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    December 1999


    I would like to send a tribute to my friend Nick. We've went through tough times and good times and through it all you've always been there. I love you and you mean the world to me. Thanks for changing my life with your awesome love for God and your awesome prescence.


    There are not enough words to describe how much Meg means to me. If you look aside of her sparkling personality, good looks and smile you see the most sincere sweetest person I know. Meghan I want you to know that I would be lost without you. Thank you for being such a good friend. Can we become old ladies together?


    Jay, I love you.


    I would just like to say thanks to my best friend Shelly. Shelly helped my in my life. I never got the chance to just say Thank you and I love you before she got killed in September 94. I now do not take anything for granite. Shelly was the type of friend that would do anything for her friends. She made me a better person. And I Love her for everything...I LOVE YOU SHELL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR ME...... I will never forget you and you will always be my best friend.


    I have three friends that mean so much to me. First is Bethany Scott. I have known her my whole life and we keep growing closer everyday. Second is Susan Cherry. She is my very best friend in Tarboro NC! We met in the 4th grade and have been friends ever since. Third is Somer Powell. I met her when I moved in Feb. of 1999. Ever since then we haven't always been so close. But lately we have really grown.


    To the one I can count on to be as obnoxious as I am. I will never be able to thank you for all the things that you have done for me. You have touched my heart in a way that no one else has or ever will be able to. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are an angel watching over me. We've survived being apart for the first semester, and the next 7 that follow will be difficult but we will make it. I love you so much.


    She is my roommate and best friend. We know everything about each other and I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have her in my life




    My friends are very precious to me. I have many friends but to mention a few Ceela,she was my best friend during college days, my best guide and inspiration Adarsam ,she is my best neighbour , very helping and loving I admire and adhore her and now Yogu , my latest friend , we are yet to meet, i thank him for being a nice friend who keeps in touch always


    I would like to thank Ashley for everything. We have been through so much together. We have been best friends for a while now and to think that it all started over a boy! We have shared so many memories. Through laughter and tears, we have and will continue to stand by eachother. And even though we go to college across the country from eachohter, we will never let our friendship die. I love you Ash!


    Sisters For Life - A year ago I met a friend who has come to mean the world to me. Lucy*, no matter where our lives are going to take us in the future, I want you to know that i'll never forget you. I make a vow now that things will never change! I often call you my friend, but I mean sister!


    hi I would like to make a tribute to my good friend Kassi. I just met her online not to long ago and we are like sisters now.So this goes out to Kassi dear Kassi, You make my gray skies blue and you make the butterflies fly when the bees are out. And you make me happy when I am mad! thanx for being my friend!


    Sara is the one who brings my smile back when I think it will be forever lost. She is the one with whom I share movie nights, chocolate chip cookies, and pillow talk. Jiminie is the sister I never knew I had, but am glad I found.


    Thankyou Katie Marie for sticking by me through thick and thin. I can't ask god to for a better person to be my best friend. I may have only known you for a few years but you have changed my life a lot in those years. I love you and hope that I have been as good of a friend to you as you have been to me.


    Jennifer - You have inspired to reach my full potential, and to live everyday how I would like it to be. Our friendship is the best gift I have ever received, and the best I will ever receive. The new year holds so many oppurtunities for us to have more fun and make more memories..Merry Christmas, love ya girl...


    I have a friend that knows my soul. We met five years ago and have been best friends ever since. I knew we would be life long friends, but i had no idea how strong a bond could be with another person. I moved a couple months ago and all of my friends pretty much left when it got hard. But Amber was with me every step of the way. She was scared for me, and even was a good enough friend to be excited for me. We still talk twice a week and we are better friends than we have ever been. She has tought me things about myself that I never knew. She shown me how to be a better person and what love really is. I love you Niner!


    Yanglin, Eunice, Deepa, Cheng Keng, Nisa, Kirsten and Steve...Thanks for seeing me through the good and bad times, some of you in the short time that I've known you and the others for most of my life. I'd like to leave you with a few words from the song lean on me. "Lean on me when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on, for it won't be long, til I'm going to need somebody to lean on. Love ya always.


    There is a special friend who i have known for almost 2 years now. I have done so many bad things to her i can't even list them all. But somehow she finds it in her heart to forgive me! Now I know i could not possibley find a better friend. I love ya BUT!LOL


    I have a friend that is just about as perfect as perfect can get. yeah...we're total opposites, but like you can have that much fun with someone exactly like you, you gotta have a balance. I know that at times that i annoy her to no end, but that's ok, cause i'm sure she doesn't really mind. it's really nice to have a friend that doesn't try to make you someone you aren't, but to just let you be you, and like you for you. There aren't many people out there like that, most want you to be like them. It's nice having someone you know you can count on to be there...basically someone to tell you, when you're totally down, actually...she doesn't really tell me anything...just acts like she's paying attention to what i'm babbling about...but that's just about all you need, for me anyways. she's just awesome...that's about all there is to it!! oh yeah...and we have the same ironic is that?

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    November 1999


    to my most special friend in the world, JIA: thank you for all the things you've thought me about life, for the wonderful and should-forget memories we've shared. thanks for being that friend i ever wanted! --din =)


    Stacey, you helped me get aquainted with my new school, you showed me around, and you helped me meet new people. After all you've done for me I will do anything for you. Thank you!


    I'd like to say that my best friend is the best in the world. Since she was always there for me i will always be there for her, and even though we are far apart she will always be the first in my heart.


    I would like to thank all my friends. I have one friend in specific that has helped me the most and that is nellie. She has always been there for me. Nothing could ever seperate us not a boy or college or group of friends. I will always be there and I hope she always knows that and that is why I call her my best friend. Thank you I will never forget you.


    I have only know Brian for two years, but he has become the person I care most about in the world. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for him. He is the most generous, thoughtful, funny and caring person I know. Brian is always there for me and never judges me. He has guided me in all the right directions. I do not know where or who I would be without him. He is more than just my best friend: he is like an angel watching over me.


    my BEST FRIEND, Kristen, is the nicest person in the world!.i dont think i will ever find someone that can truly understand me the way she does..........i just wanted to let her know how much she means to me..and thank her for all she has done for me.


    To my sammie, you have always been there for me and I just want you to know that thru thick and thin i'll always be there.


    Julie you've been the greatest!!! I dont know what i'd do without you Quakie!!!!! I love you and always remember Friends,Forever!!!!!!!


    my best friend hagit is the nicest person on earth. she is there for me no matter what happened. she is the most amazing person on earth and i thank her 4 being her


    Amanda, you have been my best friends for three years. Although yo are one year older than me, we are so alike. You've been like my second sister, keeping me in line even when I wanted to quit. You're my mentor: Beautiul, honors student, athletic, funny, etc. Aitkin-there is no one that could fill my heart with gladness like you. You are everything I have always wanted in a friend. Thank you--i love you..


    This is deciated to my Best Friend Anglea. No matter what has happened between us she has always been the best person in the world to me and I love her with all my heart. She has been in my life for about 6 wonderful years. She is the best. She is always there for me. She knows how to make me laugh, smile and have fun when I am down. I don't know what I would do without her..Angie you are the best thing that God brought into my life. And I thank God you are in my life..I love you.




    Lynnie, Tina and Lauren - These 3 girls i have impacted my life in so many ways since ive met them. We have sucha good memories of all the fun times..through the tears and the laughter that weve shared together. It was so hard to let go of lynn as she left for college this year, and Tina will be leaving in june, i just wanted them to know how much they mean to me. Lauren, also, is a very special person to me..shes one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS. and i love her with all my heart. They all make me who i am :)


    Lauren, my best friend is the greatest most nicest person in the whole world. She is there for me no matter what, and i evan though im goin out with some one else, I luv ya Lauren in a different kind of way, a friendship way.


    I met my best friend 10 months ago and I feel like I've known her forever! Danielle's been there for me through so much, shown me that we can fight and still be close, and is the only person I act crazy with or be sentimental with. She knows everything about me and still loves me. We're an unbeatable team! I love her like a sister!


    I would like to make a tribute to my best friend, and sister, Jenna. I love her with all my heart, and can trust her more than anyone else in the world. Thakz a bunch for being there for me Jen!!!!! What's meant to be will always find a way. You find it, and now I am NEVER lettin' you go!!!!


    My best friend Kelly is MY LIFE because I am her AND she is me. I've never seen such two alike people as we who are not blood related. She is my everything. The day I met her is the day I changed for the better. She understands my inner-self. I've never been able to open up to somebody the way I have with her. Not even my Mom. We have our fights but that's how we know we're comfortable with each other. I LOVE YOU KELLY!!


    I must have the very best friend in the entire world! We met almost 3 years ago and I knew then we would be best friends. Thanks Jenny for all the happy, sad, and just incredible times we've had! I love you and I thank God everyday for you!! You're are the best!!


    My friend Lucille and I met on the school's crew team. She needed someone to trust, and I was that person. We like each other for who we are. We became really close, and I'd consider us friends forever. Things between us are kinda odd right now, but I know everything will work out. True friends are hard to find, and I know she is one.

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    October 1999


    emma - you make me who i am you made me your friend thank you.


    This tribute is to my best friend Jennifer. Even though she may not see this I want the world to know that she's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time and I'm so happy to have a friend like her. There's so much to say, but right now all I can say is thank you and I love you! Your friend, Elizabeth.


    I would like to make a tribute to my friend Coot. Thanks for all the great times. Thanks for being there for me no matter what and listening to me when no one else would...I LUV YOU!


    Danielle became my best friend a couple months ago. We had a really intense loving friendship for a while. I loved her, and still do with all my heart. But somethings happen, for a reason, and now the friendship that was once so great, has come to barely talking. I miss her.


    I would like to make a tribute to my ex-best friend Josh he moved here 6yrs ago he changed my life and now we haven't talked to each other for about a year i wish he was still my fried those 5yrs we spent together we will never forget i hope everybody that reads this will think of somthing to say to your best friend that will keep them your best friend..


    This is a tribute to my best friends Kathy, Casey, and Beth. I appreciate all of you very much. I totally enjoy our time with one another and I look forward to our time in the future together. You all are so great and very special. I have cherished the memories we have shared and I know we will create many more of them. I can always depend on you guys whenever I need someone. I would be so lucky if I only had ONE of you, but I have been completely blessed to have all of you. I am the luckiest person in the world. I love all of you more than anything. Thanks for being my best friends.


    You mean the most to me, Heaven. I've known you for two years, and I have found the person, I know I will never leave. You know more sbout me than I myself do. I hope our friendship never ends.


    friendship to me has a great's someone that is there for you, when ever they are needed.when you cry of pain your friend is there to wipe your tears away.a friend is there also to give you confort when you feel alone or are going through a difficult problem.a freind is someone whom inspires you to accomplish goals that you never thought you were able to.they believe in you nomatter what.a friend understands all areas of you. feelings,goals,and much more




    Hi! My friend is Evan.


    This is a tribute to my good friend and field hockey coach Beth. What can I say about her? She means the world to me!!! She has taught me everything I know about being a goalie and has encouraged as well as picked on me the entire way! She is so different than any coach I have ever had. She is amazing and hilarious! I love you sweetie and I dont know what I am going to next year without you!!!


    Jake, you're the best friend anyone could ever have. You've stood by me through the good and bad. Without each other we wouldn't be whole. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. You've given me a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and arms to protect me. But most of all you've given me the most wonderful're friendship. I love you will all of my heart, and although we're hours away, you're constantly in my thoughts.


    Okay, this tribute thingy is to my best friend. I just wanted to say that he's sweet, funny, adorable and one of my only friends who actually shows that he cares about me. Finally I just wanted to point out that friends who walk into your life unexpectedly, can be the best things that ever happen to you. I know mine was.


    joe, I'll always remember your friendship as long as I live. Your sense of humor has definately won me over. Thanks for not being mad at me.


    shannon, you are the only one listens to me whine and forgives all of my mistakes. Thanks for being there for me. Sometimes we get into our moods, but we always manage to make up. You are a great buddy!!


    I'm the luckiest person on earth, you see ,God gave me something so rare, he send me my best friend,Nic We meet about 5 years ago, and we have been through much, in those past five years.We are each others strength, we share our deepest thoughts and our hopes and dreams. Friendship is all about respect and honesty, somethink we both share. I want the world to know how lucky i am to have you in my life Nic. I love you dearly.


    sarah, if you ever find this page i hope you read this and i just wanna say how much you mean to and i will always love you because you are my soul mate and i thank the lord who brought us together you would have to be the sweetest person i have ever met and with all my heart i love every day that i spend with you ''only real friends tell you when you have chewy on thier bums'' love you always.


    I want to tell Debbie how much she means to me, and that no matter what, she will always be my friend. Don't change, I love ya. For you From me, you know who


    Kristin is the best freind I have ever had. She walked into my life in perfect timing. I had prayed for a freind for so long, and God did more than just sending me a freind, He sent me an angel, and for that I am forever greatful.


    A tribute to my best-friend Aaron who has been there for me when I have needed him the most. I love our relationship Aaron as much as you do. I am simply blessed to have found such a loving soul . Happy friendship day sweetie.


    Out of everyone i have met in my life, Amanda would have to be the nicest, friendliest, most caring friend in the world! We have been best friends since we were in 5th grade! She has been there for me during some hard times! She always takes time to listen to me! whenever I have a problem, its like she drops everything for me! She is very supportive! I love her!! I wish everyone had a friend like her!!


    shannon, I hope that you make the right decision for you! don't do it for anyone else. pray on it. Joey, are we just friends? you tell me.

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    September 1999


    Out of all the friends I have ever had, Caity is the one who has ever gotten most involved in my life, and made me feel truly special. Even though in the beginning I never let her in, she was persistent and now we are great friends.She's the sweetest nicest person I know. So Caity when you read this I want you to know that even the smallest things you say mean a lot to me, and I will always have a place in my heart for you. I love you, Caity.


    Danielle I want to tell you Thank You for being my best friend threw all these years, you are my other half and you complete me. I'd hate to loose you as a friend. I want you to know that I would do ANYTHING for you no matter what. I once fell that after you had Naomi who would really grow apart, But now I fill that I'm only getting closer to you. I only wish you knew how much you mean to me. Love you forever and a day.


    This is to my best friend Krystal. She is always there for me when i need her.We met in high school our senior year and she never made fun of me because of my disability. I love you Krystal and i always will. I don't how i would have gotten thru my last year of school without you. You mean the world to me. I am glad thst we have remained friends after graduation. I love ya


    Danielle, although you already know how special you are to me, I just had to put it in writing. I love you to death and nothing can change that. I don't know if I have been there for you as much as you have for me, but know that I am here if you need me. You scare me how well you know me sometimes..too much for my own good I think. I appreciate everything you have done for me. It is easy to see us best friends even 30 years from now.


    I want to make a tribute to my best friend Carrie. I don't know what I would do without her support and encouragement. Not only do we have the best times when we are together, I know I can always depend on her through all the bad times too. I am so thankful to have a friend like her. I love ya girl!!!


    I have the best friend ever. She listens to me and tells me what she thinks honestly. She stands by me through everything and we can never stay mad at each other for very long. She has helped me with so many problems and stood by me through my pregnancy. That's why I named my son after her. Her name is Brandy Richardson.


    this goes to my 3 very best friends. LISA , SHANNON, AND MEGAN. It was hard to see you guys go to college because it has taken so much out of me. i am here alone and no one will ever replace you all. Lisa- no matter what i will be here if you need any food. Shans-- u know i am here for any guidance or a lil hug, i am here with open arms. Megs- i known you the longest, so dont ever hesitate to talk to me, i am here! love you!


    I am one girl between two brothers and the army is a family thing. Two years ago as I was watching the flag descend on Post, I stepped out the back door and sat next to Taryn. Who would have guessed that 5 minute retreat would turn into, so far, a friendship that is non comparable to others. She has become my BEST FRIEND and most importantly the sister I never received. A few months ago we moved to opposite sides of the world, and I just wanted to let my BEST FRIEND know how much she has made a difference in my life and I hope she continues for the rest of our lives.


    Wendy you have been the greatest friend to me these past 4yrs, meeting you my freshman year of college-was one of the best things about that year. Now that you are 3hrs away in Grad school I miss you so much. I want to tell you how much I love you and how special you are,you have helped me and belived in me when no one else cared. You are always there for me and I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me.


    MK, I am so glad that we have made up and worked things out after our fight.I am so sorry for all I said and did-and I want you to know how lucky I feel to have you as my friend.I thought I had lost you forever and I feel like the luckiest person in the whole world to have been given another chance. I just want you to know how special you are and how much I care for you.


    When I look back in time, I cannot remember when you, Paul, were not a friend of mine. Even though we are miles apart, it seems like you are always standing right beside me. When we talk about absolutely nothing important, these are the most meaningful conversations I have each day. For as long as it lasts, you are the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for tearing down the walls that enclosed me for too many years. You taught me how to trust again which makes it everything possible.


    I've only known Mark for a little over two months, but in that short time we've become the best and closest of friends. Never before have I known what true friendship was. The things he does for me without reason, the heart warming notes, and his gifts of honesty and loyalty are just a few of the reasons why I love him so much. No two people could ever compliment eachother the way Mark and I do. From the day we met, the freedom has been there to be ourselves. That's all we demand from eachother. To my bestfriend, Mark, I love you.


    CHRIS, you mean so much to me. i know that our friendship will last, because we've already been through so much. you mean the world to me, and i truely love you so much. you've helped me in so many ways, that you don't even know, and i will never take you for granted. you have been, are, and always will be in my heart."where ever you go, what ever you do, i will be right here waiting for you". luv ya always


    Bethany - I don't think I will ever be able to adequalty explain what I have in my heart for you. My best friend, my world, I thank you for the gift that you have given me. The opportunity to get to know you. Your heart is pure and true, and your advice and loving words stay deep within me. I want to be the friend that you have been to me. You are amazing, and every day I thank the Lord above for you. Thanks Bets, you are my everything!


    I feel so lucky to have Monica in my life. she is the only person that totally understands me, and is always, always there for me, even at three in the morning! she is always there to help me out, and its because of her, that I have found my true love, and I still owe her so much more. Im really gonna miss you next year, private school life wont be the same without you. You has made a huge, lasting difference in my life, and I thankyou from the bottom of my heart


    I met my best friend just 6 months ago, and really I'm surprised that I can honestly say that she is my best friend and that I love her. I always thought it took a long time for a friendship to be that strong, but ours was different and I'm so very happy about that. I don't know what I would do without her. She is always there for me and I know she will always will be. I love you Bethany Ann-Marie.


    Pauline, Thank you for always being there for me and always thinking of me when I am in need. All my love with you always.


    This tribute is to my best friend in the whole world, Krystal Hunt. Krystal has changed my life over the past six years. I want to thank her so much for all the special things she has done for me. I LOVE YOU, KRYSTAL !!!! From your best friend KIM.


    I have been extremely lucky to have been blessed with many best friends. I realize that may not seem possible, but it is. My "newest" best friend is my sister. She is not my biological sister, but she is my sister in every sense of the word. If I need it, she provides it. If she needs something, I provide it. That is how it is! Plain and simple (the way she likes it). Danielle, you are my best friend, my confidant, my consciences, my "man", and my sister. I love you and thank God every night for putting you in my life. Thanks for all the great times....Beav.



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    August 1999

    Gayle C

    this goes out to the L-Town 90210. there are five us girls who have been through it all. i just want to tell you girls that i appreciate you more than anything. You have never given up on me nor have you not once ever not been there for me. you are awesome. the only word i can think of that decribes you five is the opposite of "meaningless :)" but its unbelievable. thanks you are the world to me!


    This tribute is to one of my bestest friends in the world Heather. She has been there for me through everything and I don't know what I'd ever do without her. She's always there to listen, to talk to and mainly just to be my best friend. We've been through soo much together and our friendship is one I know I will cherish forever and I KNOW we will be best friends forever!! I love you Heather!!!


    I am writing this in thoughts of my best friend Keilly, she means the world to me. She lights up my darkest days. The thought of ever losing her friendships saddens me in every possible way. I don't know if you know how much you mean to me Keilly, but you are my world. I couldn't live without you. Thanks for always being there.


    My Best Friends name is Christel who has been there for everything I have been going through. When I am sad she cheers me up. She is the only person I have been able to open up to. She understands me, listens and she gives great advice. We have a strong wonderful friendship. I would like to thank her for everything she has done for me. She got me through a lot and I love her. I cherish our friendship and always will!


    Audrey has been the best friend I could ever imagine having. We were brought together through another friend, and ever since, we have been growing on each other. She has helped me through the worst and best parts of my life, and I can not imagine living a day without her now that she is my friend. All I can say is that she is more than just a friend..she is the one person that I love above all others.


    Jackie...Jackie has been my best friend since the day she was born( a year after me). In fact, the day i took my first step, was the day that Jackie was brought home from the hosptal...I walked to my front door. Although we are very different, we are the best of friends that anyone could even want. Lately, we've grown up and we have our own friends, and activities, but I still love her with all my heart.. BFF & ever


    About my best friend, Lori Dunbar. Although I have only known her for two years now, I feel like we have been friends forever. I can't imagine my life without her. She is there when I am sad, to cry as I cry. She is there to laugh when we need a laugh. She is always there. She is now ten hours away from me, but we keep in touch day by day, and never let go of taking care of eachother. She is well worth my time, and I believe she feels the same. I can only pray for the best for her, and as I pray, I ask God to always keep her close at hand and heart.


    My AB Pi Girls - Although we've only been friends for a short while, I just want you all to know that I appreciate your friendship! You girls are the greatest, and I could tell this is gonna be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! I'm so glad that we ended up in the same suite! It was fate to be with my sistahs! Thanks for always being there for me, and I love you guys!

    Woon Chin

    Tines - even though I have known you for 5 years, we have gone through many ups and downs together.You know that I have never treated you diffrently even if you are in or not in prefectship. I am sorry if I had hurt your feelings.But I want you to know that your friendship means a lot to me.


    Elena is a gift from god. She knows me inside and out! The things I hide, she knows. I won't have to say anything because she already knows. I can't understand why god sent me such a beautiful angle! I would give the world just to see a smile on here face. Len I love you with all my heart!!


    Penny is the coolest a friend could be. Penny and I have had a fight recently and I would just like to tell her I love her and no matter what I'll always be her friend. So Penny if you see this message please be my friend again I forgive you !!!!!!!


    I want to give a shout out to my best friend from college....Jeremy...we were real tight and people thought we had known each other for years. We have had our share of ups and downs...but through it all...I still love him....PEACE.........Phil 4:13


    To Tina, a friend beyond comparing I thank you for being my friend. To Aimee, you gave me courage when I needed it most. To Gloria, you've been such a great friend to me ... To Kellie, just to be able to call you "sis" means so much! To Alice, your love of poetry has helped me thru some of the toghest things in life, and to look at life much more differently. To Eileen, your faith is such a wonder ... To Sharon, a new friend, but still close in my heart ... Yet can I name all my friends one by one, I've grown to know and care so much for you all, that words themselves are not enough to say thank you for all our friendships! :)


    This tribute is going to my 3 best friends of many years. one i knew since kindergarten, another i knew but didnt become friends with her up until the 7th grade, and the last one we have been IN STEP since we met! (IN ORDER) Megan , Lisa, and shannon -- i love you guys and miss you too much. now that you are off in college, i am here alone, rememberin the times we have had together. we all haveb been through alot! It is sad at times when you guys arent around that we can get together (once in a blue moon) and well go shoppin, breakfast at IHOP or even just a sleepover. well, i also miss the laughter we have had. Nothin will ever take that away from us. You are beautiful in your own ways. we each show a different side of it. soo, too the soon to be TEACHER, PRESIDENT/LAWYER, and Psychologist, i love you all for who you are and what you will be! and i miss you! your are my sisters!

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    July 1999


    I met my best friend 2 years ago and since then I have grown closer to her than I have with friends I've known my whole life. My friendship with her is something different from everything I have had in the past. I always know I can count on her for anything, and I have lots of fun when I'm around her. I know I won't be going to school with her anymore, but I hope we always stay close!


    aNNie ~ I just want to let you know how much you mean to me. You are my bestest friend in the whole world! I feel as though I can tell you anything, and you will understand. I have so much fun when we are together, whether we do anything or nothing is not the point, just spending time with you means so much to me. You really are my bestest friend, and just remember, I'll ALWAYS be there for you, no matter what!


    The heart of my friend is deep and wide, when friendship blossoms you have to keep those tender blossoms sheltered. We tend a friendship like you tend a garden, plant it, water it and look at it closely when it needs extra attention. My friend is like an angel, a guardian angel. She has accepted me for what I am, and that is no prize, yet she is one. If you have ever gazed out to sea, you will know what true frienship is like, like the ocean which appears neverending on the horizon, so does the warnth of her frienship, that is the meaning to me. God makes no mistakes, when you are connected to another person, he will keep that connection strong and it will survive, through good times and bad. I often refer to my friend as "Saint" for she is one in my eyes and always will be.




    These are some of my feelings about a person that I think God took time to mold with his very own hands and infused a little more of himself than he did in others. A person who has enriched my life ever since her first smile and has been everything to me ever since then. Helga, you have touched my heart on a plane that quickly surpassed friendship and turned to love. You are and always will be my best friend in every sense of the word.


    My best friend's name is Crystal. Through everything she has been right there for me, never turning away. That is saying so much, too, considering everything we have been through. My life changed because of her. She made me a much better person. She is the best friend I could ever have. Thank you, Crystal. I love you.


    Well my best friend is the greatest she is always there for me as I will always be there for her. I realized our bond was strong when we fought badly and we made up,I guess friedships are forever.I love her and that shall never change. I figured that out when I came close to losing her. I owe her so much.Ai San,I'll always love you.


    Mary and I have been friends off and on for 2, going on 3 years. We had a dispute sophomore year, but it's only made our friendship stronger. She's just the most wonderful friend...she completes me...we truly are soul mates...I don't know what I'm gonna do when we both go our separate ways to college, but whenever we are, she'll always be in my heart! Without her in my world, it just wouldn't be complete. She is like my sister...practically lives at my house and visa versa...we are never apart. We've been through really hard times, but made it out in one piece...I'm so proud of her...and always will be! I love you bunches Mary....Happy Friendship Day! :o)


    I just wanted to thank my best friend Bess for everything. She's been there for me in good and bad times and I love her to death. Her family is now my family and mine is hers. We share everything pracitcally. I also want to say that Robin and Joy are also 2 good friends of mine and are there when I need them! I love you guys!! :)


    I met Pokey about a year ago and she has been like an angel in my life. I have been going through some very difficult times and she has saved my sanity more than once with her thoughtfulness and caring. I love her very much and I wish her all the happiness she deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    For Alex - We have known each other for a few years, and I know we will be best friends for many, many more. You are so special to me Alex, and I do not know what I'd be or how I would have got through things without you. I know you have heard this before, but I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you enough times - I LOVE YOU! I will always be there for you and together we will stay........ forever.


    Brandi, you are the bestfriend anyone could ever have. You know weve only been friends since 9th grade and bestfriends since 10th, but it seems like forever. The belief in my heart says it will last forever. Always remember you are the light in my day and you keep me happy even when I'm sad. Thanks for being there for me through all my problems. I just want to let you know that I will always be here for you. I love you.


    Out of all the people that I have met, Michael "Ski", you are the most special. You have touched me in a way that will never be forgotten. Through smiles, frowns, laughs, and tears, you were always there for me. This year as you go away to college, I want you to know that I will cherish our memories together with "The Curious Savage", remember your presence and words of encouragement. Most of all I will cherish having you as a very special friend. I will miss you so much. I love you always and forever........


    James - I'm really sorry about everything that happened between us. I'm glad that we're pals again, and I really care about you. Let's not ever again fight. You're too cool of a friend to lose! Thanks for everything.


    Vinh - Thank you for everything and all of your help. You've been a good friend and I don't know what I'd do without your help. You're a savior. I'm glad to know you. Thanks.

    Theresa B

    Lindsay is the best friend I'll ever find. No one can ever replace her. She always gives me good advice with boyfriends. She's very honest and trustworthy. Her smile always makes my day worthwhile. There's too many words to describe how wonderful she is to me!


    Out of all the people in the world, Jamie would have to be one of the warmest and nicest. I have only known you for a few short months, and soon you are leaving to go to college. I do not know what I am going to do. You listen to all of my stories and problems and are always there when I need you. Whether you know it or not, you are one intelligent, sweet and beautiful person, and I want you to realize that. Even though you'll be miles away, requerdes tequiero, Hi-may.


    This is a tribute to my BEST FRIEND the one who has been there when I needed her, It all started our freshman year. We started out hateing eachother to make a long story short, We are closer than ever. I would like to thank her for every thing that she has done and for everything that is to come I know she will always be there. She is like and Angel watching over me and catches me when I fall. I owe her so much. THANK YOU AMANDA.




    JACKIE! SHAN! KIM! LAURIE! LINDS! BETH! KATIE! BRENDA! SUZ! I want to thank all of you for being such great friends. I don't know what I'd do without all of you there for me when I need you. Thanks for all the talks, ears, hugs, laughs, and tears. And, I hope there are millions more good times to come! I love you all! Nicole.


    I met Karen 3 years ago this August and I have to say she's rea;;y changed my life. None of my other friend's pushed me so hard to believe in myself than she has and I thank her for that. There's not a day that goes by without me thanking God for her friendship. Although we always don't see eye to eye, I know that she will be by myside forever as I am for her.

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