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    To : Tuts and Ich - A simple "THANKS" will NEVER be enough to to you how much I appreciate you both for what you both have done for me. You have not only guided me through the odds but most importantly, you have taught me the meaning of a true friendship.
    And thanks for the beautiful friendship!!!!!...I just wanna wish you both all the very best in life and God bless you two wonderful people. We will be heading towards different paths very very soon, but you two will always be the BEST and I love you both lots..


    My best friend, Kira, is one of the most unique girls I have ever met. We have absolutely no secrets from each other. We help each other out. We never get bored of each other. We know each other soo well, yet we keep surprising each other. I love her so much and I know that we will be best friends forever. :o)


    To the Circle of Friends from ArizonaChat on Talk City. We all have become so close we are always there for one another in any situation. We love,laugh, and cry together and even fight at times but above it all we remain friends. All of you have made me feel so special and I do feel like a mom to you. I think the world of all of you. And Calisteve has been so great to have even made us our own page with our pictures, Thank you Steve. I PRAY YOU ALL WILL HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR AND THAT OUR FRiENDSHIPS CONTINUE TO GROW. Love Ya ToxicMom


    Sarah is my best friend in the world. We've grown a part but I still consider her my best friend. We've been through think and thin. We been through fights and still we've made it through almost 10 years of friendship. I hope no matter what new friends come into our lives, I hope she dosen't forget about her best or should I say bosom friend!! I love her more then she'll ever know and she means more to me then any other friend. I love you, Sarah. from your best friend, Jenny


    Liz has been my best friend for 14 years since i meet her at Placerita Junior highschool in Newhall California.Liz has and allways will be my best friend in the world.If you see this Liz i just want you to know i love you like a sister and miss you alot.


    I wish that all the world could know Allie. She never fails to make me smile and she's always ready to wipe away my tears. In a word, she's awesome. She knows how I feel even before I speak and she leads me down the right path when I don't know where I'm going. Thank you, Allie. I love you!


    Debbiecme & Superiathefoxy (Robyn-Alis)are 2 wonderful people I met through Arizona chat. I feel I have known you all my life. I have shared my life history with you and I feel I can tell you two anything. If the 3 of us ever got together we would rock this world with our crazienest. Love you both. Margaret (Toxicmom)

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    Derek- missing ya much! Hope to see ya sometime before August...keep them emails and letters coming!


    I'd like to send a tribute to my friend Ashwin... We have met on the net a few months ago and it led to a wonderful close friendship... Ashwin, you light up my life every single day.. Im so greatfull I know you, and I hope we can be friends for ever and ever...


    My bestfriend and soulmate frances miranda , has always been there for me when i needed someone to turn to . But the best thing that she has ever done to me was to save my life . thanks a lot soulmate :)


    I want to pay tribute to my best friend Charmetric. She is the sweetest person that I have ever known, and I love her more every day. I just hope she knows how special she is to me, and that she will always occupy both my mind and my heart.


    As we get ready to go off to university, I think about how much I love my best friend Daniela. She has always given me everything she has and has never asked for it back. But I guess I have done the same. I think that is what true friendship is about. Dan will always be in my heart, where ever we end up. And... Remember I love you.


    My best friend, Ashley, is the best friend I've had and even though I've moved away four years ago, there is still the closest bond between us two. We still write and visit and were able to pick up right where we left off. We shall truly be Friends For Life.


    i just want to say that my best friends, Allyson and Kathryn are the nicest people in the world and i love them heaps and i want them to know it. i hate living so far away from them and miss them heaps love forever megan

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    Debbie - My friendship for my very special friend is the best thing that ever happens to me. This person is one of the world's/life's greatest treasure. When you know in your heart you have long lasting friendship it will last forever. You are the friend everyone should have and treasure for the rest of your life. Thanks for being there for me when I need someone the most. You are someone special and I will never forget you for the rest of my life. Thank you my friend.


    I would like to tell my friends how much they mean to me: Jessica- you are my very best friend in the whole world... Lauren- you make me smile..... Megan- you are so important to me.... Sarah- you are my angel.... and Katie- you make me who I am...........I love you all.


    I'd like to send a tribute to my friend Adam. He always puts up with my bad moods, protects me from anything; in fact he thinks he's my big brother! Anyway that's all.
    I just want everyone to know what a great friend he is!


    anyi--kewlest gerl in tne entire world...hope that she'll stay foreva so kewl and purrfect!!!

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    I would like to say something about true friendship being found on the internet. I met my best friend in January of this year and the day I met her was the beginning of a wonderful friendship that only continues to grow by the day. While there are miles between our hearts we remain as close as those having their best friend right next door. Annette is always there for me, as I am for her...good times and bad..we face things together...there could be nothing more special than this. :)


    I'd like to tribute my best friend, David. He has always been a great guy to me, and he puts up with all my little mood swings, and even the not so little ones. I love him to death and I hope he realizes he'll never lose me.

    Susan Peterson

    i would like to send a tribute out to my best friend in the enitire world Lauren Metheny, for she is a friend that stands up for me when i get teased and she is there to help me when i have boy troubles.


    My best friend Catherine has been by my side for years now. She's always there no matter when i need her. She's been helping me overcome an eating disorder that i've been struggling with for 17 years. She understands me better than anyone. Even at times, when i've tried to push her away, she keeps coming back. She is and always will be a lifelong friend.

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