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Friendship Chat Help


Welcome to the Chat Help section! :) We hope you'll find the answers to your questions in the contents below. If you have further questions, please ask the Admins in the room or email Have fun! - Berri :)

Help Contents:


Chatting Instructions

TalkingType text into the little text box towards the bottom of the screen, and press Send. Your message will appear in the content (larger) box above it. Others may then read what you have typed, and respond to you. Click "logout" to leave.

Private MessagingAs the person first in public if it's ok to chat in private. If so, double click on their name. A new window will popup where you can chat.

Getting AttentionTo get someone's attention, type a sentance with their name in it. It will appear in pink with a "beep" sound on their computer.

Font & Screen SizeRight click with your mouse on the main screen to change the font size for your computer. Click "float" to make your chat screen bigger.

IgnoringIf someone is hassling you, just place them on "ignore". Type "/i [name]" in the box. To unignore everyone, type "/clign".

ActionsType "/a [action]" to make it appear like you're performing an action.

TimestampThe grey letters before the text should show the current time for you (although it's set wrong for some people..sorry!), and will tell you when messages were sent. Click "timestamp" to turn it off.

ConductAs always, please play by the rules on our Conduct page.

Come back!Keep checking this page, as we'll be adding more Help info as we discover it.

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Netiquette & Net Lingo

Common Chat Abbreviations

kotc = kiss on the cheek
tgc = take good care
tc = take care
cya = see you
omg = oh my god
btw = by the way
nps = no problems
ne1 = anyone
kewl = cool
ur = your
u r = you are
u = you
ppl = people
lol = laugh out loud
bbl =be back later
brb =be right back
bbs =be back soon
lmao =laughing my arse off
rotflmao =rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
pmpl =peeing my pants laughing
wb =welcome back
ty =thank you
yw =your welcome
afk =away from keyboard
bbias =be back in a second
tff = too f*cking funny
ttyl = talk to you later
rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing
foocl = fell out of chair laughing
bhodhwl = banging head on desk howling with laughter
tyvm = thankyou very much
nm = never mind
nrn = not right now
k = ok
gtg = got to go
g/f = girlfriend
b/f = boyrfriend
ello/hiya/hi/hello/hey/wassup/gday/greetings = hello
biam = back in a moment
hwl = howls with laughter
eva = forever
ppl = people

Thanks to Natty & Honey! :)

Netquiette.. or How Chatters Should Behave! :)

Please make sure you've read the Friendship Chat Conduct Guidelines.

capital letters = the use of capital letters is considered as shouting. You dont shout at strangers, so dont shout at us.

privating = Privating people without their consent is rude. You wouldn't whisper in a stranger's ear on the street. Don't whisper in ours unless you are invited to do so.

name changing = It is never any fun for the rest of the room when ppl constantly change their name specifically to confuse others, annoy others, be rude or just generally cause problems. It is confusing and creates more trouble than is neccessary for a friendly chat. So please choose a name and stick to it!

swearing = This is a room for all ages to come chat and feel welcome. We would appreciate any language to be kept to a minimum and not used towards another chatter or the room itself.

joining with an offensive nick = please dont join with nicknames that offend other users. This is a friendship chat for people of all ages.

spamming = Do not paste websites of other places in the room. This is considered spamming. It is unsolicited advertising.

email addresses = It is best not to post your email address into the room. You never know who is out there watching and might copy it down for the purpose of sending you a nasty surprise. Keep it to private with people you know.

cybering = This is a friendship room. We welcome people of all ages. We would appreciate it, if this is what you are looking for that you moved onto a more adult sort of room.

discriminating against others = This will not be tolerated. We are a friendship room and open our doors to people of all races, sexes, ages, religious practices, or sexual preferences. We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone for the above reasons.

Flooding/ being annoying = Please do not type gibberish into the room. If you wish people to talk to you, you need to make conversation, not just type a bunch of letters line after line. Please refrain from flooding the room with lots of lines. It makes the room scroll faster and makes it harder for people who are chatting and having a good time.

subjects =Please refrain from discussing religous subjects or politics. These topics do cause arguments and we prefer to keep those out of our friendly chat room.

Please keep Adult jokes to a minimum and preferably not to rude. We are visited by people of all ages, including children who would not appreciate your sense of humour in these matters.

repeating yourself = please refrain from continually asking people asl, or other such questions. It is everyones basic right to either refuse to answer or infact ignore this question. If they dont wish to give it out, please dont press them. Find something else to talk about.

Administrators = Are here to help you. They are here to ensure that the chat is kept friendly and happy for everyone. They are not here to ensure you are personally kept entertained or to argue over decisions made with you. If you have a problem with one of the admins, please mail

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Trouble Connecting?

There could be three main reasons. Click on each to learn more.
  1. Technical problems
  2. You have been banned
  3. Your internet company has been banned
1. Technical Problems

If you are having difficulties getting into Friendship Chat, this will help you determine what the problem is and how to resolve it. The majority of our users have no trouble at all connecting.

If you are new to the room:

    Ensure that your computer is capable of running our software. If you are running a version of a Microsoft Windows, or a BSD/*NIX variant ™ and see only a broken link icon, you will need to download a copy of the Java™ Virtual Machine in order to run our application. You may download Java™ Support for your browser from the link below:
  • Sun Java™ Plugin

    We strongly recommend upgrading using the most modern version of your web browser available today. Certain browsers (esp. Netscape 5 and below) running on Macintosh platforms are not capable of running our software due to issues outside of our control. We recommend that Macintosh users use Netscape 7.0, or MSIE 5.x. As WebTV does not support Java™, WebTV users will not be able to access our chat rooms. We recommend that Apple Macintosh users upgrade to OS X 10.3 or later.

    Users behind firewalls may need to inform their local IT/network administrator to allow TCP connections on the port in use by AddonInteractive. Contact your chat room owner (webmaster) to determine which server and port number this chat room has been allocated. Your chat room owner can find this information in the Help section of their chat room's control panel. AddonInteractive generally uses ports 8000-8009. Additional information can be found at or by contacting your chat room administrator at

If you have been able to connect before and have Java installed:
    Ensure that our servers are online. If we have made a recent upgrade to our chat clients or servers, you may be required to empty your web browser's cache and reload your web browser to get online. If that doesn't work, the servers may be down. Visit the Alternate Friendship Chat room until everything is fixed.

AOL Members:

    Some users have reported that the built-in AOL browser has difficulty connecting to our service, or does not load colors/emoticons properly. To resolve this, minimize your AOL connection, and use the Internet Explorer browser that came with your operating system to access our chat rooms.
Additional information for resolving common problems may be found at . If all else fails, email and we'll try to help! :)

2. You have been banned

Did you have a disagreement with an Admin or did an Admin warn you about your conduct directly before you left the room? Did you do anything that breached the Conduct Guidelines? If so, you may be banned from the room.

If you are sorry for what happened or made a mistake, your best chance of having the ban lifted is to send an email to apologising or explaining your actions. If you honestly feel the ban was unfair after reading the conduct guidelines, you are free to send an email to Admin Debs at, including your chat name, country, date and as much as you remember of what happened. She can access the logs and will review the incident.

3. Your internet company has been banned

Are you banned but don't know why? Sometimes innocent chatters have difficulty accessing the room as sometimes entire internet companies (ISPs) need to be banned to remove troublesome individuals. We only do this as a last resort and lift the ban as soon as possible :) If you find yourself in this position, email Admin Debs at

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