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Friendship Chat Past Admins

We thank our past Admins for their work in The Friendship Page Chat. :)
You can contact the current admins at

The first actual Admins in Friendship were Berri, Elaine, Tony, Linnet and Crash, way back in April 2001!

Recent Past Admins

  ses - South Africa
Admin: 2011 - current. Chatter since: 2008. to 2017

Hi I am Ses from sunny South Africa. I'm in my 40's with one son. I originally foundthis siteafter googling "friendly chatroom". After trying a few very dodgy rooms, I was about ready to give up and believe my mom that said "all chat rooms are bad", when I stumbled into the door of Friendship Page found a seat and have been here ever since. Pop in and say Hello but do be warned it is addictive.

Coma_Black - UK
Admin since: Chatter since: Aug 2002. to 2017

Hey I'm 23 year old male from England, I like to chat with friends n' have lots of fun, listens to goth music n' any other kind, this chat room can be fun when lots of things going on so just join in. I might sound scary I am actually a big softy at heart (so they say)

Mr Spock - Asia Pacific
Chat Co-Manager
Manager since: July 2014. Admin since: Chatter since: 2000. to 2017

Gday im Mr Spock (former name bully). I have been part of the friendship page for around 14 years now, introduced to the chat from debs my very good friend. The thing i love about this room its safe for all and a lot of fun. I have made lots of friends in this room and its always going to make you feel welcome. Im a Aussie of around 53 years young and as you can tell by the name love Star Trek. I am a Father of 2 grown sons and a grandfather of two very cute grandsons lol. We get chatters from all corners of the globe, so come on in and enjoy and chat away like i did, its a lot of fun!

Admin to 2017?

Coming soon!

to 2017?

Coming soon!

Village_Idiot - UK
Chat Co-Manager
Admin since: Aug 2003. Chatter since: Aug 2001. to 2016

Recipe for Au Village:
Take 1 Lil chic and add insanity, leave to simmer for 22 years.
Then enforce normality into her brain for 3 minutes. feed 400g of sugar products and wash down with a can of red bull. Drop her into one friendship chat and place headphones into her ears. Play music loud until early hours of the morning.
Voila, Au Village Idiot! zehr freundlich!

Biker - Scotland
EA: Jan 2011 - May 2015. Admin: April 2006 - Jan 2011 (EA: 2008). Chatter since: April 2004.

Hi - im a 44yo married bloke from Scotland. I have 2 daughters, both at university - so the house is alot quieter now (phew). As my nic infers I like motorcycles, although Im in-between bikes at the moment. I fell over this chat site whilst recovering from an operation and was ecouraged to find that it was monitored well and it kept the undesirables out. I have been here ever since. Hope u find the site to be fun and friendly - as I have.

  Jiggy - UK
Admin: March 2009 - May 2015

Hi, I'm jiggy....I am 54 years old ,married with 2 teenage daughters. I live in the beautiful South West of England. I love a good laugh, & am a pretty easy going person. I enjoy all aspects of arts & crafts, calligraphy & my passion for music.(allsorts really but in particular heavy metal). Treated myself to a laptop just over a year ago (never touched a computer before)...& stumbled upon The Friendship Page Chat Room. The rest as they say is history. I've been addicted ever since. I have made the most wonderful friends in come & check us out ...but be warned it is very addictive lol.

Marty - UK
Admin since: October 2007-August 2014 (EA June 2007). Chatter since: ?

I am a fun loving down to earth guy. I am a true gentleman with old fashioned values believes in honor and respect and looking after my friends and family. i am an only child but lots of my friends are like brothers and sisters to me too.

Charley - Australia
Forever in our memories.
Admin since: January 2008 - 2013. (EA since: September 2007). Chatter since:

Hullo. I am a grape grower, retired engineer, husband, father and grandfather. I've been chatting in FP since I Google searched "chat" two years ago. It is a very enjoyable and safe online environment. Come in and meet interesting and friendly people from all around the world.

Jesterette - USA
Admin: Nov 2005 - mid 2008. Aug 2010- 2013. Chatter since: May 2005.

Hi All: I’m Jesterette/jest. I am 48, (yeah I know old ) but you would not know if I did not tell you. Any way I am also the Mother of 3 grown sons. I like to Chat, Read, watch scary Movies, Fish, Watch Basketball (don’t play  anymore sadly), Knit, Camping. So I'm Happy to be in the room that I love so much and all that Chat there. Happy to be here.

Red - USA
Admin: November 2009 - 2013. Chatter since: Oct 2007

Hi! I'm 47, married with 2 children ages 20 & 21. I have been chatting here since Oct/Nov 2007. I was looking for a site for friendship and I sure found it! This is a wonderful place to me wonderful people. I have made some very, very good friends since finding this site. I consider it an honour and a priviledge to be able to admin the room. This is a clean, friendly, safe place to chat. I love to meet people so come joing us and have a good time! I woud love to meet you!

koko - UK
Admin: November 2009 - 2013. Chatter since: Oct 2007

Hi everyone im Koko aged 42, i live in the UK, slightly mad but deffo not bad lol i hope, i found FP chat back in March 2007, you will be amazed at the friendships you can make in the room, i have made great friends there, and look forward to making new ones too. I love music, art, animals, reading and loadsa other stuff, i hope you enjoy your time spent in the room, all we ask is be respectful and have fun tara for now, hope to cyas in the room sometime.

Admin: Jan 2009 - 2013.

Info coming soon!

Admin: July 2010 - 2013.

Info coming soon!

Admin: Aug 2010 - Nov 2010

Take one large spoonful of Englishwoman
Approximately 54 pinches of Earth years
A partner that has been hanging round your kitchen for 15 years
Two handfuls of grown up daughters and a small dusting of grandson

Take the Englishwoman and pop her into the bowl marked “Friendship Page”
Keep her warm and well mixed with ingredients from all over the world for about 18 months
Remove several pieces of “pita-grounds” that should not be in there
Bake in the varying temperatures of the world until she turns from blue to green
Turn up the friendship temperature until she eventually turns red.
Enjoy !!!!!

Geo - UK
Admin: July 2009 - Jan 2011. Chatter since: June 2007

Hi I'm geo and I am 29 years old, I am a friendly outgoing individual I have got myself a reputation for been very witty on the chat site which is nice I have some terrific friends in here and I am sure you all will make loads too. I stumbled across the Friendship Page back in June 2007 and I have been coming here ever since and never been sorry I became a regular in fact would say I wouldn't know what or where I would be without it... So come join our friendly chat room and let's have fun.

Admin: April 2009 - June 2010.

Easy going & caring, love laughter, I am the occasional air head I will admit, but do have a serious side and I will put you in the naughty spot when called for ... ( if I'm not already in it ) hahaa Happily married, stay at home mommy for now, I found FP in 2008 and it has kept me occupied and laughing ever since. I have gotten to know some great people and enjoy spending time here, It's a safe, fun, friendly place. Come chat & enjoy.

Ruby - UK
EA: June 2007 - 2009. Chatter since: March 2006

Hi! I'm Ruby, i live in England and i like photography and reading.  I have a varied taste in music and i am also a self confessed telly addict, lol. I found The Friendship Page one sunday afternoon, i'd only been online for a week and i thought i'd give a chatroom a go.  It was a case of third time lucky as the first two rooms i found weren't the nicest of places, i was relieved when i got a friendly welcome in fp, as i'm sure you will, so come on in and say hello, but be warned . . . . . it is very addictive! :)

Whalesong - Australia
Admin since: Feb 2006-Aug 2010. Chatter since: Aug 2005.

Gday all :) Tis a grand meeting place in this chatroom – be decent – use yer manners – be honest – and the global friendships u will make in here will be as valuable as those u have in real life. Friendly warning tho – I found this page three days into owning my new puter – we are addictive here!! Best make ur puter chair a comfy one – or do like I do - n loungelizard on a lappy ;) lmao. Looking forward to meeting u licorice allsorts in chat!! lmao

Dream - Australia
Admin since: April 2006-Aug 2010. Chatter since: Feb 2005.

Hellllo everyone, am a single mum of two terrific teenagers, (one of which is a regular in f/p, don’t worry I won’t say who….lol…..), a totally insane bird and my old faithful dog. Found this site the same time Whalesong, started chatting with her and have never left since. I have made many new friends here and hope to make more; a prerequisite is having a sense of humour though slight insanity helps even more lmao. I hope you have a great time and I will catch up with you in the room :D *huggles*

Noombeh - UK
Admin: September 2007 - early 2010 (EA June 2007). Chatter since:

HEY everyone, I have been a chatter now for awhile, I am very loving, understanding and generous, (sometimes too much lol) I am known to be fiery but only when needs must, I look forward to meeting u all in the chat room.

Keat - UK
Admin: April 2009 - current. Feb 2006 - Aug 2008. Chatter since:

Hiya’s *waves* I’m 22 years old and live in sunny England! I’ve been chatting in here for 6 years now (obviously not constantly) and have loved every minute of it. I enjoy making new Friends in FPC and seeing how long it takes for them to pick up on my insanity! I am currently studying HTML coding (my poor brain) and Web Design. I hope to chat to you all soon and that u enjoy your stay. x

Pseudo - Australia
EA since: September 2007. Chatter since: November 2005.

Hi Everyone! My name is Pseudo (my real name is Brett, but don't tell anyone lol). I'm a 35 year old male from Sydney, Australia. I'm into reading (usually true crime), am a mad movie fan, playing and watching sport, art, and renovating. I have been visiting friendship chat since late 2005 and have enjoyed the room for everything it offers- great ppl, serious conversations about anything and everything, a good laugh and annoying other admins lol. So grab a nicname, come in and say hello. cya there!

Fast - UK
Admin: April 2009 - Sept 2009. May 2002 (with year break) - May 2006. Chatter since: July 2001.

I'm 32, married to keat whom i met in here 3 years ago after being set up by a 14 year old Aussie girl lol! I love spending time in here, walking my daft dog and talking to as many ppl as i can manage on msn before having a breakdown LOL! I've been chatting here for about 5 years now and keep in regular contact with many ppl that i met on my first day here......u listening Natty? Anyway.....have as much fun chatting as you can and i hope you all make as many friends here as i have :-) Ian

  Dchick - Australia
EA since: March 2007 (Admin June 2007-April 2008). Chatter since: March 2006

Hi all :) My name is dchick I am 30+, I have lived in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and South Australia. I love to... watch Comedy, Cricket and the V8's (I am a Ford Fan), my other interests include chatting to people and making new friends, i also love to read. I have made many awesome friendships in the room with people from all over the world (you know who you all are). I am currently in a relationship with a gorgeous man, after been single for 3 years. I love to make people laugh and love to see people having fun. So please come in, have a chat, have lots of fun and make some awesome friendships.

Gracie - USA
Admin since: April 2008 - early 2009 (EA since: September 2007). Chatter since:

My name is Gracie, i live in the united states in tennessee. i originally came here to fp back in 2006 when times were really tough and i was going thru really depressing and lonely times. i met quite a few good people here and have never left the room since. all of our admins and ea's are awesome. youll find they are all just like me and you. they have all become very good people in my heart and eyes and i'd never trade those bad times in for anything because i never would have met them. they are dearer friends to me then the ones i get to see in life everyday. i love mudbogging, movies, camping, volleyball, animals, softball,ummm hmmm..i guess anything active so my butt doesnt get any bigger (lol)....anyways come in, enjoy the room, meet a few new friends, you probably wont ever wanna leave, i didnt!

Shakies - Australia
Admin: Jan 2006 - early 2009. Chatter since: Oct 2002.

Hi Everyone! My name is Jamie, I am 19 and currently live in Sunny Queensland! Here is a little bit about myself: I'm engaged to a wonderful man who proposed to me on Christmas Eve, and I have a dog called Blackie, a cat named Meow Meow (i know "very" original names) and a budgie called Harry. I love...going to the beach, eating, sleeping, reading, hanging out with friends and most of all Kinder Suprises! I've made some great friends here, and I hope you do too! Take care & *Hugs*

Denez - USA
EA: June 2007 - mid 2008. Chatter since: May 2006.

Hey everyone!! I'm a married mom of two teenage daughters, who are wonderful girls. We spend most of our time following our girls around participating in basketball and softball. I love people, music, horses, and so much more. I found this site quite by accident and have been here ever since. I have made many friends in this room which i know will last and expecting to find many more. In all that, come on in, stay awhile and hopefully you'll return for more fun and friendship. See ya there!!! *waves*

  Demonic - USA
Admin: July 2007 - March 2008 (EA July 2006). Chatter since: July 2002.

hello, have been chatting in fpc for the past 5 years. I am 23 years old, male and live in the u.s. i like to listen to music mostly heavy metal but i do like other kinds of music. also am a father of 4 kids. A friend told me about the chat room and have been here since 2002 and i do enjoy chatting in there, have made quite a few friends and hope to make more. hope you all enjoy your stay in the room - its generally easy going in there and friendly.

Googe - Australia
EA: June 2007 - September 2007. Chatter since: June 2005.

Hello Everyone :) I'm googe, 34 year old male from Queensland Australia. I've been coming here for about ummm two years i think lol getting old memory failing :) I love music, the bush, fishing and sleeping 0.o love food too :) I want to welcome you to The Friendship Page- i've met so many wonderful people here, many i know i will be friends with for the rest of my life:) Come in and say hi, don't be shy just treat everyone with respect as you would your own family and friends :) HAVE FUN!! :D *waves*

  Wallid - Algeria
EA : August 2006 - June 2007. Chatter since:

Coming soon!

TheUnholyPrince - USA
Admin till: Nov 2006. Chatter since: Feb 2001.

Ayyio to all My FPC Roomies! i'm a rapper and i write songs for a local band. i love to breakdance, Djing, talking to my family in the chatroom. i have a younger annoying lil brother named James who is going out with a regular in the friendship page chat (fpc) room named Allison. i play basketball, hockey, rugby and some other sports. I Live in Northern California near San Frisco. (Previously known as Vampire_Matt).

Putty - USA
Admin: June 2001 - 2006. Chatter since: Feb 2001.

Currently 31 years of age while living and puttering around here in the sunny state of Florida. To the left is a sort of laughing self-portrait of me except that i'm not really that skinny plus i usually do wear clothing (unless i'm having an exceptionally absent-minded morning...hehe). Anyway as to who or what i am, well as you've probably already guessed i'm not an artist :P Actually i suppose you could say i'm more of a daydreamer seeing as how i enjoy reading a lot and writing a little.

Natty - USA
Admin: Oct 2003 - Jun 2006. Chatter since: Nov 2002.

Hello! My name is Natasha, and I'm 23 years old. I have been chatting in friendship chat for almost 5 years. I spend my time chatting, reading, taking care of my kids, and avoiding housework. I live in Wyoming and work at a daycare. I am a single mum to my 3 beautiful children. They are 5, 2 and 2 and yes they are twins. Well, I hope you enjoy your visit to Friendship and I hope to see you in the room sometime! Thanks for stopping by! Pic of Natty & bub

  Pandamonium - UK
Chat Co-Manager & Chat Admin Email List.
Admin since: June 2001. Chatter since: Feb 2001.

31, living in england but with one eye kept open for opportunities overseas. enjoys eating, drinking, tinkering with computers, and doing mad things on the internet, like chatting until 7am at weekends. was first introduced to friendship page by linnet who dragged me there to send me a warning because i called her a modem in another chatroom (there are modems called linnet, honest).

Moonlight - UK
Admin since: Mar 2005. Chatter since: Jan 2004.

Soccer222* - USA

Hiya! My name's Marissa, but you can call me soccer. I'm the youngest of the admins, at the age of 11. (Just because I'm young doesn't mean I don't do my job ;) ) I live in the USA, New Jersey. I've been coming here for over a year. I'm a music lover, since I play the guitar. My favorite type of music is classic rock. I'll be waiting to see you in the FPC, but don't cause too much trouble!

Linnet - Australia

This 48 year old wife to long suffering partner of 23 years and mother of two aged 17 and 11 due to reasons of basic insanity moved to Australia just over three years ago. Since then I have become extremely involved with Friendship and hope you'll find just as I did that it's one of the best places to find, make and keep friendships. My basic aim, hope and wish whilst helping within the Friendship Chat Room is that all around the world people can within our safe and friendly chat room find, make and keep friendships regardless of race, age, creed, colour, gender. Hope to see you soon and that you will find your visit to the chat room an enjoyable experience.

Spidey - USA

hi hi, my name is Rick, Richard, Spidey, whichever works for you lol. Living in California (at the moment :P who knows), been a regular in this room for a gooood long time and also an admin. 19, and male... currently a student, studying to be a writer/journalist. I'm in a wheelchair from spina bifida. I like a good amount of things as long as I'm doing it with friends, drawing, writing, driving people up the wall, LOL, AND MUSIC! I have been playing the piano for about 2 years now, just getting the hang of it. Anyways, hope to see who ever reads this in the room :) and have a nice day :)

   Honey & Meep - Australia/UK

Jo - im 30 yrs old.... live in brisbane, australia. Have two children and a dog. I dont work. Enjoy reading, movies, music, fishing, camping and hiking, when i can find time..... which isnt very often lol. I love to chat and enjoy meeting new people :)
Kev - im 28 yrs old..... recently moved from uk to australia to live with my fiance! Im an engineer by trade, looking to set up my own business. I enjoy movies , music, chatting and lots of things that arent for public eyes!!

Diz - UK

I am 27, single and live in England. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, reading books and of course hanging around in this chat room chatting to the many friends i have made and making more everyday :) and now i am lucky enough to get to be an Admin too :)

   Justin - Australia

Age: 21 Work: Salesman/storeman for truck hydraulic company
Likes: Queen (greatest band ever), listenin' to classic rock, playing my elec. guitar, reading stephen king novels, and chattin' at Friendship Page. Also included a pic of me to put a face to the name..... and for you to have a giggle.

Ria - Bosnia and Herzegovina

"of unusal beauty, does not want to impress, well-developed sense of justice, vivacious, interested, a born diplomat, witty, but irritates easily and sensitive in company, often due to a lack of self confidence, acts somewhat superior, feels not understood, loves only once"..
This is what my horoscope says about me.. and dont believe a word of it...;-) - Ria, 26

Crash - Australia

The very first Friendship Chat Admin, Crash set the high standard for all others to follow. Thank you Crash!! :)

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