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    September 2002

    E.K.: for Veronica

    Veronica Grant 12-18-85 to 9-28-02! What am i going todo with out you? I talked to you that friday and evening and then ext i hear your gone. Roni yuo were my guardian angel I love you so much and i will never forget you. I'm still in pain about you... i will never forget you and the kind of friend you were. at conventions when no one would talk to me you would come and start talking to me i'll never ever forget you!

    Linnaea: for Shawn

    From linnaea this is a tribute to my closest friend shawndean hew is always there for me, believes in me, and stands up for me and my beleafes.

    Stephanie: for Michelle

    Michelle, you are thebest !! I Love ya! BFA, Steph Thanks for being there!

    Loo: for Anon

    The day I met you Everything changed For a second the world stopped turning Those Eyes That Smile The way you made everything seem ok I hope you will someday know what u really mean to me All my love from the bottom of my heart ~Loo~

    Jessica: for Kelly

    To Kelly- You are a wonderful person! You do a great job for tourism and for AppleJack. Don't let anyone drag you down! I'm very grateful for being able to work with you and having you for a friend. From Jessica :)

    Morgan: for John

    John- I wish I could make a vitamin, fill it with all the wonderful feelings you've given me and distribute them to everybody I know. That way people could smile like I smile and think about life the way I do. I've never met somebody as sweet as you-somebody who never makes me feel sad, is always there-ready to catch me if I fall, somebody who makes me feel secure and safe, all the time. You're such a great best friend I couldn't ever ask for more and I'm so happy you are in my life- even though you're MY best friend, I kind of wish I could share you with the world. Thanks for everything. ~Morgan

    Alexis: for Anon

    I have a friend whom i known since i was a little boy sinde I first met here she was my 2nd mom. Toke care of here kids and watched them grow up. I consider them my kids and they know that when I talk about them I say they are my kids and when people don't understand they explain and stick up for me all my love alexis

    Anon: for Nicole

    I met this girl named Nicole when I was playing softball. We would travel around a lot and most of the tournaments we both were in. At first we really weren't friends its different how we became friends. One of my best friends Kristen became really good friends with Nicole, but one day Kristen called me crying telling me about how Nicole had killed herself. At the age of 14 you just don't think that its possible so I called her house and she answer. Turns out her friend had made it up what a sick thing 2 make up. After that I started to talk to Nicole, we would talk everyday. She knew more about me than anyone did. We started talking about suicide one day and she was like have u ever tried it and I said no I haven't. Then I asked her. She replied yes, to many times. A week later things started getting hard for Nicole. Everything that seemed 2 be going right just went wrong in one split second. She wrote me an email saying bye, saying how much she loved me, but then as I read on it started talking about how she didn't understand y I didn't want 2 talk to her any more, about how I was never there. But I was, I was always there. I was scared, so scared that I told someone. I got her help I know she wanted it but never would tell me. She wrote me many emails about how she hated me for what I did and at the age of 14 this is a lot to handle so I cut off all communication between us. I just stopped talking to her. I didn't know what else to do. She didn't understand and continued to write me emails saying how she would and was going 2 try 2 kill herself again. But then she understood that what I did wasn't because I hated her, wasn't because she wasn't my friend but because she was my best friend, she scared me to death. And we aren't over this, and we still aren't close but we both learned a lot out of that. We learned how important telling the people you love and care about how much they mean to you before its too late, and so they know someone loves them.

    Maria: for Kristen

    I am writing this to show my appreciation to one of my dearest friends. Her name is Kristen. We haven't exactly known eachother for very long in fact it's only been about a year but already i see that she is so special in so many ways. Kristen and I met on a chat room so we haven't met eachother but i can tell her things i wouldn't trust anyone else to know. She was there when i needed support while my boyfriend was in bootcamp and for his deployment to Korea. I have never had a friend who i can trust and share everything with so sometimes i wonder if i am doing the best i can to be as good a friend as she is to me. We hopefully will meet someday when we can find a cheap way to do in the time being instead of giving her a hug i let her know how much she means to me by writing about her in websites like these. LOVE YA NEGRO!!

    Brooke: for Danielle

    this tribute is to best friend danielle. we met on a house boat in lake powell and we have been bff's ever since. we still see eachother a lot even though we live in different states. love you always and always, danielle - brooke

    More tributes coming soon! :)

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