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Writing Friendship Tributes is a great way for students to practise their English, whilst articulating how important their friendships are. Tributes have been submitted by the following classes:

  • 14 year old students in the 4th form of HS Anton Auer, Telfs, Austria. Their first language is German or Turkish.
  • students of Carl Ouellet at école secondaire Joseph Hermas Leclerc, Granby, Québec, Canada. Their first language is French.

If your class would like to send in tributes, please send them to with the class name in the subject field.

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HS Anton Auer, Telfs, Austria - December 2000


Dear Viktor, I know that you are a really good friend. I like you very much because you are always happy and we do a lot of things together. We'll be friends forever.


My best friend's name is Mathi and I like him very much. We go to school together every day. I also like his brother. The three of us do a lot of great things together.

Crazy Eddy

My friend Emanuel and I are very good friends. I'll never forget him because he is very friendly and nice with me in this difficult times i'm having at the moment.
In winter we go snowboarden together and we also have a lot of fun.


My best friend is Daniel. He is already 15 and therefore out of the Hauptschule. I've known him since my 7th birthday when our families met at the Gardasee in Italy. Ever since then we do a lot of things together and even our parents are very good friends meanwhile. He is my very best friend and will always be because he has a good heart and I can rely on him.


My best friend is Maja, because I can talk with her very well. I can tell her all my problems and she understands me. Soimetimes she also tells me her problems. We stick together for ever. Sweet greetings, Daniela P.


My best friend Elizabet has been in Tirol for six years. We met first because her mother asked me to come to her to play with her because she was so lonesome. From that day we are together as much as we can. We help each other whereever we can. I hope i'll never lose you, Elizabet.


My two best friends are Klaus and Benni because I've known them since Primary school and they 've always been nice and friendly. They always do a lot of jokes and can laugh a lot with them. If they were not in the world I wouldn't have any friends.


My best friend's name in Emanuel because we do a lot of things together like adventures in the wilderness or endless biking. I've known him since I was born and therefore we are like brothers: We laugh at the same jokes, we like the same girls and we like to go to Innsbruck, our capital.


My friend's name is Mehmet. He is one year older than me. I see him every day. I like him so much because I can talk in my mothertongue with him and he makes me laugh very often. He is a very good soccerplayer and he also teaches me a lot of tricks.


Peter is the best friend in the world! We have been friends for 8 years. We go to the wood together and biuld huts or we go swimming and cycling together. We will always be friends no matter what happens.


Florian is my best friend. He's been my best friend since 3 years. We discuss our problems but we also do a lot of things like going to the cinema or shopping. I will never forget him.


Markus is my best friend for about 3 years. Most of the time we go skating. But when it is raining we are at his or my place and talk about many things or we tell jokes to make the other one laugh.


My best friend is Cardman. I've known him since 1988. We do most things together. He as friendly as I am and he makes the same cool jokes. Cartman is the best friend in the whole world and I wouldn't know what to do without him.

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Joseph Hermas Leclerc - May 2000


My best friend means the world to me. There name is Daniel. He accepts me as me are. I belive in his and he belive in me. When I cry, he is there for me. He puts me in a good mood. He calls me just to say "Hi". I love you Dan!!! You are my best friend.


my best friend is steve.he is my neighbor since fourteen years. he is always ready for help you,when you have a problem or when you are in very bad mood. we have the same tast and we are almost in agreement with me he is very generous.




My best friend is named chris. You are my best friend since we are baby. We are never had wrangling. I know that i can you make faith. We know all the things on us and we have the same taste on everythings like girls,cars,sports or music.
You know all the time the truth in me and we will be best friends for ever.

Marc Fréchette

I appreciate Patrick Beauchemin because he always there when i need help. He fair and square and never give up. He calls me many times to take news about me. When i have a bad day, he puts me in a good mood. I`ll never change him for anything. He tells me the truth when i need to hear it. I have this friend since i have twelve years old and i'll never accept if i lost him. Hey pat,don't give up!


She's with me through bad times and good times. She mean the world to me. She is my friend since two years ago. Luce is generous and very tolerente. She understands my problems and helps me in every situations. In every times she's said complainer.


My special best friend is Pierre-luc Lemelin, he always there when i need. He is my best friend since 7 years ago. He alays a good word to say to everyone. Me and Pierre have the same taste. He is very helful. Pierre is a good student, intelligent and funny. I hope that we are friends for ever.

Ptit Coun

My cousin is my best friend.We are the same sport and same past time .My cousin is a good boy i listen my difficulty.We make a joke around.We love ride in motocross together and make a snowboard.I appreciate what he make for me.

Jean-François Picard

Anne-Marie is my best friend. She is very intelligent, frank and she is generous. Anne-Marie is a smiling person. To be with her is to be at paridise. This person is always there for me and I am always there for her, with Anne-Marie all is possible. The best friend of the universe is Anne-Marie. You are a good friend for me, I love you Anne-Marie. :)


My best friend,she name is Mélanie because they divide very thing. We have past our adolescence: "party",friends,activity...any time we was always together. She mean the world to me,she is as my sister. She inhabit et my home since 1 month. She know any a me. Since that I have 12 year old that they know and we go inhabit together the year hearest. I am satisfied a my best friend because it's my life.


My best friend loves the same thing of my. He like nature, hunting, fishing...and the same sport, "FOOTBALL GAME". This good friend complete my, us think the same thing. It's was not difficult to talk with him. I know him since two years and since this time, I stopped smoking. He change my life. I think than we rest my best friend for a long long time.


Marie, your the girl who was there in every moments. Your my best friend and you understand me like anyone. You know me since together and you will be with me forever. For me, a friend, it`s a girl or boy who listen when they needs help and you was there in bad and good moments. You was like that and your the best bestfriend of a girl needs.
Thank you marie for your friendship.


I would like to give a tribute for my best friends Mike because he stay with me when I have a problem. He do any think for me and I appreciate him a lot. He call me many times to take news about me. Don't give up Mike.

julie r

The honesty and the trust are two things that I research in the friendship relation. I share this and every things with my best friend. She is always there when I need your help. My best friend belives in me and picks me up when I feel bad. She loves me like I am. My friend has a important role in my life. Thank you dear for your help every days.


First I would like to thanks god for the best off any friends in the earth planet. My friends and me past good and bad moments and my friends are listen my when i have probleme. Jonhy would to have a friends on who i count on it and my to. Finally i realy liked my friends.


Julie, you mean the wold to me.I can confidence you because I know you never talk an any person.You have a every nice quality, you smile every time, you talk always to any people and you have always has a good word yo say.You are my best friend I am happy to have.You don't change please,I accept you as you are.What every thing arrived, we will be always best fiend.


I will take to you about Maxime Bombardier. It's my best friend. It's a exceptionnel men, because he appreciate me and respect me differences. He help me on the difficults moments. He call me just to say "Hello Meg,How do you do?" Maxime has an important role in my life. When I'm not a good moment Max put me on a good mood. Yes Maxime is a very good boy.


I want to distribute a homage for the best boy friend at Jean-francois. This boy is very patient with me and he is very comprehensive. You never quarrel with us. I'm feel very so good with he, is the man of my life. I like to be with he. I want pass my life with Jean-francois. It's a person very special. I love him!


I have a good friend,but fist i will said my little définition for me what is a friend. For me my friend will be always there want i have a problems he help me to result this problem. He listen me in my trouble monment and in the good time and i return the faveur to him. Me and my friend complete each other and with this great relationship i feel good and my friend to.


The friend that I do you talk is my best friend Sandra. We are friend since seven years old. She is always there when I have need of she like I am always there when she has need of me. We had the good moments and the bad moments. In my opinion, there is always a good and a bad moments between two good friends. My friend has eighteen years old and it's not change our friendship. For me a friend is a person who is there when you are need of him. Sandra is a important person in my life.

Maxime Gariépy

I have a very good relationship with a girl. She calls me just to talk. I see her almost everyday. She`s the only friend I can give confidence everytime. I know Jane since five years and today, I have also a good relationship.


My best friend is toch. Toch is a very good friend because she keeps a secret.She calms me down. Toch respect the differences, she don't judges. She puts me a good mood. Toch and me laught for nothing because toch is very funny. Toch and me it's for the live.


I would like to make a tribute for my best friend of the world. My best friend it`s my turtle.My turtle respects me in the bad time. H plays with me everyday. He has a many good qualities. He listen me when I have a big problems.


I would like to make a tribute to ween for always beig there for me no matter. What a person who help you anytime, me appreciate you, respects your difference. I like to hang around with you. I have this friend since six years. I'ts a very good friend for me. Cynthia can always keep a secret.


Hi Karine - you are an extrodinary friend, because you`re always there when I need you, you`re always smilling and you respect everyone. You always give me good advice and listen to me when I have problems. I really can trust you , you are a real friend. Thank you for your presence.


I think that everyone have a best friend. Me I have a best friend, but it's not a best friend like the others. It's my mom. "why my mom it's my best friend?" Because it's my confident and no matter that I say, she want juge me. She listen me when I have a problem,she reconfort me when I have sadness and she like's me like i am. I LOVE YOU MOM.


My best friend is Mélissa. She's a very dynamic girl. She's always here for listen me. I can trust Mélissa anytime. She's sociable friend. I have fun when i am with her. I like spends time with her. Finally, it's a very good best friend for me.


My best friend is Stéphanie. She's fun and friendly. I can always count on her and i can make confidence at her and she will keep it secret. She will never reveal me. She's dynamic and we laugh all the time. She's frank with me and very generous. Stéphanie has an important role in my life.


Lindsay is a best friend that nobody can have. She is always in a good mood, and she makes me happy when I'm sad. Lindsay is the best person that I know...She so gentle. She is warm-hearted. That is my friend and I don't want lost her friendship. Keep your smile girl... Your friend Beluga


My best friend it's Mimi. She has through with a bad time and a good time. My friend it's a very good confident. She has many quality. She is reliable, sociable, very dynaamic and honest. This girl listens to me and understand me. According to me my friend it's the best.

Little blue toe

This tribute is dedicated to my friend Barney. She always know how to make me smile. She listens to me when I have problems. Finally she always have a smile on her face and this is why she's so special. I wish to everybody to have a friend like my friend Barney.


Johnny Gaucher is my best friend because has gained my respect with strengh and he quickness in our favorite sport: Tackle Football. Johnny is very simple because in he mentality the people is not respectful with im, don't merit he respect. In more Johnny is very sociable people (more with girls) with 6 foots and 5 inchs, because with he strengh he can affair more of one. He have only one fault: he like more party of students at study he homework at home, for me this is not big fault


My best friend is Mireille. She's cool and friendly. I can always count on her and I know that I can trust her and I know that she keep secret. She's dynamic and we laught all the time. It's a girl very generous and engaging. Mireille it's a girl who play a important role in my life.


My best friend is my sister. It's a confident for me. She understands me and listens me when I have problems in my life. She consolation me when I have sadness. When I am sick, she take care of me. My sister is essential in my life. She give me happyness. According to me, my sister is the best friend for me.


I have only one best and this best friend is a real. This is a best fiend of the world for me. He capable to keep a secret. This friend it is very funny and jokey. j.v is very respect full whit me and everyone poeple. This a very good friend.


I would like to make a tribute to a woman who are essential at my life, my mother Carmen. Mom, you are my friend and my confidante. You are always there for me. You are so remarkable and generous. You take care of me when I'm sick. You comfort me when I'm sad. Finally, you are the best mother of the world. Thank you to give birth to me. It's lucky to have a beautiful mother like you. I love you.
Your little mouse MIMI :)


My best friend is Steve. This person is very relax and very simple. He like to talk with me during long times and me to I like that. Steve listens to my love problems and my school problems. He gives me very good advices. Steve always have a smile on the face and he always have something to say. In conclusion, Steve is the very good friend for me.


My best friend is my boy friend too. Ever together, he love me like i'm. He respect me and i respect her. We love the sames thing. When i have a problem he will always there for me. I'm fine with her, and i which stay with him.


RODRIGUE, he is my best friend because when i am with him i don`t think about my problems, i have just fun. But when i have a big probleme he can help me and he tell to me the right thing to do.

julie d

My best friend is my confident. He is respectful towards me. Since that I little he help me. He is positive and speak with a many people. He is reliaible. He is always here with me. My best friend is my brother.


I want to do a tribute to my best friend Vincent. He is the best friend you can imagine. He was always present went you need him. He always smilling and make me happy. He respect everyone and he can listen to your problem all the time. I can trust him for everything. I wish to everybody to have a friend like vincent.


To Joe - this guy is my best friend, a best friend anyine could ask for.

David Thibert

Im righting this tribute to my friend Marc. Id like to thanks him for the support and the encouragement he as given me when I needed it and also tell im that I appreciate being with im and doing are favorite sport and activities together.


This is about what i think about a real friend. A real good friend is a person who doesn't do judgment about the differente person of him. This person can listend you anytime and anywhere.She can approuve somebody to do something. She does tu refuse to help you or just to speak with you. that a real nice friend !


This is a tribute to my best friend Joël. He is very good in basket ball. He is always there when we need im. he is always happy. He is respectful with everybody. He plays with me everyday. He have a good qualities. You always give me good advice and listen to me when I have problems.


I have a nice friend and his name his Carl. I meet this man in the school. Before meet Carlou, I never had friend. He means the world for me. I love him and I want to be his friend for at least the rest of the year. He puts on the light of my heart. He is my best and only friend. I'm happy when he is with me. When I need help, he's always there for me

Patrick Gagnon

I will tell you the best things of my life. Just a little time I have internet, I chatting with a lot of people but one girl interest me most that other. One week-end I go to Farnham to my uncle's house and that girl live here also. I go chatting and I saw that girl, I go chatting and I saw that girl, I go chatting with her and after a little time she come to meet me and I still all the evening with she. After this week-end I go to farnham all week-end. One evening I talk with him on the phone and I ask him if she love me and she say yes. She was my girl friends during just one month. :o(
But today we are still a very good friends and I hope come back with him one day becose I love a lot this girl. The name of this girl is Josianne.

Faben Ducash

I Have the best teacher anyone could ever ask for because : is a person to say to everyone when we have a good mouve! You were there when nobody else was when I need to be helped in English. Carl likes speak with anyone he is a few good man, Howerver, Carl is the kind of man to pay his friends forthen to speak well about thin ! But, his friends likes this because their are "money-maker".
( Carl, please don't kill me!, but if you would like to run my Ferrari you need me ) Thank you Carl for your CASH !


This is about my friend and at the same time, my mom. She is one of my biggest rôle models in my life. She was a person who encouraged me during many things. She helped everyone in anytime. She was a generous person and she always had the smile on her face :) She was very gentle and she had lots of love to give. I miss her ..


I would lie to make a tribute to Laurence. She's always here for me. She's always listen to me when I doesn't feel good. Laurence always had the smile on her face. She's always in the good mood. Laurence always had good ideas in every situations. She can keep all the secrets that I say to her. Laurence I would like to say to you that, I wish you are my best friend for ever.

mathieu st-amant

Hi, I would like to present to you my friend. My real best friend was a boy. I know this guy`s since eleven years a go. This is a very good person. He listen to me and gives me a motivation when I feel more down. He play with me in a volleyball team of school. Every time he encourage me. Soon, is the most extraordinary person I know. Thank you to be my friend.

Max evoy

This is a tribute to my best friend, Katy. She is pretty sensitive. She never lies to me, she is pretty honest. I feel comfortable just being with Katy. And I love getting to know her as much as I love having her get to know me. Katy, thank you for being in my life. I will love you forever.


I write this tribute for my best friend. Pierre is his name. Pierre is smiling in everytime. He is sociable, generous and he make me laugh always. He is frank and serious. He help me in all time, good time, and bad time. Pierre is, for me, the best man in the world. Thanks you ,Pierre, for your friendship.


Hi everybody, today I decide to speak about my girl friend. Is name is Valerie and she means my life for me. She's happy in any time, everyday she's smile and she's very very funny. She's a little bit shy. Valerie have brun hair, blue eyes like water of the ocean. She is so beautiful. Valerie are really important for me. I will never stop to love her. I love her and she will always take all the place in my heart. I wiil always love her. I have known her since. VALERIE: I LOVE YOU FOREVER.

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