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Welcome! :) The Friendship Page's Find-A-Friend is the place to help people from around the world find more friends! Established in 1996, we have members in 200 countries, from 7 to 90 years old. We are popular for our friendly feel, ease of use and success at making global friendships!

Have a browse though the friendly profiles, or sign up yourself to join. Before use, please note:
  • Find-A-Friend is designed only for friendship.
  • For help and information about Find-A-Friend, please visit our Help & FAQ section.
  • Please be careful when giving out personal information over the internet - see our Online Safety Tips.
  • If you're under 14, please get your parent's permission before using Find-A-Friend.
  • Volunteers needed! If you'd like to help us run Find-A-Friend, please visit Positions Vacant. Thanks! :)
 Search Find-A-Friend - You can search for a new friend by their age, country, gender or interests. Have fun! :)

 Join Find-A-Friend - The more friends the merrier! If you're already a member, you can update or delete your listing.

 Please Note: Find-A-Friend is currently under redevelopment and so may not work properly. If you'd like to assist us with developing The Friendship Page, please make a donation. Thanks!

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To search for a friend, either:
1. Choose options such as age and country and click Search or
2. Click on an interest category. Remember, friendship only! :)

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