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Four Legged Friendships

By The Guniea-Pig Friendly Claire

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I would start this section with a quote like "A dog is a man's best friend", However, I fear that (aside from being labelled a sexist.....), my Guinea Pigs would be most offended.

Different pets have different friendship qualities:

Dogs shows how much they care for you by accepting bits of brussel sprout under the table (You can't get more loyal than that!!!).

Cats can be very affectionate (if you feed them)...........well to everyone accept me!!!

Guineapigs show their enormous generosity by mowing (eating) your lawn, even if your lawn resembles a mud patch afterwards. is the thought that counts.

Pigs - well I'm not about friendship qualities but they are soooooo Cute!!!!

Rats and Mice - Once again I'm not so sure about friendship qualities but they are a great help in making ratophobic people scream or better still pass out completely!!!

Horses - Horses are loyal, hardworking, , kind and good natured (bar the one that threw me in the middle of a gravel road!).

O.K Everyone, if you don't have a pet.....


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