me true so i can say i'm there for you. And if i die before you do i'll go to heaven and wait for you!!!


    To SuzyQ from MS.... You are a true gift from God, and I thank Him for sending you......we have been best friends for almost 17 years, through both good and very bad times, and even though we live 6 hours apart, our friendship remains strong. I love and miss you dearly!


    Amanda is my best friend in the whole entire world. I hope that she knows it and that is why I am sending in this tribute. I have been to hell and back, but she was there with me through it all. I want to say thank you and that you mean more to me than anything...I will always be here if you even need me. I love you with all my heart forever. AMANDA & STEPH Best friend forever!!! -Steph


    This is for the best buddy in the world, A part of me .......My best friend...Rosy, You are a woman. My companion in happiness, in pleasure, in sentiment, in the past, present and future, in every minute and in a life-time, you are in the most intimate recess of my heart, where I venetrate you and hold you sacred.You can always count on my support it is something you will never have to ask for. You have my final word.


    For Karla: You are my best friend and you will always be my best friend, NO MATTER WHAT! No one in this whole wide world can take your place in my heart, ever! "Count on me through thick and thin. A friendship that will never end. When you are weak, I will be strong, helping you to carry on. Call on me, I will be there. Don't be afraid! Please believe me when I say...Count on...You can count on me!" Always and Forever...Forever and A Day


    taylor, i know we have been through alot these past years but we have been strong and got through it , i cherish our friendship so much and want u to kno even though im a gurl and ur a guy that im always here for u and will always try my best to comfort you the best i can. i hope our friendship goes on and on forever and ever.You mean the whole world to me i would give alot up just to have u as a friend. I just wanted to let u know that i luv u with all my heart will always be your friend through our bad and good times. I LOVE U


    Frienship tribute to my bestest friend Dani... No matter how many other people come into my life, or other friends i make, no one will ever take Dani's place in my heart and life. She is like no other, she brightens my day with the littlest things, i look forward to her smile and laughter everyday . She knows me better then i do myself, we can just look at each other and laugh and know exactly what we are thinking...we call it our own language. Thank you dani for being everything and more! i luv you babe!


    jess, were do i begin, we were both there for each other in times of need, we held each others hands when we needed a friend. we sang our song when the sorrows of the world need to be washed away. i tried my hardest but not sure if that was ever enough, others told you so. so with this our friendship maybe just the memories i thank you for them, they will never die


    friends come and go but Patti is not only my best friend she is a gift from God. I truly feel that He brought her into my life to help me live not only day to day but through the real life challenges...she is the most important person in my life and without her I would crumble...Patti I just wanted you to know how important you are to me...I love you with all my heart...your friend, Myssa


    My bestfriends name is Melissa! who has been there for everything that i have been going through lately.She is the only person i have been able to open up to.She understands me,listens and she gives great advice.We have a wonderful friendship.i hope our friendship never ends and that we'll always be the best of friends cause i don't know what i would do without her.cause not only is she my bestfriend but i also consider her like a sister to me,she is very special to me and i care alot about her and if she ever needs me i will always be here for her.i love her like a sister.well,thats all i can explain to you what our friendship means to me.


    Krystle, I met you over two years ago in Church. Think about it, we met through God, so of course our friendship was definitely meant to be. We were Best Friends through it all. We had so many arguments, and now I know it was because of how different we are, and how our timing was just off. Maybe God only wanted us to be friends and nothing more. Whatever it was, I know He wanted *us* to last forever. I'm sorry for everything that went wrong between us. I never meant to hurt you, and I know you never meant to hurt me either. Just know that I love you, and no matter where this life leads us, or how little we talk and know of each other, a piece of you will *always, always* be with me. You will always be my soul mate. I *promise* you everything I did before, above all-my endless, eternal love. I love you


    To my girls No one has ever made me laugh as much, or wipped away my tears as often. I owe you millions of smiles, giggles, and laughter. You all are the true holders to my heart. You know when I am sad and cheer me up. Let the whole internet now know that I LOVE YOU! Brandy, Cari, Elissa, Kim, Michelle, Teresa, Val-PU, Sara, Val-PO


    My best friend is Betsy. We've been friends for about 2 years now. It's really great having her as a friend. She knows just how to comfort you, when you're sad or lonely. She knows just how to comfort you when you lose your boyfriend. We've been through everything together, from fights to boyfriends. It's been a bumpy road, but I know she'll always be there for me. Luv ya Betsy!! Ang

    Sara Grace Seever

    Jessica Stacia Mueller - She is among the world's greatest inhabitants. Jessica is smart, funny, talented in music, theatre and art, incredibly beautiful and she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is and will always be my angel on Earth. She's a God send and I thank God for her every day. I love you Jess.


    I couldn't imagine anyone have a best friend like Amanda. She is the best friend anyone could ever have. She is the kindest and sweetest girl in the world, and always thinks of me before herself. She brings light to an otherwise dull world, and makes me forget about everything that's wrong in my life. But most importantly, she makes me feel loved and appreciated. I love her more than anyone. That will never change.


    Well, My best friends name is Mary Snasel. We met in the fifth grade, and have been best friends ever since. We have only know eachother for 2 1/2 years, but we are BEST FRIENDS! I have just recently moved to the stupid state of Ohio, and left her in Utah. . We are still the best of friends though. We can practically finsh eachothers sentences!! I miss her a load! I wanted to tell her that she is my best friend, and always will be. I love her like a sister and always will!!! I miss you! Your best friend-- Alli Williams (Allison Amy)


    Sam is my best friend. She can always help me with a problem and will always understand. There is nothing I haven't told her. She knows me just as well as I know myself. We've been friends for 5 years. Not once since then have we had an argument. No matter how busy her schedule is she can always be there for me. I know if I tried to repay her for everything she has done for me it would take a life time. I hope she feels the same about me and I know that our friendship was meant to be. Thanks for all the great years Sam and I hope we stay best friends forever.


    kai, God has been great to me it placed you in my life to bring everything that you have let in. All the love, warmth, tenderness, understanding and so forth the list can go on for ever because that's where i know our friendshipr is going. There's no ending to infinitive and that's how thankful and how much I LOVE YOU! May Gos bless the world with someone as great as you! BUGA


    cristina - i want to thank you for always being there for meeh when ever i need you. friends we have been since we learned how to spell are names and how to count to 5 but just last year is when we really became friends. i don't know if i can ever really thank you for not letting my head go under water when i was under so much stress. no matter how hard it was for you to listen because you had your own problems, you never left me hang in despair, yet like all friendships we've had are ups and downs and right now were not doing very good, but life puts us through things to get us ready for things that are even bigger then what we think are huge issue at this point in time. i hope that we never lose contact with each other. i hope your there the day i marry the perfect man and have my perfect children but never forget that in me you will always have a friend that will go to the end of the world for you and back for that is what you have done for me any how and when your ready I'll return you the favor.

    Sara Grace Seever

    Jessica Stacia Mueller - You're the greatest. I thank God for you every day. I'm sure I told you before, but you're a God-send, and angel from above. You helped me survive Custer High School. :) Everyone needs a good friend to make it out of Custer and still have their wits about them. You are very special to me. I just wanted you to know that. I think of you as the sister I never had. Thank you for never judging me, and always, always listening to me. I love you!


    Lizzie... no matter how far apart we grow, i will always remember how much you helped me in life. My mom died you were there for me, when i was just plan mad you were there for me, when i was mad over some dumb boy you were there for me and i love ya for it. You are one of the best friends anyone could ever even imagine. I will never for get ya and i love ya always and forever!


    I never knew i could be as lucky as iam to have a friend like Ashley she is my best friend and i will never forget all the laughs, tears and memories we have shared! She is the one person i can always count on to be there for me when i need someone! Luv ya lots Ash luv ya,Jessica


    Denise has always been my best friend since I was in 6th grade. We are not in 12th grade and ready to graduated. I moved away during 7th grade and just moved back..the distance made our friendship harder but this year I moved back and it shows that it was all worth it..she helped me through everything and I know still will help me through many more things in my life. Denise Thank you for all you have have changed my life for the better =0) you are truely a great friend love always

    Evelyn C.

    To Jaime G. when i was in 5 grade i have the opportunity to know you.Boy you were a good friend,a special one.One friend that someone can find in a life time,and i thank you for be in my friend that year.I will love to be your friend again like we were in that time.FRIENDS LIKE YOU ARE DIFFICULT TO FOUND.That was i think my more wonderful friendship i have or i use to have. 2000 now we are in 8 grade in Madrid Middle School.


    Jocelyn, she's my best friend in the world. She's the one who makes my life happy, she's the one who's convinced me there is a reason for tomorrow. I would be nothing without her. If we had not met and become friends I don't know where I would be today.


    I have a best friend. My first true and real friend. I first met her in seventh grade and ironically we hated eachother. As the years passed we have grown closer and found ourselves to now be the best of friends. I love her as if she were my own sister. I am always here for her no matter what and I thank her for all she does for me. I am so thankful for our friendship. I love you Tara Bella! Best Friends Forever!


    I met yerk online, i called him Pung, but his real name is Fung, he is really my truest friend whom i could really trust & believe in him. We would spend hours talking, playing & teasing with one another, it was truly an enjoyable time. He even called me although we are in different countries. He is very understanding, sincere, kind, sweet & gentle, and i thank God Almighty for giving me such a pal whom i can cherish & love~ Pung~ ur my bestfren for life!!!! thankie~~ *hugs*

    Eve C



    I met this guy who is the most caring, sweetest, considerate person I've ever met. He has helped me through a very difficult marriage breakup and is always around when I need him. I could never repay what he has done for me. He is a brilliant listener and always gives good sound advice. Thank you ND. I could never thank you enough.


    To all my close friends you know who you are I want to thank you for sticking by me thru so many hard times I love & cherish every day with you guys!


    To Sue. A friend who has become so important in my life. In this world, known but briefly, yet in the heart, known forever. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life. One day soon we'll get to meet, till then, know that I am always with you.


    Lacey- You are my best friend and I don't know what i would do without u! U have always been there, except my birthday party! I will always treasure our friendship for as long as i live!


    I couldn't ask for anything more from my best friend Jon. He is the light of my life and I am so happy that I have finally found a true friend. He is always there for me no matter what, he helps me through bad times and gives me the best advice ever. He really cares and I am so lucky to have someone like him in my life. We have our good and our bad times but nothing will ever come between us. I just wanted to say thank you for everything Hilly and I love you with all my heart. You are my angel. Love always, PKB p.s. Happy Birthday!!

    Beth Greenwood

    Are you my friend?
    i would like to send a tribute to my best friend lucy, even if shes not my bf i will always luv her and keep our memories in my heart. i hate it when we fight, we always got on so well.

    Friendship bar

    November 2000


    My friends name is Tracy. She is one of my really good friends. We had a fight two weeks ago and havent talked since then. I want to tell her I am really sorry for what happened and I hope we can start talking again. I really miss you Tracy. I hope we can settle out our differences. Love Ya, Sherri


    My best friend Krissy is the greatest friend ever. We haven't known each other for that long but we are extremely close. She is always there for me, and no matter how bad my day was she always manages to make me smile. I love you Krissy!!!!!! Love always: Allie


    Hank, well what can I say, we are complete opposites yet exactly the same. You are there for me when you need to be there, as I am for you. We met not too long ago, all though it seems as though we have been friends forever. I will be there for you always, never forget that. If you ask for a favor, I will try to do it for you, no matter what it may be. I love you and I always will, we will be together soon. -Collin "Mc"


    I met Cyradis on line. I call her Pat. She is really my best friend. I like to meet her everyday and I miss her if she is not in my sight for one day even for one hour. We spend a days with happiness, you cheer me up with your laughter. Hope this wonderful friendship will never end. Just for you, the best friend only.


    unknown~ I have a boy-friend thats just like a best friend to me and he's the best guy that u can talk to, andIi have a auntie thats just like a friend to me too cuz I can tell her anything I need to her and if I didn't tell her anything I would not be here today. But its nice to have friends that r there for you and that can help u in life.And I have a bestest-friend thats been there for me for 5 years now and she helped with everything thats going on in my life and me and her have been through hell and back. We have helped each other with everything that goes wrong with us. Well I hope u all have a best-friend out there too.and I LOVE U MIKE AND AMY AND MY AUNTIE TOO!!!! BEST-FRIEND 4 LIFE!!!


    To Sarha You are the most beautiful person i have ever met.You are truly my little island girl.Even though we had rough times uor frienship means a lot to me.Millions of thanks for all you`ve done for me,without you i would`nt be here.You`re the loviest of all and i love you so much. Lot`s of love Dean.


    Lauren is my best friend. We have seen each other through both the good and bad times in life. More than my friend, she is my sister in triumphs and heartaches. She is truly a gift from God and there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank the Lord for her place in my life. I love you girl! -Marcella


    Brittany, I just want to say thank you for always being there for me. I know that sometimes you cannot express it but hey, you can't help that. Do you remember all the fun times we have had? Oh my goodness!!! No one out there will ever be able to replace you. I love you so much. You are my best friend in the whole world and nothing will ever change that. You and I are sisters. I can gain the whole world, but if I lose your friendhip, I lose everything this world has to offer. Friendship is a very valuable thing so don't ever take it for granted. Hold it tight and never let it go. I know that most people grow up and get married, have kids and everything. I know that is a great love, but the love between friendship is greater and you must not ever let go of that. I don't know what I would do without you. I understand you like nobody else and I know that you understand me like nobody else. I just want to say thank you over and over again for your great friendship. If I am gone tomorrow always know that I love you as my sister. We're tight girl. "Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on, for it won't be long til' I'm gonna need, somebody to lean on." I'm alive and living today because of you weather you know that or not. You are my gift from God. I love you girl.


    CHRIS - There is no way I could ever find the words to express how much your friendship has meant to me this past year. I'd like to say a great big THANK YOU for always being there for me no matter what. You are a truly special friend. I hope we can be friends forever & ever. *HUG* luv ya always - TALLY


    Doug: You are everything to me. I never once thought it would be possible to find such an amazing boyfriend and bestfriend in one. You have truly brought so much joy to my life. You support me in everything I do and are always there to lend an ear and shoulder should I ever need it. You and I talk endlessly about everything and I continuously find myself in you. You are truly my everything, without you to laugh, talk, cry and "be" with I would be so lost.I Love You @--}---


    Bethany: Where do I start? You have been my best friend since day one. We still have no clue how we met but that doesn't matter. The two of us went from barbies, to boys and boobs! We have been through so much together. Whenever I needed a friend the most, you were *always* there for me! I want to say *thanks*!! Now we are miles apart but it won't tear our friendship apart. The miles will *not* come between the two of us. When we are 100 years old, we will have so much to tell our great-grandchildern! Stay sweet and keep your head up. You can do anything you want to! Thanks for always being by myside when I needed a friend. You are the best friend I could ever have! Luv ya!!


    Hi This is for you Love ya always, Alisse




    ~Sarah~ Sarah is my best friend in the whole world. We have been friends for 7 years and every second of it has been worth it. We have taught eachotehr so many things and grow closer in our friendship every day. She has always been there for me no matter what and whenever I have a problem I always go to her because I know I can count on her. She is the greatest friend I have ever had and i will never forget her. We will always be best friends no matter what. She is my guardian angel too and I am hers.


    To Mario, I don't know how to tell you just how much you mean to me. We have been through so much, and you were always there to help me through. You were always there to lean on. I would keep you up some nights with long letters or phone calls and you would always listen to me. You were always there to cheer me up. I love every time we are together. You always keep me laughing with your silly antics and crazy comments. (and gosh, that bluntness!!!) Sure we've had our rough times and we've said things we regret. But we were always mended things. We've stuck together through thick and thin. Don't ever think you aren't good enough for anyone or you never do anything right. God made you special. You are just the way you were meant to be. Don't ever try to change to please someone else. A true friend loves you the way you are. Luv Always, Princess


    This tribute is to my best friend Julie. Me and Julie have been best friends for over a year now, she means so much to me, but this year, our friendship had been a little.... rough around the edges...well I havent been being as good of a friend as I should be to her, I have apologize many times, but I dont think she forgives me, I just want her to know I care about her so much , and I want to thank her for eveything she has done for me and my life, I love her with all my heart and I hope things will be back to normal soon.

    Friendship bar

    October 2000

    Jessica Sawyer

    Dear Adrienne, I know recently you've passed away Not out of our lives though. We all love you so much We will never forget ya hun, you'll always be in our memories. Forever in our hearts.


    i have a best-friend thats there for me 24-7. she is the best person i have ever had in me life.i just want to tell her that and to just tell u all out there to just watch who is your friend and not your friend too. cause some of them will hurt u and i know this for a fact too. well I LOVE YOU AMY thats my b/f 4 life


    My baby Ryan: You were an awesome boyfriend and an awesome best friend. We went through alot of stuff together. And now your gone forever. I am still in shock you took your own life, but sooner or later I will except that fact. I know that your in a better place now. But when you look down from heaven, can't you see how loved you were? I love you more than anything, and I always will. You were my first true love, and my only best friend. Now here I am in life struggling to make it through with out you by my side. I never got to tell you how much you meant to me one last time, or even the hardest thing saying good-bye. I didn't get to tell you everything about how I felt the last time we talked on the phone, but I know you knew what I felt for you. I kissed my hand and placed it on your casket at the burial and say "I love you" and "Good-Bye" one last time...I love you with all of my heart Ryan, and my heart broke when they told me what you had done with your life. I hope again someday we can be together like we always dreamt about. I love you Ryan. -3 R. I. P. Ryan June 25th, 1984 - May 22nd, 2000 -3


    I don't know how to talk about my friend Brenda in 5 lines or less other than to say I love her very much! She has become for me a gold friend in only silver's time! She is sassy, sweet, honest, and loves everyone! She has multitudes of friends and I am honored to be considered one of them! She has only good words for everyone. Brenda, if you see this, know I love you lots.


    To my best friend Krystal Jean.... i just wanted everyone to know how much you mean to me :) Through all of the hard time and the worst times of my life you were still there for me! We met at school and never thought twice about being friends. now we are always together or at least thinking about each other! I love you like a sister, NEVER forget that!!!!


    I would just like to thank you Jesse for being such an incredible friend and true inspiration to me. You are the one person that I can share every detail of my life with, and trust that my secrets are safe. You are also the one friend that breaks my 5 minute tolerance rule :o) Thanks for the many memories and many laughs...May our friendship only grow stronger! Love you!


    To Steve- I know things haven't been the same lately, but you will always be one of my best friends. I'm sorry for everything that happened, I just hope one day everything will be okay. ILU


    My best friend is Alia. I have been friends with her for 5 years. She has always been ther for me. When my friend died she comforted me. i want her to know that i love her and i am glad i met her and i will always be there for her.

    Sondra Liane

    I truly believe my best friend Kathleen is an Angel sent down from Heaven. She is fantastically loyal and amazingly beautiful. Since we met almost 4 years ago my life has been blessed with each waking day she is in it. A catholic, devoted volunteer with young children in need, a daughter, sister,grand-daughter and my best friend. I promise to love you forever Kathleen and to never take you for granted. Even though we are a country apart, you will always be in my heart.


    My friend Michael, who is now the most important person in my life because after a long beautiful friendship - we fell in love and I have never looked back.... I love you Mickey xx


    *Brittany* She and I became instant friends last year and since then we've grown closer and closer. We have a perfect understanding for each other and she's the best friend I could have. I love you you know!! I know!!


    I just want to say that Layla is my best mate ever.Shes FAB!!!!


    Rhonda, I want you to remember that I will always be here for you and will always love matter what. Our friendship means the world to me....I don't know what I would do if I ever lost it or you. But it's more than's like we're sisters...but it goes even deeper than that. It's like I've always known my heart...and I'm so glad that I finally found you. I love you, Sissy....very much. ~~SITH4E~~


    My Angel I am writing this tribute to my best friend, Katie. We haven't been friends very long, but in that short time she has been an important part of my life. I would also like her to know that I admire her more than anyone else, and that she is an inspiration for me. Katie carries herself in a way that most people won't because they are afraid to. She doesn't let other people or their opinions get in the way of her own, she is always honest about how she feels. She never makes me feel uncomfortable or stupid, no matter how embarassing one my stories may be. I often wonder what I would do if we weren't firends, and I honestly don't know. I've learned a lot from Katie. For example, life doesn't have to be a popularity contest. You don't need to be friends with everyone, because its not possible. You're lucky if you meet a few good friends in your life. Katie is the only person that can make me smile after I've had the worst day, and she always does. Sometimes everything in my life feels like its gaining control over me, and I just want to give up, but she is there to help me regain control. She doesn't even have to do or say anything, just knowing that she is there, just being around makes the difference. She has always been there for me, and I hope she knows that I am always here for her. Like I said I just want to let her know that she is such an amazing, beautiful person. Katie truly is my best friend, my angel.


    You never know what life has in store for you. Or who will be there for you while life is turned upside down. Well thats how i felt, when life was thrown every which way and I lost total control of who I was and what my purpose was. Then I met her. I met the greatest person whose heart was full of love, kindness, caring words, and soothing hugs. Her name is Chris. She was my mother's co-worker. And she touched my heart, when she would pick me up with every fall with her smiles, and hugs. No matter what time or where she was if I needed her she dropped it all and was there. Never looking down at me, never making me feel as if I failed , only making me feel like i can pick it up, I can get out of the hole god dug for me. and whith her help im climbing. I reaching up for the highest ledge, and i will not let go as long as I have Chris on my side. If this is printed on your web site. I want to say. Chris, I love you and thank you for being my Angle from high above.


    I met Sue on line and immediately we hit it off. She is the funniest and sweetest woman u could ever know. I just want her to know she will always be my favorite toy.


    I would just like to thank Breet for always being there for me when ever I needed hi to be.. We have been through really good times and really hellish times. You are my "best" friend Breet and nothing Or no one will ever change that between us. I love you even though we are 1200 miles away and hope our friendship continues on forever without any more problems. I do miis you and love you alot as a friend. Love you always forever and eternity.


    KYM....I just want to say That you have been a true inspiration in my life. You have touched my heart in ways I could never explain. I've been blessed by your friendship. I just want you to know that no matter what trials are brought ahead of you, I'm fully dedicated to this friendship. If you are ever in need of my help I will always be here for you. Thank you for the blessings you have sent to me. You always have a shoulder here to lean on. Again thanks for all your support in times I needed it the most. I love you. Please don't ever give up or leave me.


    My Best Friend came into my life straight after my father died. She was like and angel sent from heaven. We had our differences but we got through most of them apart our this one. It has been six months and all I want to say is "Natasha I love you lots and I miss you heaps, without you I wouldn't be here right now, please call me and come back!"


    I would like to tell my best friend Loretta that I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for her calling me twenty times a day to see if I am ok. Thanks Lori for all the support in my time of darkness. Love always, Carol Rose


    Hi! My name is Tiffany and I just wanted to let my best friend Colleen know how much I care for her and also how much I appreciate everything that she has done for me. She truly is the greatest friend anyone could have.


    Alisha is my best friend..she is that one person that knows anything and everything about me, mostly cuz we are so much alike.. we can always be just us, no matter what! We never hesitate to be the true wierdo, I mean silly, girls that we are when we are around each other! She has always been there for me and I will always be there for her no matter what!! I love You Sweetheart!! Your my soul sista forever!!


    Katty, I wanted to let you know that I love you! And even when I think life is bringing me down, your always there to lift me up. And you do it not only because you care, but because I know you need me too!


    It seems God knows just when to send and angel into your life, and God did just that when he sent me Sue. She has listened to me cry about my marriage and helped me put it all into prospective. She is the light at he end of the tunnel. My life was blessed the day I turned on my computer and found her in the cribbage room. Thank you my toy for being my friend.


    My name is Tiffany and my best friend is my brother Jimmy.This is my tribute because he's graduating this year and leaving. WE do everything together and I'm going to miss it all.


    My friend is the most angelic soul in the world. I love her as much as I love life with every dieing moment kept with love. I know God made her just for me. Any time I need her she is there with an open heart, mind, soul and arms. Erika Denise Black, I want you to know i love you more than anything and I won't ever loose our friendship. No one understands me as much as you do, and I thank God for you. No one can see the real me as you do and I never want to lose our dependency. We are connected at the hip and we can read each others minds :) Nothing you do goes unseen. I love you mama I love you I love you two I love you three I love you four But I love you more!


    I would like to say Jamie, Parisa, Tina, and Tanea have been there for me when no one else was they have been my family and friends these past two years and mean so much to me. We have so many inside jokes its the best friendship anyone could ask for. Parisa and I are bonded forever because we've been friends for 11 years nothing can tear use apart because we've probably been through everything already!

    Anon Sarit~you are my best friend ever! I luv you sooooooooooo much! BFFLOUHFO~LYLAS~<3 always~Jods


    Well my friend Rae is a person that is someone special not just to me but lots of people. She's like a little sister to me and I luv her alot and she knows that. But shes always listens and she's always there when I need to talk to her and she doesn't get disapointed in me just cuz I make a mistake. Shes a person just about everyone can get along with I know if it weren't for her I wouldn't be very happy with the ways things have gone. She makes everyday worth liven and she lives her life to the fullest and always can put a smile on her face not matter what. And she makes everyone around her smile. I owe alot to her and I am proud to be her friend/sister. I luv u Rae!!


    Jill~ Hi my name is Erica. I live in Pennsylvania.I am 15 years old.I just want to share with you who my best friend is, her name is Jill Cribbs, who is 19 years old. We met 2 years ago through my other friend Cassie.When we first met,we hated each other and to top it all off our boyfriends hated each other too. Then as I started to hang out with Cassie more I started to realize what a good friend Jill was. We chilled alot and did everything together. She is now my best friend in the whole world! She has always been there for me when I needed someone, and she knows I'm always there for her. This past weekend, we went thru alot and I had realized how much I love her as a friend, I'm so greatful for that. I hope we always stay as close as we are now, even closer. I hope we never grow apart. Jill I hope u read this and realize how much u mean to me as a friend.I guess I can thank Cassie for our friendship, but she probably wouldnt welcome me for it, u know why. Never forget out larma ad cow and especially MARY!!!!!! Noone else but me and you know the true meanings of those. We share so much together, we have this friendship that noone could ever come between. Love ya always!! l.y.l.a.s. always and forever!

    Friendship bar

    September 2000


    SHADY, Hey girl, Just wanted to thank you for all you ahve done for me. You stuck by me through thick and thin, always giving me the help i needed. I can never thank you enough or put into words just how much having you apart of my life means to me. no one else cared as much as you you did to get me to stop going down hill, and you know what I mean! And when you say fail like a fialure as a friend, don't....cause you were the only one who I stopped for. We have been through alot together, good and bad. But still stayed friends. Thanks again. You will always be my best friend. Love ya- Kate


    To: Cassie You are my best friend and like a sister to me. You have beem there for everything for me. You have been a shoulder I could cry on when I needed one. The one thing I will never forget about you is that you stayed by me after my Grandma died and I will never forget that. You always tell me that you will never leave me and I believe you. I will always hold a close place in my heart for her. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. YOU ARE MY ANGEL FROM GOD.


    Cindy was a friend just by chance. She worked at a local place where I could be seen at the drive-thru at least 3 times a day. She was such a sweet person. I had never met anyone like her. She was never unhappy or seen with a frown. Her smile could capture the world,and her laugh was one of a kind. I was only blessed with knowing her for a short time thou, and I wish it would have been longer. You see she was killed a week ago today(Sept.17,2000) and we all miss her so.Even though we were not close the impact of her death has taken its toll. I still see her smile and hear her words ,each time I go to where she worked. Life is so unfair at times, and I will always wonder how she is doing up in Heaven. Cindy ,we miss you so much. Our lives will never be the same without you here. We will always love you dearly. -----Squirrel


    I want to make a tribute to Carlee and Amanda who have always been there for me. I know I'm being a little distant lately but I'm just figuring out some things so please be patient. I love you guys!


    You've been there for me no matter what the cost, my best friend since we believed in Santa Clause. You have always stood beside me, and I want to let you know, I'll be the one who hears your prayer you don't have to ask me I'll be there, I'll be the friend you'll never have to do with out, no, when you have nothing at all you'll still have nothing to worry about.

    Lisa K

    I have honestly met an angel on earth. This is the kind of thing I've only heard about, but never saw until now. mean the world to me. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being you. You make me so happy, I know you are always there. You are my angel.

    Valerie Joy

    Dave, you are my bestest friend in the whole world. I could never explain to you what you have done for me. You have been there for me through everything. Even when things were rough between us, you never gave up hope on me. I appreciate your friendship so much and respect you so much. Thank you. Love, Val

    Tara LeJeune

    My friend Lindsey is so special to me. You see she is always there for me even before I tell her what is wrong she knows. I can tell her anything and I can trust her not to tell anyone. Love your page.


    Hi, my name is Doris, and I have a best friend, Hiba who means the world to me. We've only known each other for 1 year, but in short, I think she's the closest friend I've ever had. She's been there for me like a sister, and I truly believe that we are sisters, and that we are meant to be together forever.


    My best friend passed away on January 14th 1999, due to a blood clot to the heart.She was 44 years old. We were friends from 8th grade on, we were inseparable! As we began our married lives , we were in close fact she introduced me to my husband!She had 4 kids, and i saw each one she saw mine.She was thoughtful beyond belief , had a heart of gold and i miss her everyday.She was my rock in times of trouble, and magnified my joys.I know she watches over me to this day..because I feel her guidance, and her love. I will miss her always...her name is Cynthia Ellen My Personal Angel


    About 3 years ago I was in Second grade. None of my friends from kindergarden or first grade went to that class. So I didn't know anyone. I was very lonley at that year!!! Nobody would listen to me! But then as the days passed by those kids started knowing me better! Then a few months later of that year the girls that were in the Quest Center with me started being my friend. But not really though. In third grade we got closer and closer everyday. After awhile I had great friends to trust and talk to! I was never ever lonley again! I learned a lesson!


    Hi, My name is Barbara, but known to everyone as Sandie. I live in Ottawa,Ontario, Canada. I have no brothers or sisters living close to me. But I have found a really big family in the Friendship Page room. I can't begin to tell all the parties and fun nights I've spent with this family from all over the world. Thier mornings are my evenings,thier nights are my mornings. They all know how special they are to me. Thats why I enter the room with XXX's and leave it with XXX's. I have had many drinks and sang many songs in that room. I have cried, I have laughed and there was always someone there with a HUG. Always someone to listen to my pain and my joys.So to all my brothers and sisters in Friendship Room.....I Love you all and thank you for being therefor me. Lets keep on dancing and having fun. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Sandie xx P.S You all know who you are.

    Cris M

    Emily is my best friend in the whole world. We share everything together, we live our lives together. We know everything about eachother and everyone around us. Nothing leaves our circle, EVER. I'd never had a TRUE friend like her before..someone who lifts my spirits when I'm down. Thank you soo much for always being there for me, we'll be together forever! Thanks for the trust, the respect, the kindness and love, everything a friend is! I love you!


    Hey Jesica you have been the bestest friend someone could ever ask for you have been there through thick and thin .. never forget the krazy times we had together 3 ya like a sis Jesika...As We Go On We ReMeMbEr aLl ThE tImEs We Had ToGeThEr AnD As OuR LiVeS ChAnGe CoMe WhAt EvEr We WiLl StIlL Be FRIENDS FOREVER ... AiN't No CrEw LiKe Us No OnE cAn PaRtY LiKe Us SeE ThE WoRlD FrOm A ViEw LiKe Us AlWaYs Be TrUe LiKe Us No OnE WiLl EvEr Be FriEnDs LiKe Us


    Although I have only known her for about a year, we have shared so many special moments, laughs and crazy nights together. I wanted to do something special to show her how much she means. Luv ya Johaidy...


    I have the most awesome best friend. I can't tell you how thankful I am for her. We were close friends starting freshman year of high school and continue to grow closer everyday. Here we are 8 years later!! To this date I am honored to say I am her BEST FRIEND. We have a wonderful relationship considering I am 800 miles away. Beth I love you with all my heart and I thank God everyday for you. With Love, OrNgCrZy

    Sanya Rusticelli

    My best friend, Michelle, truly understands how to make me feel good. We e-mail back and forth practically every day at work, and one time she e-mailed me just to say that I looked good and she liked my outfit! This was obviously a silly thing to say in an e-mail, but also a wonderful and creative way to make me smile. My days at work are much brighter, thanks to Michelle and her quick wit. Love ya, sweetie! Sanya

    Kylie Dean

    Dear LOuise Out of all the friends i have ever had you have always been my best friend. Whenever times are tough you stand by me and wipe away myu tears and always make me laugh. I will never forget you and I will always cherish each and every memory we have made. Thankyou always Love Kylie

    Daniela Rosas

    I would like to say thank you to my 3 bestest friends : Blair Parsons,Autumn McQueen & Anna Williams Anna-Thanx for ALWAYS being there! I dont know what i would of done without you on the first day of middle school! I love ya like a sis! Blair-Thanx for teling me what looks dumb and what doesnt! love Ya tons! Autumn-Thanx for always willing to make me happy when i am sad. Luv ya lots! AND I'm almost forgetting someone! My friend : Luis Moya,gracias por siempre estar ayi dispuesto a platicar con conmigo cuando nescecito a alguien con quien platicar TE QUIERO PARA SIEMPRE!!!


    I want to thank Susan for us not knowing each other long. I could never been more blessed to have found you.We have shared so many secrets,and we've even cried too many times...but we've laughed alot to........(fazoli's) shhhhhh.....I'll never tell about Thursday, our secrets are safe with me. You are the best and I really don't know what I'd do without you.You are very important to me and you have made an impression in my life that will never be taken away, we shall always be friends.........till the end babe


    I would like to thank Anna Vincent for always being there! And I know she will continue to be there for me! As well as Lisa, Chris, Jeff, Susan and Steve Vincent! I Love you all!!!

    Friendship bar

    August 2000


    John you are an amazing person. I have never met a person in this world who can cheer me up with just a simple smile or a goofy laugh. You have done, or tried to do everything possible in the world for me and vice versa. Words cannot honestly express my true feelings, they wouldn't do it justice. I just want you to know that everything I do is for you and that I know you and I will be friends forever.


    I want to say Thank You to my big sister Janeth.I love her with all my heart and I hope she's knows that.She's means everything to me and if I would ever loose her I would die.Thanks for always being there for me Janeth and never forget I'll always be there for you my sis.Love you lots and God bless you.Remember Smile always for me. Love,Your Sister Michelle


    My tribute is to my best friend Brandi. I have only known her for about 2 years but I feel like I have known her my whole life. She knows me like no other person does. We can always tell what each other are thinking and we can tell when one of us are sad. She has got me through all my problems and always knows how to make me feel better. She is like a sister to me. After I graduate from high school this year I will be hoping that we can continue to stay friends. She is the best friend anyone could hope for and I hope that we will stay friends forever.


    I had Three Friends Who at one time were very special but We no longer speak we have gone our own ways. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder.Iit hurts friendships more than anyone can imagine so, Polly, Mary and M.L. goodbye forever.


    Gina, You are my best friend. I know you have a busy time with your kids and all their friends but I want you to know I think about you everyday. I dont see how you get any peace and quiet. You are too kind hearted to tell them that they need a new hang out everyday. It would drive me totally nuts. You are a very special person in so many was and all the things that you do. You are mom and friend to all. Thank you for always being there for everyone. You are my best friend and I love you. bye bye for now.


    Chelsea a friend who is always there to talk to and to run to for help this may be short but just enough to show her I LOVE HER!


    Dear Traci You've made me a different person sinceI'ive known u. You've taught me many things and You dont even realize it. Perhaps You never will. ButIi realize it, and I love u for it. xxxx Adam


    My best friend Chani is the most wonderful person put on this earth. She is my angel and rock, and I love her dearly. I thank God everyday for blessing me with her.


    I have already submitted several tributes to my dear friend, Heidi. It is a testament to the depth of feeling that I have for her that I continue to praise her publicly for all that she is. Our relationship, which has matured over almost 8 years of knowing each other and a year-and-a-half of deeper connection, has met many challenges and celebrated many joys. We continue to grow as individuals and as a unit. Thank you, Heidi, for all that you have been to be, are to me, and will be to me. Like I've told you before, I want to spend my life with you because it will take at least that long to show you how much I love you. Mark


    My Lil Baby Blossoms: We find friends at unusual places and time. You never can say, you'll never know whom you might meet. They come into your life and claim it as if it was theirs all along... they will steal your heart forever.
    This friendship site at the advice forum I was destined to meet my soon-to-be friend and my lil one... she became my Lil Baby Blossoms. I have known her for a short period of time, haven't personally meet her --- yet --- hopefully we will someday, but despite this, I learned to love her like I have always loved her my whole life. Through her words, she has shown a delicate and pure soul that I'd wish to protect with my everything, that even myself I was protecting her from. Having her is like the feeling of a mother holding her newborn baby, looking like you wouldn't want to take your eyes off her with such beauty... you see innocence, yet she is a vulnerable soul that can give a whole lot of meaning to someone's life... my Lil Baby Blossoms lifted my anchor to move on from my pains, she touched my wounds with her love, she freed me from my bitterness... she is my blessing. She is my vessel, my rock, my hope --- she is a lovely rose in the wilderness of my life.
    But in time, a rose withers... things happen... changes... unwanted they may be... but in my heart --- my whole life, my Lil One will remain to be the only rose that gave beauty to my life... never-ending.
    My Lil One... you know I love you and you will always be my baby.


    I want to say thank you to all my friends for always being there for me! Jenny, Misty, Jenna, Meghan, and more! Thanks to all of you for always being there and pointing me in the right direction, I never could have done it all without each and everyone of you! Thanks, I love you all!


    I would like to thank all of my Woodford friends, they have always been there for me. Even though I have moved houses and go to a different school they are still now and always will be there for me. Thankyou to all of my friends at Woodford! I hope we are friends for ever! Love always Sacha!!!


    I enjoy so many wonderful friendships. I just hope that everyone that has special people in their lives tell those people and show them how GREAT they are and that they are appreciated in the living years. MbR




    "First of all, I know this will be really long because my bestfriend Mimi means a lot to me" I have known my bestfriend Mimi for the longest time ever, well at least what I can remember of time. We've been through all good and bad times, cried tears of happiness and sadness, and ALWAYS understood each other. Kinda like we both have vibes when it comes to sensing something is wrong with the other. She's like a sister and a teacher to me. If it wasn't for Mimi, I would not be here today writing this tribute to her. No matter what hell(can I say hell?) we go through, we know that we will go through it together. Friendship makes the world a better place to live. Always and Forever Friends---Jamie & Mimi-


    Oscar: You were truly loved by everyone around you, especially your mum and, because you and my bro were best friends You meant the world to me. It's been a year, and 16 is too young for someone as nice as you to die. The songs they played at your funeral, "Be that way" and Broken Wing" will be forever planted in my memory, because these songs are a true representation of what you truly were to everyone. We all love you oscar and miss you so much, 'cause you gave our world your special touch. This year you would've been 17, they should've been the best years of your life. Everyone misses you and just remember, I LOVE you. Everyone did and still does. Rest in peace my friend and I know you are an angel now sent down to watch over me and everyone else, I Love you!! Love you and miss you forever Angel xxxooo

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