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Why You Will Never Have Any Friends In Maths Class

By The Neurotic But Humorous Lisa

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"Agggghhh we've got maths!!" is a common comment made by all year eleven maths students (really anyone who is unfortunate enough to take the subject). The reason for this is because people know that they are in for approximately 48 minutes of sheer torture!!!

In a maths class you basically are expected to follow one ridiculous your maths and shut up. Yeah, I don't think so. How are a bunch of happy teenagers expected to sit down and shut up for so long (let alone be expected to listen to a maths whiz go on about maths!!) BORING!!!!

Surely people would enjoy maths more if they could talk and have fun. Maths teachers, however, have made some rules against this. No writing note in class, no talking or yelling, no mocking anyone especially the teacher and would you believe that they think that you have to turn up on time and be in the correct uniform (from a lecture given this morning). If teachers expect you to turn up on time, then they should make their classes interesting. Hate to tell you someone who will remain anonymous, (Ms Wu our teacher), but maths is not considered interesting. I reckon maths class should be spent discussing mathematical issues, sure, however not when I'M PRESENT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE IT. When I am in Maths class I WANT TO SOCIALISE WITH MY FRIENDS not with maths books and my teacher. I do NOT appreciate being rudely interrupted while trying to talk to my friend to answer a maths question - I mean, they should get their priorities right... At this point I interjected saying "Lisa, Lisa, that's enough! STOP!!!" In the end I had to grab the keyboard from her to stop her writing.... Oh dear!

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